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  1. Am using Defraggler 2.21.993 on several Garmin GPSs set to MFT mode (i.e. normal file-system access) connected to the same Dell laptop (Win 7). When I have two such devices connected, Defraggler recognizes both and allows me to select them and then start defragging - first one is processed, then the next. What I'm consistently seeing is that the defrag results in the second device processed (Defraggler's choice) is distinctly different (and from appearances, inferior) than when that device is selected as the only device to be defragged. My recovery is to re-run the second device defrag by itself (which results in the expected results), and going forward, to not queue multiple devices. It would appear that something in the iterative process is not (re)setting Defraggler as it completes the first defrag and moves to the second, or there is negative interaction of some sort between the completed operation and the second operation, which you would have expected to be executed independently and cleanly. Regards, George
  2. Wish to change my login ID (removing embedded blank) but I seem thoroughly locked in - can't change login name or display name, can't reuse my e-mail address in a new account and can't delete my old one, and there's no support e-mail address given for Piriform. Help! Thanks, George
  3. Greetings! Came across your website while looking for the most recent version of CCleaner. Noticed Defraggler, downloaded it for a look. Am impressed with the professionally-done screen design and operation of these two products. One thought that occurred while playing with Defraggler - the file index tied into the map is a neat feature. I'm surprised that related file catalog info isn't provided or made available through display configuration such as: dates created, accessed, written, and attributes. Regards, George