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  1. ... in this moment i see another translation-improvement


    the last 2 pics:


    in english

    software updater -> second line -> installer size


    in german

    software updater -> second line -> Größe des Installationsprogramms

    perhaps i mean it goes shorter

    software updater -> second line -> Installationsgröße (simply) or Größe des Updates or Größe Installer

  2. display area to small...


    in english:

    ccleaner -> options -> privacy -> "privacy policy"


    in german:

    ccleaner -> optionen -> privatsphäre -> "...ichtlinie" <--- because the display area was to small (it seems not automatically customizable)

    there are some letters and/or words missing :-)

  3. review junk-window:


    point 3

    in english -> temporary internet files -> files left behind when you visit websites


    in german -> Temporäre Internet Dateien -> Beim Besuch von Websites von Ihnen zurückgelassene Dateien

    perhaps a little bit better translation - proper sense: Temporäre Internet Dateien -> Zurückgelassene Dateien von besuchten Webseiten (maybe Websites)

  4. hi fans,


    i mean in ccleaner v5.63 could be some optimizations to do...


    Einfache Bereinigung -> instead "Neu beginnen" => "Neu starten" (its one less letter because the display area was to small (it seems not automatically customizable) -> with one less letter its ok as in the english)


    above in the middle of the mainwindow:

    in english -> xy Trackers and xy MB of Junk

    in german -> xy Tracker und xy MB Junk Dateien <--- Junk Dateien? 🙂 oh no!

    perhaps -> xy Tracker und xy MB Müll (short as in english!) or xy Tracker und xy MB Datenmüll


    in the middle of the mainwindow:

    in english -> xy Trackers + xy MB of Junk

    in german -> xy Tracker + xy MB Junk Dateien <--- Junk Dateien?

    perhaps -> xy Tracker + xy MB Müll or xy Tracker + xy MB Datenmüll


    below in the middle of the mainwindow:

    in english -> review trackers + review junk

    in german -> Tracker anzeigen + auf Junk überprüfen <--- why 2 different formulations/phrasings as in english is only one?

    perhaps -> Tracker anzeigen + Müll anzeigen or better Anzeige Tracker + Anzeige Müll or Vorschau Tracker + Vorschau Müll or Vorschau Tracker + Vorschau Datenmüll




  5. 17 hours ago, ElChabi said:

    @Andvari this  bloody issue was caused by Defraggler  - the issue of  abrupt loss of space!! And as I mentioned in a previous message I did all possible to configure DF in advanced options


    i mean i remember me darkly that this "thing" with fullfilled freespace could be from defraggler... normally it is ok after complete the process. have you defragmented the freespace?


    take a look in your hdd -> if there are some or alot of created defraggler-folders -> i dont know exactly but i mean you can delete the kind of created unusual folders by defraggler...

  6. if i may...


    23 hours ago, T Y Thomas Jr said:

    This did not work for me.  No C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application. I still have the issue.


    as someone here written - this folder is hidden



    perhaps will this give you a help...?

    On 06/09/2007 at 22:06, cotty said:

    Hey thanks for your reply, I just deleted the Mozilla folder in: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\ and firefox miraculously disappeared from CCleaner :rolleyes:



    but in the meantime i believe the folder is not as in the quote written

    instead in "appdata" -> is hidden too


    c:\user\your nick\appdata\local -> "mozilla"

    c:\user\your nick\appdata\locallow -> "mozilla"

    c:\user\your nick\appdata\roaming -> "mozilla"


    c:\programdata -> "mozilla"


    perhaps if you have it installed in c:\program files (x86)

  7. translation with google :-)




    hello john gray,


    sometime in the near past in ccleaner a lot has been changed since the takeover by avast - including the update settings.


    it now depends on the version that you had installed. I do not know how the basic settings are with a fresh installation of ccleaner, I've always just drüberinstalliert and occasionally changed here and there, if I found something funny.


