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  1. as an esr- user im lucky too, i use the last v52 esr :-)
  2. im on w8.1 :-) as long the laptop works :-)
  3. ff v60.5.0 esr 29. january 2019 Fixed Various security fixes Developer Developer Information
  4. ff v65.0 29. january 2019 New Enhanced tracking protection: Simplified content blocking settings give users standard, strict, and custom options to control online trackers. A redesigned content blocking section in the site information panel (viewed by expanding the small “i” icon in the address bar) shows what Firefox detects and blocks on each website you visit. To learn more about content blocking, visit the Mozilla Blog. A better experience for multilingual users: An updated Language section in Preferences allows users to install multiple language packs and order language preferences for Firefox and websites, without having to download locale-specific versions. Support for Handoff on macOS: Continue browsing across devices. Pick up where you left off with iOS (via Firefox or Safari) on Firefox on Mac. A better video streaming experience for Windows users: Firefox now supports the next-generation, royalty-free video compression technology called AV1. Read about Mozilla’s contribution to this new open standard. Improved performance and web compatibility, with support for the WebP image format: WebP brings the same image quality as existing formats at smaller file sizes, which saves bandwidth and speeds up page load. Fixed Various security fixes. Changed Enhanced security for macOS, Linux, and Android users via stronger stack smashing protection which is now enabled by default for all platforms. "Stack smashing" is a common security attack in which malicious actors corrupt or take control of a vulnerable program. Firefox will now warn you when closing a window (regardless of whether you have automatic session restore enabled for restart). Easier performance management: The revamped Task Manager page found at about:performance now reports memory usage for tabs and add-ons. Improved the pop-up blocker to prevent multiple pop-up windows from being opened by websites at the same time. Enterprise Firefox for Windows is now available with 32- and 64-bit MSI installers for easier enterprise deployments. Developer Additional support for Flexbox: Launched a new Flexbox inspector tool that details Flexbox containers and helps debug Flex item sizes. All CSS changes made in the Rules panel are now tracked in the new Changes tab. Added support for the Storage Access API on desktop platforms. Developer Information
  5. hi willy2, i have tried this example with ie11 / w8.1 on youtube and it seems to work proberly with settings, https://youtu.be/WXBHCQYxwr0 i have shockwave v. (the last updatesession was going in the pantys of my laptop) but the loaded page looks a bit strange ...not for nothing is in the header of youtube: "Wir empfehlen Google Chrome für die Wiedergabe von YouTube-Videos - jetzt installieren" -> "We recommend Google Chrome for watching YouTube videos - install now"
  6. trium


    hi fans, does anyone knows the "nevada triangle"? an area in the sierra nevadas between reno in the north-west, fresno in the south-west and las vegas in the east i see a documentation right now in the german tv about the nevada-triangle, not so popular as bermuda-triangle, but it seems much more interesting... in the bermuda-triangle are just a few missing airplanes/ships. as far as i know round 40... in the nevada-triangle should be many more lost / missing / crashed planes than in the bermuda-triangle. more than 2.000... and in the nevada-triangle such famous places like yosemite-park, the death valley or the area 51
  7. unfortunately, i have to disagree from bad experience with windows update (for drivers) One or the other (driver)update seems to work, but just one or the other update is not working well. i dont use driver update from windows or others, i search it be myself from the right websites and take it or not. especially for laptops
  8. trium

    ublock users

    i hope so... diversity is good and for "best interests of all users , not the "similarity" i remember me darkly, since google chrome was rising, firefox runs after googles development... not the best decision and development for the former leader of the browsers i mean.
  9. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.7 gorhill released this Jan 20, 2019 Closed as fixed: Some rules doesn't show up in the Legacy version's logger
  10. trium

    ublock users

    i wonder, why i become no updates of ublock i use ff esr 52.9.0 and ---> as a matter of fact - no new updates... but there are some firefox legacy v1.16.4.6 gorhill released this Dec 4, 2018 Closed as fixed: ##.ad.super from EasyList is causing ##.ad to not be applied
  11. trium

    vlc media player

    Changes between 3.0.5 and 3.0.6: -------------------------------- Core: * Fix potential subtitle picture allocation failures Codec: * Add support for 12 bits decoding of AV1 * Fix HDR support in AV1 when the container provides the metadata
  12. trium

