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  1. Thanks for playing fair pop up

    It's a cookie. Not the registry. I have been using same version of Ccleaner since November 26, 2018. I have unchecked the box next to "inform me of updates." I guess Ccleaner somehow calls home because I now have this tracking cookie on my computer: ipm-provider.ff.avast.com. When I run Ccleaner it cleans it and the next time I use Ccleaner I get the pop up. If I save avast’s tracking cookie, the next time I open Ccleaner I don’t get the popup. Thank you. I guess I will have to tolerate the popup as I really don’t want to take avast with me everywhere I go. Is there another cleaner out there? I really don’t like what has happened to Ccleaner. It is not at all as friendly as it used to be.
  2. Thanks for playing fair pop up

    Thanks for your reply. This is happening more than once. I am not sure why. Sometimes after I have turned my computer off and back on. But sometimes if it has gone to sleep and then I use CCleaner. And sometimes when I clean, it happens several times in a row. It seldom does not happen. It is very annoying. Whatever the development team planned, that is not what is happening on my machine. If you get word why this has gone nuts on my computer and find a solution, please post. Thank you again.
  3. Thanks for playing fair pop up

    I would really like some help. Has this not happened to anyone else? I am using Windows 7 home premium sp1 operating system. Ccleaner 5.49.6856 (64bit). Everything was just fine until all of a sudden this thing started popping up in the lower right hand corner of my computer screen a couple days ago.
  4. What is this and how do I get it to stop popping up? I am a single user on a home computer. What is with this thing popping up every time I open CCleaner? I am not in a commercial environment. See attachment from my snipping tool.
  5. Deleted CC update exe. Found two entries for Avast emergency update and two entries for Ccleaner update (public and private connections) and deleted all four. Earlier I forgot to mention that I had already found and deleted the scheduled task for Avast update. They hung around after I deleted Avast and its folder. Don't usually mess with the firewall but this seemed pretty straight forward. Once I found the settings, which I did not know where to go right away. Thank you for your help.
  6. Ccleaner v5.40.6411 (64-bit) updated itself to a version I do not want and I uninstalled the updated version and went to file hippo to get it back v5.40.6411, the one I want. When I clicked install I got Avast which I do not want and had to immediately uninstall that. If there was a chance to say I did not want it I missed it. Now I see something called smart or intelligent cookie scan is saving cookies I don’t want saved. How do I turn that off? Can’t find a setting for it. Also I used Ccleaner settings to stop update notifications. Although it worked for years it seems to have failed to stop yesterdays update. Although actually it didn’t notify me, it just did it without asking. I also disabled monitoring in the startup tool and unchecked it in settings. What else do I need to do to stop v5.40.6411 from updating? Edit - I also found Ccleaner update in Windows scheduled tasks and deleted it. Is there anything else?
  7. Apparently Avast bought Piriform in July, 2017 and broke CCleaner. It used to be a handy and reliable program. It is fast becoming junk full of bugs. Now Piriform also dumps third party programs for profit in its installer. Sloppy, greedy and disappointing.
  8. Yes, search got broke as you say. I tried to rebuild twice with no joy. Finally used system restore to get it back to normal and it is fine now. I am not sure what broke it though. I never intended to run Ccleaner on search, but at some point in the new installation I clicked on “Restore default settings”. I did not know running Ccleaner on search was a default setting and so it ran. Search is now unselected. But it may have been broke when I first ran the new version and many ESENT errors popped up. I think this happened before I clicked to restore default settings and may have been why I tried default settings to see if that would stop the error. Finally repaired all with system restore. Only had to go back a couple days. Search is fine now, everything else is back up to date and I have Ccleaner v5.40.6411 back and I am not going to update it again until this all gets sorted out.
  9. I agree, please add "Advanced Option" to Settings so it can be the DEFAULT display. Even more annoying is the slow speed. I analyze first. I use Chrome so there is almost nothing on IE 11. Still the icon spins and spins stuck on “IE history” for 15-20 seconds. But the results show that it is “Temporary Internet Files” that had 1KB in 1 File. That is what slows down cleaning; analyzing is just as fast as it used to be. But when running Ccleaner, it stalls on “IE History” for 15-20 seconds before it moves on and finishes. Even if IE History is not listed after analysis that is the file Ccleaner stalls on.
  10. Yep, Piriform broke Ccleaner. Here are two attachments made with the snipping tool. Ccleaner results and Event Viewer.
  11. Yes, I see now the icon spins and spins stuck on IE history. (I do not have Edge. Still using Windows 7 sp1 64bit.) I do not use IE. Yet IE history has 1KB in 1 File and the icon spins for 15-20 seconds on it. Never did that before.
  12. How do I go back to previous version? This new version is slow cleaning. I see others report slow analyzing, but I have mostly noticed very slow cleaning and the new interface is an awful idea. I also would like old summary list back please.
  13. CCleaner sees my C and D drives as SSD but both are HDD. The hardware is WDC WD10EZEX-60ZF5A0 80.00A80 per Device Manager. I have a Windows 7 sp1 64 bit desktop computer - HP p6-2220t. Windows automatically defrags both so I’m really sure both are HDD. I found a brief discussion of this problem in this forum from 2014 but no resolution or plan to resolve the problem. I am using CCleaner 5.33.6162 (64-bit). I have never used the tool to wipe free space and was thinking of doing it when I noticed this. I just use normal file deletion and once a month when I am using financial records I use secure file deletion with simple overwrite. I have not had any problems but am interested in why CCleaner sees my drives as SSDs and if there is something I can do at my end. If I wanted to wipe free space would I be able to do it.
  14. v5.10.5373 slow to launch

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1 HP Pavilion desktop Intel® Core™ i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40GHz Microsoft Security Essentials CCleaner 5.15.5513 (64 bit) SKIPUAC – yes Default browser is IE 11, but I actually use Chrome Automatic check for updates – yes Auto run at start up or shut down – no Monitoring turned on – no, I have free edition Hooray. Most recent update 5.15.5513 (64bit) has CCleaner back to normal. No delay at opening. Pops right up.