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  1. Hosts File Update

    Got it, thanks.
  2. Hosts File Update

    Got it! Thanks for remembering what I seem to forget.
  3. Question About Cleaning Browser Cookies

    Okay, thanks. I wasn't sure if that was the case or if the function was just buried deep in the menus somewhere. Oh well.
  4. I am used to CCleaner for the PC where I can go to Options-->Cookies, see a list cookies on the the PC and select the ones I want to keep or clean. I was wondering if there was a similar function on the Android app. I went to https://www.ccleaner.com/docs but could not find any documentation for the Android app. Did I just miss it? Is there a similar selective cookie cleaning function in the Android app?
  5. Norton gives this error on v5.59 Slim Free:
  6. I started the installation again, ignored the error and it installed with no further problem. I then ran CCleaner and it ran just fine. It has to be some kind of false detection, probably because it is so new, Norton hasn't caught up yet. Did you notice in the error msg that the connection was to avast.com?
  7. Hosts File Update

    Got it downloaded and installed. Thanks for posting, @hazelnut
  8. Windows 10 1903

    +1 I do exactly the same. Macrium is my lifeboat.
  9. Hosts File Update

    Got it downloaded. Thanks for the post!
  10. I randomly picked Skype to verify it's installed version. According to Skype itself, I have the latest version installed - CCleaner seems to think there is a newer version -
  11. It still has the graphic in the lower right corner of the window like you should be able to resize it, but it doesn't work.
  12. Why Potentially Unwanted Program in setup?

    I was able to download the slim build earlier today. The portable version was also there.
  13. Thanks for the update, hazelnut.
  14. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    Oops! Who goes back to page 1, post 1? I got the update and installed it. Thanks for setting me straight.
  15. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    I almost always see my updates on a Wednesday morning when I power the PCs up.
  16. That one didn't show up on either of my Win7 PCs this morning.
  17. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    Hmmm??? KB4486474 didn't show up this morning on either of my Win7 PCs.
  18. Hosts File Update

    Thanks for pointing out Mike's announcement. I made a donation.
  19. Hosts File Update

    Got it! Thanks for letting us know and great to see that Mike is okay!
  20. Hosts File Update

    I've used HostsXpert for years and agree with you that it always performed well. Unfortunately, if MVPS Hosts is no longer going to be updated, the only other hosts file it supports is HpHosts. HostsXpert hasn't been updated in years to add these other hosts files.
  21. Hosts File Update

    I've downloaded and installed HostsMan http://www.abelhadigital.com/hostsman/ I'm trying to figure out how to use it. It handles the other hosts files we've been discussing.
  22. Hosts File Update

    I stumbled across Steven Black's list a short time ago. My question is how do I easily download/install/update his file? I have gotten so used to using HostsXpert because it is so easy and foolproof.
  23. Hosts File Update

    I also have been using HostsXpert to update the MVPS Hosts file, but looking at it's download tab, it appears that it only downloads from MVPs Hosts and HpHosts. You make it sound like it can also download/merge/sort hosts files from other sources as well. Am I missing something? Can I use HostsXpert to download/replace/update Peter Lowe's hosts file?
  24. Hosts File Update

    Oh, wow. I hope Mike's situation isn't as bad as it sounds.
  25. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Interesting. My laptop was updated to Firefox 65.0 and I've not seen any problems with Norton Security Deluxe. Guess I was just lucky.