    -> ccleaner -> options -> updates ->

    1.) IMPORTANT UPDATES (strongly recommended) -> disable

    2.) PRODUCT UPDATES (recommended) -> here is only installed automatically with the pro-version.

    -> otherwise select "MANUALLY PERFORM THESE UDATES"




    ps: probably helpful -> go to the install directory where you have ccleaner installed and rename the following file

    -> "ccupdate.exe" -> z.b. in "ccupdate.exe.old"

    So, actually, no automatic updates should happen ...



  8. hallo john grey,


    in ccleaner wurde irgendwann in der näheren vergangenheit so einiges umgestellt seit der übernahme durch avast - inklusive der update-einstellungen.


    es kommt jetzt auf die version an, welche du installiert hattest. ich weiß nicht, wie die grundeinstellungen sind bei einer neuinstallation von ccleaner, ich habe immer nur drüberinstalliert und gelegentlich hier und da umgestellt, wenn ich etwas komisch fand.


    -> ccleaner -> optionen -> updates ->

    1.) WICHTIGE UPDATES (dringend empfohlen) -> deaktivieren

    2.) PRODUKT-UPDATES (empfohlen) -> hier wird nur automatisch installiert mit der pro-version.

    -> ansonsten "DIESE UDATES MANUELL AUSFÜHREN" auswählen




    ps: wahrscheinlich hilfreich -> gehe ins installationsverzeichnis, wo du bei dir ccleaner installiert hast und benenne folgende datei um

    -> "ccupdate.exe" -> z.b. in "ccupdate.exe.old"

    somit sollten eigentlich auch keine automatischen updates passieren...

  9. ff v70.0


    22. oct. 2019



    • More privacy protections from Enhanced Tracking Protection:

    • More security protections from Firefox Lockwise, our digital identity and password management tool:

      • Lockwise for desktop lets you create, update, and delete your logins and passwords to sync across all your devices, including the Lockwise mobile apps and Firefox mobile browsers
      • Integrated breach alerts from Firefox Monitor, to alert you when saved logins and passwords are compromised in online data breaches.
      • Complex password generation, to help you create and save strong passwords for new online accounts.
    • Improvements to core engine components, for better browsing on more sites

      • A faster Javascript Baseline Interpreter to handle the modern web’s
        large codebases and improve page load performance by as much as 8
      • WebRender rolled out to more Firefox for Windows users, now available by default on Windows desktops with integrated Intel graphics cards and resolution of 1920x1200 or less) for improved graphics rendering.
      • Compositor improvements in Firefox for macOS that reduce power
        consumption, speed up page load by as much as 22 percent, and reduce
        resource use for video by up to 37 percent.
    • More browser features to help you get the most out of Firefox products and services

      • A stand-alone Firefox account menu for easy access to Firefox services like Monitor and Send.
      • A message panel accessed from the gift icon in the toolbar that offers a quick overview of new releases and key features.
      • When a website uses your geolocation, an indicator is shown in the
        address bar.



    • Built-in Firefox pages now follow the system dark mode preference

    • Aliased theme properties have been removed, which may affect some themes

    • Passwords can now be imported from Chrome on macOS in addition to existing support for Windows

    • Readability is now greatly improved on under- or overlined texts, including links. The lines will now be interrupted instead of crossing over a glyph.

    • Improved privacy and security indicators

      • A new crossed-out lock icon will indicate sites delivered via
        insecure HTTP
      • The formerly green lock icon is now grey
      • The Extended Validation (EV) indicator has been moved to the identity
        popup that appears when clicking the lock icon


    • Developer Information
    • Developer Information
      For additional developer resources from Mozilla, visit our Mozilla Developer YouTube channel for new videos every week.

    • The Developer Tools Accessibility panel now includes an audit for keyboard accessibility and a color deficiency simulator for systems with WebRender enabled

    • Inactive CSS: The Inspector now grays out CSS declarations that don’t affect the selected element and shows a tooltip explaining why -- and even how to fix it.

