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  1. like v3 or 4? perhaps yes :-)
  2. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.19.2 gorhill released this May 11, 2019 Closed as fixed Untokenizable filters with one wilcard no longer work
  3. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.19.0 gorhill released this May 10, 2019 New New cosmetic procedural operator: :nth-ancestor(x), where x is the distance from the currently selected node. It is effectively a low-overhead equivalent to :xpath(..[/..]*). Using an existing filter as an example: fastbay.org##.detLink:has-text(VPN):xpath(../../..) Could be rewritten with the new operator: fastbay.org##.detLink:has-text(VPN):nth-ancestor(3) The new operator has a lower overhead as it avoids the need to create and execute XPath expressions. Closed as fixed Chromium web_accessible_resource secret token accessible to webpages Related Chromium issue: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=957866. This currently affects browsers based on Chromium 74. I was unable to reproduce the issue with Chromium 73 or Google Chrome 75. The mitigation here is to create a new secret token for every network request which is internally redirected to a web accessible resource. DNS Prefetching on HTTP sites Firefox Firefox does not load homepage completely when operating in Single-process Core No Large Media setting with 0KB should block all images Incorrect display of hostnames with numbers in the logger Remove duplicate lines when importing user filters Can't add some network filters via element picker, create button grayed out Wrong Map method used (pull request by n-leigh) Make the lists activate by default in browser languages that are minority languages in the lists' countries Dashboard tabs are unresponsive after a while ::before / ::after no longer hidden as generic filter? Using multiple userResourcesLocation lists userResourcesLocation URL appears twice in the logger Commits with no entry in issue tracker Add HNTrieRef.dump() and STrieRef.dump() as dev tool Add new cosmetic procedural operator: :nth-ancestor(n) Do not store impossible to match filters in HNTrie Make token hashes fit within a 32-bit integer Increase resolution of known-token lookup table Ignore unknown tokens in urlTokenizer.getTokens() Fix page count computation in publicSuffixList.enableWASM() Convert HNTrie code to ES6 class Cache and reuse result of HNTrieRef.matches() when possible Introduce three more specialized filter classes to avoid regexes Use a sequence of base 64 numbers to encode array buffers Add HNTrie-based filter classes to store origin-only filters Performance + code maintenance work on static network filtering engine Improve usefulness of FilterContainer.benchmark()
  4. hi fans, i read a topic for a few days and with my own experience with defragmentation i mean its time for another suggestion please add the feature to defraggler :-) prevent windows from shutdown/sleep during defragmentation full or files list
  5. the about:config thing works very well :-) thanks andavari :-) your info is a good news and works good too until i upgrade to ff 68 esr
  6. w98 have another file-system as xp and newer, i think you dont need destroy the hd of this :-)
  7. trium

    v 5.57

    thanks for your answer :-) i have try it again - install it over the installed version - german is choiced but the installmenu runs in english...
  8. thanks :-) it seems to be in first line for pos-xp and embedded? in second line for us homeusers
  9. trium

