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  1. I wonder is anyone can help with this, I am running quite a few laptops but where the HDD cache exceeds 16mb defraggler seems to show unknown or unsupprted buffer in the health, is this just a bug or is the drive not working correctly and hence not getting the full speed from the drive? Please see attached picture on clean new Windows 10 home installation. Thanks Nick
  2. Windows 7 restore points still exist

    Sorry this does not fix the problem!! The way you have suggested, has been what I have tried. I have repeated your steps again and still have the popup log as shown in previous picture. It is just the history log popup that says that the points are there. None of these "show more" points exist. I have run various options of cccleaner and they still apprear. Any ideas ? Does anyone know the registry command where this is? WHat are the knock on effects in deleteing this? Regards Nick
  3. When I run windows 7 restore and press additional points. System restore tells me I have additional points. This is not true, they were system backups on an external drive and have been deleted, but the pop up window the text files still exist. How can I remove the windows 7 pop up list? Many thanks Nick
  4. Sorry if this can be answered simply, but i have looked and cannot find, how to get back to original clean settings for windows7? Or are there any recomended settings? Is there also a list of recomendations for the settings for each windows operating sytem?