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  1. when I run defrag it builds the file list then lists the number of files etc then it calculates disk performance and comes up defrag complete and has not defragged anything as the current state is still the same as analysis results. this takes about 3 minutes. something must be wrong as when you do a quick defrag it does defrag the files but takes a few hours so should probably be called long defrag. I cannot see what has changed as defrag used to work. thanks Paul
  2. I have this item showing 19/11/2014 22:30;Every 1 minute(s) from 15:09 for 720 hour(s) every day, starting 30/12/2013 CIMT_S-1-5-21-1310370650-2488588200-3172714411-1005 does anybody know what this might be I think a check every minute might be slowing things down on my computer
  3. The program gives a chance to clear your recycle bin before running. I think it should also give you a choice to run Ccleaner first as well. i am foreever starting Defraggler and finding it defragging the Tempory internet files, because I forgot to clear these first. regards paul
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