    vlc media player

    Changes between 3.0.4 and 3.0.5: -------------------------------- Access: * Improve RTSP playback * BluRay fixes and improvements, notably for menus and seeking * Improve the UDP/RTP truncated issue Codec: * Add a new AV1 decoder based on dav1d library * Enable libaom decoder by default * Fix decoding of some HEVC streams with macOS hardware decoding Demux: * MP4: Fix reading of some HDR metadata * Miscellaneous AV1 demuxing improvements * Fix CAF integer-underflow * Fix an MKV crash on iOS 12.0, on iPhone XS phones Packetizer: * Add an AV1 packetizer macOS: * Starting with VLC 3.0.5, VLC will be distributed with runtime hardening enabled on macOS Mojave. All external VLC plugins need to be signed by a DeveloperID certificate in order to continue working with the official VLC package. * Update the VLC dark UI to better match the dark mode of macOS Mojave * Fix convert & save panel stream option Audio output: * Fix corking when the playback state is paused * Improve corking on Android Video Output: * Fix Direct3D11 tone-mapping when HDR is displayed on an SDR screen * More accurate colors for SD sources in Direct3D11 * Disable hardware decoding on some old Intel GPUs * Fix zero-copy GPU acceleration on AMD RX Vega * Misc Direct3D11 fixes Miscellaneaous: * Improve ChromeCast * Update numerous 3rd party libraries, including for minor security issues * Update Youtube support * Fix subtitles rendering with specific fonts with negative horizontal advance
  13. so many ways for it... ram, hdd, another hardware-issues, wrong driver (also from windows update, also for another hardware), cpu- or mainboard overheading, perhaps a hardware issue with usb-ports on your mainboard..., are the cables connected correctly? and so on... i remember me darkly from andavari - System File Scanning -> have you tried "sfc /scannow"? have you tried uninstall the mouse and keyboard driver and work with standard-generic-driver for both that windows give you? (perhaps you can work without the "special-features" of your mouse and keybord for a while to find the problem) :-)
  14. hello fans, in version 5.51 is a whole section complete without german translation... -> options -> updates control your update experience -> Kontrolliere deine Update-Erfahrung or short Update-Kontrolle important updates (highly recommended) -> Wichtige Updates (dringend empfohlen) major updates to ensure that ccleaner runs safely and smoothly on your system -> Größere or Wichtige Updates, um sicherzustellen, dass Ccleaner sicher und reibungslos läuft apply these updates automatically -> Diese Updates automatisch anwenden notify me when an update has taken place -> Informiere mich, wenn ein Update stattgefunden hat product updates (recommended) -> Produkt Updates (empfohlen) updates that deliver the latest product improvements and cleaning updates so ccleaner can fully clean your computer -> Updates, bereitgestellt für die neuesten Verbesserungen und Reinigungs-Updates, sodass Ccleaner Ihren Computer vollständig säubern kann show me notifications for these updates -> Zeige mir Benachrichtigungen für diese Updates perform these updates manually -> Diese Updates manuell durchführen apply these updates automatically -> Diese Updates automatisch anwenden and also -> options -> privacy ---> the first sentence is complete in english
  15. healthy new year for all :-)
  16. hi terryl, after click on the ccsetupxy.exe -> choose "customize" -> choose "more" and there you can put in the path to install ccleaner do you want :-)
  17. at the moment my w7 desktop stand alone in the corner :-) perhaps the updates at the new year :-)
  18. happy christmas for every single one of you and your familys :-)
  19. in the past i tryed install ff from the ui, after this it shows me ff 2x in windows 8 uninstaller (in german "programme und features" -> perhaps in english "programs and features"?). since this i download the ff-install-file.
  20. ... i dont use update from the ui - i download it.
  21. ff v64.0 11. december 2018 New Better recommendations: You may see suggestions in regular browsing mode for new and relevant Firefox features, services, and extensions based on how you use the web (for US users only) Enhanced tab management: You can now select multiple tabs from the tab bar and close, move, bookmark, or pin them quickly and easily Easier performance management: The new Task Manager page found at about:performance lets you see how much energy each open tab consumes and provides access to close tabs to conserve power Improved performance for Mac and Linux users, by enabling link time optimization (Clang LTO). (Clang LTO was enabled for Windows users in Firefox 63.) More seamless sharing on Windows: Windows users can now share web pages using the native sharing experience. You can access Share in the Page Actions menu Added option to remove add-ons using the context menu on their toolbar buttons New for enterprise users: Updated the policy engine on macOS to allow using configuration profiles to customize Firefox for enterprise deployments Fixed Various security fixes Changed RSS feed preview and live bookmarks are available only via add-ons TLS certificates issued by Symantec are no longer trusted by Firefox. Website operators are strongly encouraged to replace any remaining Symantec TLS certificates as soon as possible. about:crashes has been redesigned to make it clear when a crash is being submitted to Mozilla, as well as being clear that removing crashes locally does not remove them from crash-stats.mozilla.com The macOS keyboard shortcut to add "www" and ".com" to a URL is now ctrl-enter instead of [apple]-enter Developer You may now overlay multiple CSS grids at the same time (up to 3) in the CSS Grid Inspector The Web Console's command line now highlights JavaScript syntax When hovering over elements in the Accessibility panel, the contrast ratio of text against background is now indicated Added support for the new CSS scrollbar specification WebVR is now available on macOS Developer Information
  22. ff v60.4.0 esr 11. december 2018 New Updated list of currency codes to include Unidad Previsional (UYW) (Bug 1499028) Fixed Various security fixes Developer Developer Information
  23. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.17.4 gorhill released this Dec 1, 2018 Notes I will keep bringing in WebAssembly ("wasm") versions of key portions of code where it is found to be beneficial. In this release, a wasm version of the algorithm used to lookup a hostname from a set of hostnames has been created (related benchmark page). However, only the Firefox version of uBO benefits from this at this point, as it's is not possible to use wasm in the Chromium version without adding 'unsafe-eval' to the extension's own Content Security Policy in its manifest -- which is not something I am willing to do (my view is that any extension using 'unsafe-eval' should be assumed malicious by default). It works in Firefox because the wasm module is loaded using a same-origin fetch, meaning the module can only be loaded from uBO's own package, which is probably what Chromium ought to implement. Closed as fixed Firefox When pasting multiple lines into the rules editor they are joined together in a single line Fixed by importing latest release of CodeMirror. Core ##.ad.super from EasyList is causing ##.ad to not be applied Fix missing trailing asterisk in filter representation in the logger No context menu entry for data:* iframes (banners) UI Search field and it's search counter interfere with each other / unreadable "Update now" button flashes for 1 second before changing the count numbers Improve usability of temporarily disabling strict-blocking HTML filter exception doesn't work $badfilter does not work on a CSP filter
  24. is the seagate sata 750 gb the system drive? then it would be ok. i dont know why but also on my systemdrive have the speedtestbenchmark slow speed with 1-5 mb and other drives/partitions shows with more speed actually c: with 2,91 mb/s d: with
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