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  1. I'll try some of the suggestions. I do play a few Flash games, mostly from MiniClip, so I don't think I want to totally block Flash cookies. The thing that confuses me the most is, since I removed IE-Flash I cannot delete them via CCleaner; however, the Flash cookies it detected beforehand were all from using Firefox, not IE. I realise they are stored locally, but still...
  2. I know Flash is considered a plugin in regards to Firefox. My question is, why did I lose my ability to delete Flash cookies via CCleaner. I can delete Flash cookies via Adobe's site, but I can't via CCleaner.
  3. Hi Jamin4u! Thanks. I'm sorry, it's not under Firefox-Plugin. Under Firefox I have Cookies, Download History, Internet Cache, Internet History, Saved Form Information and Compact Databases.
  4. Hi. I lost the "Adobe Flash Player" function in "Applications\Multimedia" section. That feature is flat out missing. I suspect this happened when I uninstalled the Internet Explorer/ActiveX version of the Flash program. If that's the case, that should not have disappeared as I have Flash installed in Firefox. Any idea on what happened? CCleaner version: 2.32.1165
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