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  1. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    yes willy2, unfortunately by me too. it seems nothing to be for ages - only for one session or so...
  2. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff 59.0.1 16. March 2018 Fixed Various security fixes please look at the same details as above on ff 52.7.2 esr
  3. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v52.7.2 esr 16. March 2018 Fixed Various security fixes details:
  4. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    i have ff 52.7 esr
  5. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    ps: this notification pops up only if i login to this page -> as willy2 says now with blocking this one notification ... silence at my monitor
  6. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    works not on my ff esr. you mean this? extras (in english version perhaps options) -> settings -> content -> notifications -> choose --> there is nothing by me and no possibilities to change whatever but this works fine :-)
  7. oh yes, this would be nice :-)
  8. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    here for w8.1 on page 3/5 in the middle... https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=2018-03 2018-03 – Monatliches Sicherheitsqualitätsrollup für Windows 8.1 für x64-basierte Systeme (KB4088876) 2018-03 – Monatliches Sicherheitsqualitätsrollup für Windows 8.1 für x86-basierte Systeme (KB4088876)
  9. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    oh yes willy2, that would be a nice thing i have found some rollup-updates for your w7 (it seems to be today) on the second page in the first half above https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=2018-03 2018-03 – Monatliches Sicherheitsqualitätsrollup für Windows 7 für x86-basierte Systeme (KB4088875) 2018-03 – Monatliches Sicherheitsqualitätsrollup für Windows 7 für x64-basierte Systeme (KB4088875)
  10. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v59.0 13. March 2018 New Performance enhancements: - Faster load times for content on the Firefox Home page - Faster page load times by loading either from the networked cache or the cache on the user’s hard drive (Race Cache With Network) - Improved graphics rendering using Off-Main-Thread Painting (OMTP) for Mac users (OMTP for Windows was released in Firefox 58) Drag-and-drop to rearrange Top Sites on the Firefox Home page, and customize new windows and tabs in other ways Added features for Firefox Screenshots: - Basic annotation lets the user draw on and highlight saved screenshots - Recropping to change the viewable area of saved screenshots Enhanced WebExtensions API including better support for decentralized protocols and the ability to dynamically register content scripts Improved Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities. - Implemented RTP Transceiver to give pages more fine grained control over calls - Implemented features to support large scale conferences Added support for W3C specs for pointer events and improved platform integration with added device support for mouse, pen, and touch screen pointer input Added the Ecosia search engine as an option for German Firefox Added the Qwant search engine as an option for French Firefox Added settings in about:preferences to stop websites from asking to send notifications or access your device’s camera, microphone, and location, while still allowing trusted websites to use these features Fixed Various security fixes Changed Firefox Private Browsing Mode will remove path information from referrers to prevent cross-site tracking unresolved Windows 7 users using accessibility services (like the Windows On-Screen Keyboard) may observe browser crashes after the update to Firefox 59. As a workaround, affected users can prevent external apps from triggering accessibility services in Firefox.
  11. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v52.7.0 esr 13. March 2018 Various stability and regression fixes Various security fixes
  12. from me a yes too to jaddorfs first post please give back the old summary screen (perhaps with an option)
  13. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4018314/february-26-2018-update-for-outlook-2010-kb4018314
  14. normally 15% freespace... because of the amoung of files. with 15 % in relation to summary size of the hd it seems to be enough place to move fragmended files into one to another place on the hd where is enough place to save it as one unfragmended file and enough free space to move more another files... definitivly no. you have certainly more files with larger size...? simply yes from me im afraid, but with this size of fragmentation any defraggler would work for the ages
  15. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    for w8.1 (KB4074807) german https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=2018-02 vorschau english: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=2018-02 preview
  16. cleaning data but not the OS?

    i dont know if you can delete all collected data from you... not 100%
  17. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    perhaps try it a few days longer :-) i had also more heat for a day after updating but one day later its as all the other days before and fine
  18. but with your fragmentation... it takes his time for defragmentation. i dont know if this are two months...
  19. @asagrim --> i think its the fastest way... if you let out the largest files from the list (maybe all files greater than 800 mb... or something you mean whats right for you).
  20. i too, willy2 its faster and i is good enough against fragmentation but the postopener dont want this...
  21. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    on my w7 i have microsoft update too im afraid, i have the updates
  22. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    ... mh, but i have it without a search in microsoft catalog. you could be right with your windows update, i have it with microsoft update (da hab ich wohl nochmal glück gehabt?) <- i dont know how i does this funny sentence translate to english. i have the net-update for w8.1 too
  23. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    ps: --> for ie 9, 10 and 11
  24. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    my look was better as you know i mean i know and i have :-) about the microsoft-update-channel but thanks for this info - to update for my w7 released at 13.2. and installed with: 2018-02 – Monatliches Sicherheitsqualitätsrollup für Windows 8.1 für x64-basierte Systeme (KB4074594)
  25. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    i took a view into it... windows 8.1 seems to be fine. no missing ie11-update this month (feb.)