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  1. intel 4 series express ... the driver-page shows only driver til w7... https://downloadcenter.intel.com/de/product/81507
  2. hello betty54, is there an error-message? in the past... have you in these message ticked "do not show me this message again"? it can be that the ie-process is running in the background - ccleaner cant delete cookies if it is "online" in this case - please take a look in the background-processes - rightclick on the taskbar -> task manager -> look for the "internet explorer" process, if it dislayed, rightclick on it -> close task or what is in english
  3. @vankjeff with fullformat on windows 7 and newer you dont need another software... on actuall os like w7, w8.1, w10 there are an updated "format" ;-) there are adapter for ide and sata-hdds over usb with external power supply (i mean 20 euros or less)
  4. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.11 gorhill released this Jun 3, 2019 Change Fix generichide not being evaluated for local context
  5. look willy :-) https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4498206/cumulative-security-update-for-internet-explorer-may-14-2019 seems all fine :-)
  6. i dont have installed it but it shows today optional updates only kb4505050 not 4498206... i have installed 05.2019 security and qualityrollup :-) there is 4498206 included.
  7. trium

    ublock users

    as in winapp2.inis post - google removes the blocking feature in chrome but not for enterprise-installations article in german https://www.golem.de/news/ublock-und-privacy-badger-google-schraenkt-werbeblocker-in-chrome-ein-1906-141627.html translated with google translation
  8. hi fans, is there a way to cleaning all "app" caches/temps in windows 8.1? the apps are all saved in the following path: C:\Users\mynick\AppData\Local\Packages ccleaner found only 3 from windows store (bing finance, bing maps, bing news) i have several more from this stuff! for ex: bing weather, microsoft reader, ... can add the "bing weather" app for cleaning? and "microsoft reader"? C:\Users\mynick\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.BingWeather_8...\AC\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache\Content -> *.* C:\Users\mynick\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.BingWeather_8...\AC\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache\MetaData -> *.* C:\Users\mynick\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.BingWeather_8...\AC\Temp -> *.tmp C:\Users\mynick\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.BingWeather_8...\LocalState -> *.TMP C:\Users\mynick\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.BingWeather_8...\LocalState\Cache -> cachedb.sqlite? (3 different) C:\Users\mynick\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.BingWeather_8...\LocalState\Cache\Images -> *.* C:\Users\mynick\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Reader_8...\LocalState\MRU -> with all subfolders (*.*) i dont know it there are more things to delete... it seems there are also some apps that no longer active/installed since ages (for ex. with folders from 2013 and no newer entries/files) is it possible that ccleaner shows all installed apps -> cleaner -> applications -> windows store? for tick or untick to clean? is it possible that ccleaner can clean all installed apps? (it seems that for all apps are similar paths and folders-build) is it possible that ccleaner can delete/deinstall all leftover apps
  9. and dont forget, w7 is supported with updates only til 14.01.2020 also: av-software runs for awhile til they brake the support too ergo: if you want your good old w7 offline -> fine but online perhaps you take w10
  10. i dont know how w10 is, i have experience all other window´s from 311 till 8.1. my favorite was xp but the answer of your question is 8.1 :-)
  11. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.19.6 gorhill released this May 24, 2019 Fixed: Fix regression affecting *$csp=-like filters
  12. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.19.4 gorhill released this May 23, 2019 Fixed Fix error when loading a non-cached non-local asset
  13. i hope ccleaner would not rename to avastcleaner or other ... name
  14. perhaps try this: open your windows-explorer -> with your mouse on your c-drive click right -> kontextmenue -> properties -> tools -> optimize
  15. trium