    • The new DOM Mutation Breakpoints in Developer Tools allows developers to diagnose when scripts add, remove or update page content. This makes debugging of complex script interactions and dependencies a lot easier.

    • WebExtensions developers can now inspect browser.storage.local data using the "Addon Debugging" Firefox Developer Tools.

    • With new network resource search in Developer Tools, you can quickly find resources based on their request and response data, including headers, cookies and content.


  10. ff v68.2.0 esr


    22. oct. 2019




    • New administrative policies were added. More information and templates are available at the Policy Templates page.





    CVE-2019-15903: Heap overflow in expat library in XML_GetCurrentLineNumber

    Sebastian Pipping

    In libexpat before 2.2.8, crafted XML input could fool the parser into changing from DTD parsing to document parsing too early. A subsequent call to XML_GetCurrentLineNumber or XML_GetCurrentColumnNumber then resulted in a heap-based buffer over-read.


    #CVE-2019-11757: Use-after-free when creating index updates in IndexedDB

    Zhanjia Song

    When following the value's prototype chain, it was possible to retain a reference to a locale, delete it, and subsequently reference it. This resulted in a use-after-free and a potentially exploitable crash.


    #CVE-2019-11758: Potentially exploitable crash due to 360 Total Security

    Mozilla developers and community

    Mozilla community member Philipp reported a memory safety bug present in Firefox 68 when 360 Total Security was installed. This bug showed evidence of memory corruption in the accessibility engine and we presume that with enough effort that it could be exploited to run arbitrary code.


    #CVE-2019-11759: Stack buffer overflow in HKDF output

    Guido Vranken

    An attacker could have caused 4 bytes of HMAC output to be written past the end of a buffer stored on the stack. This could be used by an attacker to execute arbitrary code or more likely lead to a crash.


    #CVE-2019-11760: Stack buffer overflow in WebRTC networking


    A fixed-size stack buffer could overflow in nrappkit when doing WebRTC signaling. This resulted in a potentially exploitable crash in some instances.


    #CVE-2019-11761: Unintended access to a privileged JSONView object

    Cody Crews

    By using a form with a data URI it was possible to gain access to the privileged JSONView object that had been cloned into content. Impact from exposing this object appears to be minimal, however it was a bypass of existing defense in depth mechanisms.


    #CVE-2019-11762: document.domain-based origin isolation has same-origin-property violation

    Kris Maglione

    If two same-origin documents set document.domain differently to become cross-origin, it was possible for them to call arbitrary DOM methods/getters/setters on the now-cross-origin window.


    #CVE-2019-11763: Incorrect HTML parsing results in XSS bypass technique

    Gareth Heyes

    Failure to correctly handle null bytes when processing HTML entities resulted in Firefox incorrectly parsing these entities. This could have led to HTML comment text being treated as HTML which could have led to XSS in a web application under certain conditions. It could have also led to HTML entities being masked from filters - enabling the use of entities to mask the actual characters of interest from filters.


    #CVE-2019-11764: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 70 and Firefox ESR 68.2

    Mozilla developers and community

    Mozilla developers and community members Bob Clary, Jason Kratzer, Aaron Klotz, Iain Ireland, Tyson Smith, Christian Holler, Steve Fink, Honza Bambas, Byron Campen, and Cristian Brindusan reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox 69 and Firefox ESR 68.1. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption and we presume that with enough effort some of these could be exploited to run arbitrary code.




  11. ublock v1.23.0


    gorhill released this

    Oct 21, 2019



    Static filter option elemhide as per ABP semantic

    The elemhide option is now fully supported, rather than being an alias of generichide. The elemhide option will be internally converted into two filters, generichide and specifichide. There have been cases raised by filter list maintainers where specifichide would be useful. Additionally, the filter options elemhide, generichide and specifichide can be aliased with ehide, ghide and shide respectively. (generichide appears over 1,300 times just in "uBlock filters".)

    Closed as fixed:

    Commits with no entry in issue tracker:

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