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  1. ublock v1.18.16


    gorhill released this

    Apr 3, 2019


    This is an emergency fix for NanoAdblocker#257. The issue is that whenever an empty hostname was passed to getPublicSuffix.getDomain(), the next call to getPublicSuffix.getDomain() with a valid hostname would return an invalid result. I expect the erroneous behavior to be a rare occurrence, vast majority of calls to getPublicSuffix.getDomain() are with a valid hostname.

    Side effects could be that uBO was unable to properly lookup specific cosmetic filters for a site.

    Closed as fixed:

    Pull requests

  2. hello galadriela,


    if adware... find nothing in kind of dangerous thing, perhaps its simply the toolbar yahoo and you can deinstall it, if you think you dont need it anymore...


    chromebrowser -> customize settings (the 3 points on the right side above) -> other tools -> extensions = uninstall yahoo-toolbar

  3. i dont know if this tv-channel is receivable outside from germany... and who understands the german language.


    but today shows the tv-channel "zdf info" at 21:45 Berlin-timezone (20:45 London-timezone i believe) until 22: 30


    --> Das Nevada-Dreieck - Mythos auf dem Prüfstand --> The Nevada Triangle - Myth on the Testbench


    i hear english original speakers in the background from time to time


  4. ublock v1.18.12


    gorhill released this

    Mar 26, 2019



    The unlimitedStorage permission has been added in Firefox, to bring uBO inline with the Chromium version. As a result, when uBO updates, Firefox will notify you about the new permission:


    Note that the Chromium version of uBO has declared the unlimitedStorage permission since it was first published in 2014.

    Firefox is not yet enforcing this permission, but I decided to add it anyways since Firefox states:

    Only ask for "unlimitedStorage" permission if you expect your extension's local data storage to exceed 5MB if it's not going to exceed that amount, don't ask for it.

    uBO is already using more than 5MB of storage in its basic configuration.

    In a future version, uBO may start to use a "persistent" indexedDB instance for its cache storage to ensure proper functioning of uBO.[1] uBO currently uses a non-persistent indexedDB instance and this may cause difficult to diagnose issues for some users as Firefox may evict uBO's cache storage at any time.

    [1] uBO's cache storage is used to store filter lists, their compiled counterparts, and snapshots of various internal data structures for fast launch time).

    Closed as fixed:


    Commits with no entry in issue tracker

  5. i have checked a sample of scheduling like the documentation shows me (because i dont have the pro-version of ccleaner) and it works fine also in the "free-version"



    yes, in the taskbar you can see the ccleaner-icon at the setted time that the scheduled task works.

    and you can see it also in the windows task scheduler as nicon sayed in his post above...

    you can see the start and the end of the sheduled task and if it was succesfull

  6. 1 Choose File Preferences General Program Preferences.
    2 From the left pane, choose Auto-Preserve.
    3 Mark the Enable Auto-Preserve check box.
    4 Click OK.
    Do the following
    Create copies of original images automatically when you first save them
    In the dialog box that appears after you click Save, choose Yes - Do this every time. The original (unedited) image is copied to a Corel Auto-Preserve subfolder, which is automatically created within the folder in which you are saving the image.

  7. ff v66.0


    19. march 2019




    • The Dark and Light Firefox themes now override the system setting for title bar accent color on Windows 10

    • Linux users: Resolved an issue that caused Firefox to freeze when downloading files

    • Various security fixes


    • System title bar is hidden by default to match Gnome guideline for Linux users


    • DevTools Inspector is now fully usable when the Debugger is paused

    • Lowered priority of setTimeout and setInterval during page load to improve overall page load performance

    • Fixed: <button> element is no longer special cased in event dispatch, per latest specifications

    Developer Information