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  1. Any guarantee about the safety of the software now?

    So, it's still not 100% safe
  2. I used CCleaner for years, and I was happy, but when the "bad things" happened a few weeks ago, I immediately uninstalled it. Now, can any member of the staff, guarantee that is completely safe now? And how can I decide if I want to install 32 bit or 64 bit version? Does the system automatically choose the more appropriate version in the moment of setup?
  3. CCL still shows Firefox uninstalled 1 year ago

    Yes, it was in AppData, thank you very much!
  4. As title says. Any suggestion on how to remove it? I uninstalled Firefox 1 year ago, but is still showed in CCLeaner. I have latest CCLeaner release, on Win 7 x64 updated.
  5. Title is clear. I uninstalled Firefox many months ago, but Ccleaner still detect it. I also tried to remove some registry entries. Is this a bug, or just how it should works?
  6. CCleaner always stuck at 26% of cleaning.

    Really kindlky... Anyway, I have no longer that file. Run in safe mode, worked for delete both files.
  7. CCleaner always stuck at 26% of cleaning.

    Uhm...I haven't any problems with unidrv.dll. That page you linked, seems to be related to some error messages and others. I haven't messages. Simply CCleaner wanto to delete it, but fail. About banish.exe, I tried to scan it with my antivirus (BitDefender 2014) and Malvarebytes Antimalware, and seems to not be a threat. EDIT: Running CCLeaner with PC in safe mode, works.
  8. I use the latest free version of CCleaner, and every time I try to use it, stuck at 26%, and I have to manually restart PC with the button on case. First time was a file called unidrv.dll, so after I excluded that file, but now stuck with a file called banish.exe. I can try to also exclude it, but I suppose there is something wrong. Both files are in Appdata/Local/Temp With older version of CCleaner, I hadn't this problem. I formatted PC 2 weeks ago. Primary HD is a SSD Samsung Evo 850, and I checked it a few times, and it works perfectly.
  9. I have a problem with latest 2-3 versions of CCLeaner. The History cleaning form Internet Explorer 8 don't work. I have to try it at least 3 times to have really History deleted.