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  1. Image Restoration?

    Linux based CD isnt bootable........BartPE CD doesnt function with Vista or 7........so i'll stick with Acronis linux bootable that works with XP, Vista & 7.
  2. Fresh install steps?

    Thanks marmite for your suggestions. 1. I don't have the option to create partitions while installing windows because the windows DVD I got is a Sony OEM version & not a retail one. 2. As to defrag Acronis support recommends to perform CHDSK & defrag before creating partitions so as to not get excess meta data if an image has to be restored.....strange though? 3. On my Vaio desktop I have a lot of space to create partitions & make full back up images at each step vs. my Dell XPS notebook running Vista where I cannot create multiple backups at each stage. 4. My aim is to install windows on both that would last a year plus.......trying to achieve a perfect clean install. Regards.
  3. Image Restoration?

    How do I make a bootable CD........I tried it didnt work......used both Nero & ImgBurn?? Thanks.
  4. Image Restoration?

    Thanks........Cold imaging is creating or restoring an image using the Bootable CD. Regards!
  5. Image Restoration?

    Is MR Rescue CD bootable & able to perform COLD IMAGING........... image creation & restoration? Thanks.
  6. Fresh install steps?

    Marmite & redhawk kidly suggest the first few steps. Thanks!!
  7. Fresh install steps?

    I plan to start a fresh install on one machine.....so that I have acess to you smart members & the forum for assiatance if required. So to summarize what should be the initial few steps?, so that I could start with XP MCE? Thanks.
  8. Deleted icon?

    Thanks Richard S........have this Vista on Dell.....Sony has XP MCE.......?
  9. Image Restoration?

    DennisD I have ATI home Ed 2009......is that good enough? Thanks.
  10. Image Restoration?

    Thanks Richard.
  11. Deleted icon?

    Thanks for the input I appreciate it.
  12. Image Restoration?

    Thanks for the info......how does one create a BartPE on a media using windows bootable DVD.......just XP or Vista too?
  13. Fresh install steps?

    In what order??....... Thanks.
  14. Fresh install steps?

    Thanks I shall read about it.........you mean windows start faster? What are your thoughts about taking an initial back up image after CHDSK i.e after Step 7........I have alot of room on my drives? Regards!
  15. Fresh install steps?

    Whats that.....how does one install it .........any advantges of that? Thanks.