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  1. Winapp2.ini additions

    any chance that will be Winapp2.ini update? thanks!
  2. logs...

    thank you, it's just what i needed!
  3. logs...

    this option don't need to be by default, and not must created log file... but would great to see what files was deleted and not only "system - temporary files: xxx,xxx,xxx..." it don't has to make multi log files many options to users who want it... it can make 1 big log file/many log files with every run with all time/date/what was deleted...
  4. logs...

    hi! - is it possible to make option that will show what files was deleted in same window where info completed work showing +info of the files: size, folder, date...? - if yes, can be log file with date+time created that will have 2 options: only "simple" like what ccleaner showing at end of cleaning now and "advanced": "simple" log+what files was deleted...