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  1. 2 hours ago, Winapp2.ini said:

    I added a link directly to the Creating Entries section of the ReadMe to the top level post. For sanity/version control reasons, it's much easier to link to GitHub resources from this thread than to maintain separate copies

    Thank you for adding a link......  :)

  2. 5 hours ago, APMichael said:

    I guess it should be LangSecRef=3021 (= Internet).

    For the readme simply click on the GitHub link in the first post.


    I think it would be a good suggestion if a similar readme post could be added near the front of this thread..... here...


    OE Classic is a replacement for Outlook Express..... 

  3. I see an entry for [Auslogics Registry Defrag*] is in the winapp2.ini but not showing up on my system. I am using windows 7 x64. The places where Auslogics is mentioned in my registry are the following:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Auslogics\Registry Defrag\11.x

    The reports are stored in "C:\ProgramData\Auslogics\Registry Defrag\11.x\Reports"


  4. 3 hours ago, siliconman01 said:

    Btw APMichael,

    Do you know how to set up Winapp1.ini so that it will not show such entries as [Twitter Metro] and several Bing entries link [Bing Finance]?  I cannot seem to find any instructions on how to do this little known trick.  

    I would assume just extract the winapp1.ini from the ccleaner.exe or ccleqaner64.exe using tghe /export command line option then edit the winapp1.ini and just comment out using ";" the lines you don't want processed.

  5. 58 minutes ago, Andavari said:

    Does this look right to exclude that whole path you refer to?

    Couldn't get it to exclude using a path, however I got this to work as intended:

    Also the way you suggest to restore Cortana functionality does not work if Cortana is purposely disabled by the user, and the user is instead just using it as a normal local search, hence the reason I use a batch script to restore the functionality.

    Please share the batch script you mentioned.....

  6. 20 minutes ago, dvdbane said:


    ej-technologies seem not connected to OxygenXML except for their java app being used by OxygenXML same like Jdownloader

    [Oxygen 14 *]
    DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14
    FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Oxygen XML Editor 14|*.properties;*.log
    FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Oxygen XML Editor 14\.install4j|*.log
    FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Oxygen XML Editor 14\dicts|*.txt;*.html
    FileKey4=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Oxygen XML Editor 14\lib|*.txt|RECURSE
    FileKey5=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14|*.properties;*.log
    FileKey6=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14\.install4j|*.log
    FileKey7=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14\dicts|*.txt;*.html
    FileKey8=%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14\lib|*.txt|RECURSE
    ExcludeKey1=FILE|%ProgramFiles%\Oxygen XML Editor 14\.install4j\|files.log

    - change Detect to DetectFile


    found the entry, 2013 :lol:


    Be great if the Detect would be changed and not have to use DetectFile......  One could go to https://www.oxygenxml.com/contact.html and see if a better registry key could be used.....

  7. [Oxygen 14 *] shows up on my system but I just have JDownloader software, not sure what the entry is tied to.  I have included the export of the HKCU\software\ej-technologies





    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ej-technologies\exe4j\jvms\c:/users/galloway/appdata/local/jdownloader v2.0/jre/bin/java.exe]



    "allinstdirsjdownloader2"="C:\\Users\\Galloway\\AppData\\Local\\JDownloader v2.0"
    "instdirjdownloader2"="C:\\Users\\Galloway\\AppData\\Local\\JDownloader v2.0"

    Suggest the [Oxygen 14 *] detect be modified ......

  8. I contacted support and had this reply, my message is below their reply


    Hello Csgalloway,

    Thank you for the ticket provided.

    I'm really sorry but we don't have any release date for that unfortunately.

    Rest assured that we will release something soon.

    Is there anything else you would like us to help you with ? 

    Kind regards,

    Andrei | CCleaner Support - London, UK

    Product Docs: http://www.piriform.com/docs
    Help Center: http://support.piriform.com





    May 16, 01:07 EDT

    Usually a week or two after the normal and portable versions of CCleaner are released - there is a slim one that is released. That is not the case this time. Be great if it could be released soon please.