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  1. Is there or do u plan to have a version for Linux? (Ubuntu in particular). Thanks :<)
  2. Ok, to be clear: I would also prefer a close option after defrag in the comand line df version. For example: df/ C: /Program Files /QD \close or Log Off Thanks!
  3. I would prefer a command line option as in Ccleaner. ccleaner.exe /Auto /Shutdown Great software, thanks!
  4. I have several files located at "c:\system volume info" with names such as: {b4c5a79e-bf92-11e1-8d60-001aa09ddeb6}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752} that are over 9 Gb in size and which defraggler says it can not defrag. As a matter of fact I cannot even see a folder named "system volume info" with the dir command from the comand line. What are these files for? are they part of my partitioning scheme? or are they Volume Snapshot Service files? if so, is there way to get deffragler to work them? I already tried to run DF from Windows Safe Mode and still won't defrag. Great program, thanks Piriform. fragmented_files 01.txt
  5. So far so good for Speccy. It works great! However, if you could get it to evade the UAC warning dialog like Ccleaner and minimize to the sistem tray then I can put in Start-up folder. Also would be neat to send in data report like CPU-Z to website database. Dont know what it would be good for, but would be neat! Thanks for great products
  6. Does it make any difference if Defraggler is used in safe mode vs normal operating mode?
  7. I keep getting these two reg entries no matter how many times I delete them: Problem:>>> Invalid or empty file class Data:>>> .amr\OpenWithProgids\amrfile Registry Key:>>> HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.amr\OpenWithProgids >>>>>>>>> Problem:>>> Invalid or empty file class Data:>>> .dct\OpenWithProgids\dctfile Registry Key:>>> HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.dct\OpenWithProgids The above entries keep recurring everytime I run CCleaner/registry cleaner. Any ideas what they are or how to permanently get rid of them?
  8. Try using Autorun from Sysinternals-dot-com. It lets u decide what will and what wont load upon startup. Don't get to overenthusiastic, one time I turned off the keyboard software and had a heck of time getting past log in box :>O
  9. If you are using Itunes then you probably unchecked all the music listed and hit the update or synchronize button. Anyway the music that was stored on your ipod also was recorded on your hard drive, so if you run Recova on your PC instead of the Ipod you might get ur music back
  10. sounds good to me! Thanks for the tip
  11. The cleaner uninstall window shows several versions of Microsoft .Net Framework, including versions 1 though 3 and service packs. Can I uninstall the earlier versions and just keep the latest? or do they all need to be present to work?
  12. Use the registry cleaner section to remove unwanted and/or leftover files. Then try this utility from Windows Sysinternals: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902.aspx and turn off everything with your unwanted program name. Also try regedit. Be careful not to screw up ur system by getting carried away!
  13. I have Defraggler set to automatically run once a week on full defrag. Would it also be a good idea to run once a week Action/Advanced/Defrag Freespace (allow fragmention) prior to the weekly scheduled operation or is quick defrag good enough? (me thinks full Defrag freespace once a month and quick defrag freespace the other 3 weeks of the month). Thanks for any help, Piriform makes great apps :>)
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