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  1. Steam Cleaning

    The latest version still cleans Steam.
  2. How good is Speccy's SMART detection?

    Okay, that's great! Thank you for your help.
  3. How good is Speccy's SMART detection?

    Here's a screenshot of Speccy. Using HD Tune, my hard drive's health status is ok. However, nothing is displayed when I check the health tab.
  4. I was looking through Speccy today and went to the hard drive section of the program. I was in shock that my hard drive SMART status was labeled as bad so I went and downloaded smartmontools to see if my hard drive was really in deep trouble. I ran a SMART scan there and my hard drive passed with no problems. So my question is, which program should I trust more regarding my SMART status? Is it possible that one program is giving me inaccurate information?