    musik videos

    silbermond - durch die nacht (a band from eastgermany too, the song is early in the 2000 i mean...)
  16. what do you mean with your question? can you not start windows defragmenter and instead defraggler started? have you another hdd drive/partition and this can also not defragmented with windows defrag? perhaps you have defraggler set as default defrag - in this case make this: defraggler -> settings -> options -> advanced -> untick replace windows disk defragmenter
  17. hkey current user -> software -> opera software ?
  18. and take a look in your hdd for some "opera" stuff c:\user\yournick\appdata\local c:\user\yournick\appdata\locallow c:\user\yournick\appdata\roaming c:\programm files (x86) perhaps c:\progammdata c:\programs
  19. i have opera deinstalled and ccleaner find no opera on my os... try this -> reinstall opera -> restart your os for sure -> uninstall with windows uninstaller perhaps there are some problems in the past with uninstaller from opera or between opera and w10 or between ccleaner and w10
  20. defraggler -> settings -> options -> advanced -> untick "replace windows disk defragmenter"
  21. ff 60.7.0 esr 21. may 2019 Fixed Various security fixes Changed Font and date adjustments to accommodate the new Reiwa era in Japan Developer Developer Information
  22. ff 67.0 21. may 2019 New Firefox 67 demonstrates improved performance thanks to a number of changes such as: Lowering priority of setTimeout during page load Delayed component initialization until after start up Painting sooner during page load but less often Suspending unused tabs Learn more about our approach to performance in 67 in the Mozilla blog. Users can block known cryptominers and fingerprinters in the Custom settings of their Content Blocking preferences. Keyboard accessibility has improved in the latest version of Firefox. Toolbar and toolbar overflow menu are both fully keyboard accessible: keyboard users can now access add-ons, the downloads panel, the overflow, Page actions and Firefox menus, and much more. Private Browsing sees both usability and security improvements: Save passwords in private browsing mode Choose which extensions to exclude from private tabs A myriad of new features help make Firefox easier to use: We’ve added a toolbar menu for your Firefox Account to provide more transparency for when you are synced, sharing data across devices and with Firefox. Personalize the appearance of the menu with your own avatar Tabs can now be pinned from the Page Actions menu in the address bar Firefox will highlight useful features (like Pin Tabs) when users are most likely to benefit from them. Easier access to your list of saved logins from the main menu and login autocomplete. Learn about all the ways you can manage your passwords in Firefox. The Import Data from Another Browser feature is now also available from the File menu Users will be able to run different Firefox installs side by side by default so that you can run the beta and release versions simultaneously Firefox will now protect you against running older versions of the browser which can lead to data corruption and stability issues Firefox is upgrading to the newer, higher performance, AV1 decoder known as ‘dav1d’ WebRender is gradually enabled by default on Windows 10 desktops with NVIDIA graphics cards Mozilla’s highest performing JavaScript compiler now supports ARM64 Windows devices. Enable FIDO U2F API, and permit registrations for Google Accounts Some users will see experiments with an improved Pocket experience in Firefox Home with different layouts and more topical content. Fixed Various security fixes Changed Firefox no longer supports handling webcal: links with 30boxes.com Change to extensions in Private Windows: Any new extensions you add to the browser won’t work in Private Windows unless you allow this in the settings. Users will no longer be able to upload and share screenshots through the Firefox Screenshots server. Users who want to keep existing screenshots need to export them before the server shuts down in the coming months. Included Twemoji Mozilla font updated to support Emoji 11.0 🥳 Font and date adjustments to accommodate the new Reiwa era in Japan Developer Developer Information The DevTools Changes panel now supports copying modified CSS. You can either copy the full changes or individual changed rules. CSS Viewport-compat - Firefox for Android's mobile viewport behavior is now aligned with other browsers, resolving known compatibility issues with websites. JavaScript module imports - Firefox now supports dynamic module imports. New streamlined worker debugging in the JavaScript Debugger with the new Threads panel. New inline breakpoints provided by the JavaScript Debugger give a much higher fidelity and reliability for pausing in specific locations within a line of code.
  23. updates in xp are installed much faster as in vista, 7 or ... :-) perhaps good to set the pos-key for the xp-updates?
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