    v 5.57

    is there an option to deactivate the "software updater"?
  10. 1. -install menu runs now in english - before it runs in german on my os. (install over the old...) 2. -tools - software updater on the right side -> "update" among them "refresh" in english in german "aktualisieren" among them "aktualisieren" (its 2x thesame) -> perhaps better "aktualisieren" among them "wiederholen"
  11. i think - enabled means ... yes = service is set on automatic and no = manual or deactivated
  12. in your direction for example: ccleaner -> cleaner -> under "advanced" -> check "custom files and folders" next step: ccleaner -> options -> include -> click on "add" on the right side of ccleaner-window there pop up an window "include" next step: location choose "drive or folder" click on "browse" or give it manually into the white field -> in your way for example "f:\backup" -> click "OK" next step: kind of files to delete choose under "file types" what kind of files do you want do delete.... -> for example choose "all files" for all kind of files or choose "file types" and explain ccleaner what kind of files do you want to delete - for example: "*.temp" -only for all files with the files-end "TEMP" next step: -> additional options choose what do you want additionally to delete... there are 3 things additional to delete 1.) include files only 2.) include files and subfolders 3.) include files, subfolders and the folder itself and choose if you want the option "only delete files or folders older than ..." and give ccleaner the hours how old the files/folder are can be - in the example 24 hours click "ok"
  13. hello azarober, here the link to "including files and folders" https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/using-ccleaner/including-files-and-folders-for-cleaning and this: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043784-Why-are-my-Custom-Files-and-Folders-not-being-cleaned-
  14. by the way - you can take the "free" version and enter your code for proversion ccleaner -> options -> about -> update to pro
  15. i mean you can download the pro-version here:
  16. ff 60.6.3 esr 08. may 2019 Fixed Further improvements to re-enable web extensions which had been disabled for users with a master password set (Bug 1549249). More support information Developer Developer Information
  17. thanks to nukecad for his info about new updates :-) ff 66.0.5 07. may 2019 Fixed Further improvements to re-enable web extensions which had been disabled for users with a master password set (Bug 1549249). More support information Developer Developer Information
  18. nice :-) i have on my old xp an ff esr too but longer not online... ;-) @hazelnut i have opera updated and it seems that the autoupdater ... brings the browser opera itself unaccessable and the "service" is not shutdownable with the taskmanager. is there a way to deactivating this autoupdater in the options of opera? (i have only found the "rename" thing in the install-folder of opera and the deactivate-option with cceaner)
  19. good news... i was by an fast wlan-spot and updated step by step all kind of systemstuff and at last the av-signatures - without problems without bluescreens :-) very nice updating all browsers without ff esr ;-) i wait to 68.0 release
  20. @hazelnut in my avg-folder has avast this file and after manually start this there is no emergency udpate... i has written an post to the avg community - i'll wait and see what kind of answer comes from that. i hope not the main-wisdom of "deinstall all kinds of avg ... and reinstall it...and try it again" :-)
  21. ff 60.6.2 esr 05. may 2019 Fixed Repaired certificate chain to re-enable web extensions that had been disabled Developer Developer Information Reference link to 60.6.1esr release notes unresolved A small number of add-ons may be listed as unsupported or may not appear in about:addons. Their data is not lost; users should be able to re-install the add-ons and recover the data (Bug 1549129). More support information If add-ons that use Containers functionality (such as Multi-Account Containers and Facebook Container) were disabled as part of this problem, any lost site data or custom configurations for those add-ons will not be recovered by this release. Users may need to set them up and login again in about:addons (Bug 1549204). More support information Themes may not be re-enabled. Users may need to re-enable them in about:addons (Bug 1549022). More support information Home page or search settings customized by an add-on may be reset to defaults. Users may need to customize them again in about:preferences or about:addons (Bug 1549192). More support information Users with a master password set may need to enter or reset it for the fix in this release to take effect (bug 1549249). More support information
  22. after a little bit of problems with updates and addons thanks to hazelnut and andavari remember me for updates for firefox :-) ff 66.0.4 05. may 2019 Fixed Repaired certificate chain to re-enable web extensions that had been disabled Developer Developer Information
  23. i have only take in the meantime the option with "about:config" - xpinstall.signatures.required set on false and it does its work :-) perhaps it helps me trough the time until ff esr 68 released in 09. july 2019...
  24. @andavari unhappily this function is not available in older ff esr (allow ff to install and run studies...) @hazelnut i wanted to skip this esr version and only use the next version because i dont like the ff 60´s or the ff 60.0 - 60.9-esr series as a direct offshoot of ff 60´s how it shows in the ff esr overview https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/ -> used the esr 52.9.0 and the next i would install the esr 68.0 without the esr 60-line -perhaps a bad time for me :-)) ps: i used it on w8.1 64 bit
  25. studies - in ff settings? where can i find it in the settings? i cant find nothing like this in privacy settings in german ff esr 52.9... i have only take in the meantime the option with "about:config" - xpinstall.signatures.required set on false
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