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  1. OS: Windows 7 Home Premimum x-64 What is the entry that behaves like the Windows XP Shellbags but for Windows 7 machines? IOWs to remove folder customizations please?
  2. What is the link to download the most updated winapp2.ini (I guess that would be the development buld ?) please? I currently download from [ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/master/Winapp2.ini ]
  3. Maybe if someone could post the entry mentioned.... it might help us to understand what it means... please.
  4. I would like to see if there is a way in winapp2.ini or similar to clear the data for Control Panel > Internet Options > Privacy tab, Location > Clear Sites. Wondering if it's a registry data or a file somewhere. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. You can download the current CCleaneer from the official site: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
  6. Why not then add a warning that it mainly works in Safe Mode?
  7. Since each entry must start with [ then just count the number of "[" in the file... which for "Version: v5.24.161210" is 2,549
  8. The two utilities seem to be duplicated....
  9. Do you mean good uses for WinApp2.ini for the other cleaners that the file uses? Or entries that are too dangerous for the general public?
  10. I checked the Help | About and the EXE file properties and both just show Yahoo. Not Yahoo!. I am not sure if the old Yahoo Messenger is still available. So my vote would be to keep the old entries as is...
  11. I use JPSoft's TCMD and convert the line endings. The line that does the line ending conversation is the TPIPE ( http://www.datamystic.com/textpipe.html ) echo. if not isdir "C:\TCMD\WinApp2_Ini\" md /s "C:\TCMD\WinApp2_Ini\" copy "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/master/Winapp2.ini" C:\TCMD\WinApp2_Ini\Winapp2_Unix.ini echo. rem convet UNIX to ASCII TPIPE /input=C:\TCMD\WinApp2_Ini\Winapp2_Unix.ini /eol=0,2,0 /output=C:\TCMD\WinApp2_Ini\Winapp2_Ansii.ini echo. copy "C:\TCMD\WinApp2_Ini\Winapp2_Ansii.ini" + "%UserProfile%\Desktop\Galloway Desktop\INI_001\custom.ini" "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\Winapp2.ini" echo.
  12. New Entry [Yahoo! Messenger Desktop App Cache*] : Section=Charles LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKCU\Software\Yahoo\Messenger DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\yahoomessenger Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Yahoo Messenger\Cache|*.*
  13. I had heard that there were some problems with 5.23 bu not sure if the one on the site still has them? I think it had to do with not removing some log files?
  14. The files which CCDump creates are also exported with C:> CCleaner /Export <folder to store files in> %ProgramFiles\CCleaner.exe /Export "%UserProfile%\Documents\CCleaner\" No need for CCDump.exe ....
  15. From winapp2.com's download page: Winapp2.ini A set of over 2500 extensions for CCleaner, System Ninja, BleachBit, and Avira System Speedup. Current version: 5.19.160702 Is this site not getting updated any more with the move to GitHub?
  16. Yes I 2nd the thought / need for winapp2.ini at least to be posted in a compressed format, maybe winapp2.7z or .zip. Is the winapp2.ini being updated on winapp2.com and anywhere else it has been posted?
  17. When downloading from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/master/Winapp2.ini it opens in Notepad (Windows 7 Home) there are no line breaks and is in UTF-8 format. Can it be put in ANSI format with lne breaks please?
  18. Can the following post be updated whenever the winapp2.ini is updated please? ======================== Link to download Winapp2.ini Version: v5.21.160816 GitHub Direct Download ========================
  19. I believe you need to re-read what I said. The entries posted were from the winapp2.ini for the OLD Yahoo Messenger - just asking if anyone has done any entries for the new Yahoo messenger desktop app client?
  20. Do you have the same problem if you disable active monitoring? Options > Monitoring > then uncheck all 3 "Enable ...." entries.
  21. I used to use Yahoo Messenger (messenger.yahoo.com) but now use their yahoo messenger App for Windows Desktop and would like to have some CCleaner entiries to clean the app. I have posted on Yahoo's support forum: https://forums.yahoo.net/t5/Messenger/Used-CCleaner-on-Old-Messenger-and-need-entries-for-new-Desktop/m-p/80378#M3396 and have included the folders for yahoo Messenger on my system....... YahooMessenger.txt
  22. Does it still break WU if you net stop wuauserv before cleaning the folder then net start wuauserv after....
  23. Here is the whole list..... List.txt
  24. P.S. some are like: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\ HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Common\Open Find C:\Users\Galloway\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\*.db The other thing - be nice if CCleaner could do a BeforeClean= and an AfterClean= and both would run the applications either before or/and after the entry was cleaned.
  25. I use CCleaner (the latest version with the latest winapp2.ini) and then another system cleaner. I'd be interested if someone could look at the files the other utility cleans and come up with entiries to add to Winapp2.ini please. Anyone willing to help with this endeavor?
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