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  1. musik videos

    i need some accustic help from english native speakers i use sonys "media go" i have the lyrics of this song -> c**k robin -> just around the corner (a little bit corrected by myself, because something wasnt right or complete.... as basic i used lyrics found online) (00:16:30)Things aren't quite as they seem [00:20.01]Inside my domain [00:23.98]You can't know about everything [00:26.81]Only pleasure and pain [00:31.78]You wonder why I come here [00:35.81]With head to my hands [00:40.29]Where else can I be cured [00:42.69]And the king of your mansion [00:46.25]A thorn in your side [00:49.56]And a child to protect [00:53.01]That claims he's free [00:58.78]Just around the corner [01:02.61]Half a mile to heaven [01:06.90]Strong enough to hold you [01:11.40]Starved for some affection [01:15.55]Darling, come quickly [01:19.01]Come ease my mind [01:23.43]For my prayers have not been answered [01:27.54]In a long time [01:31.35]Yeah [01:40.71]I've already made my bed [01:44.73]Like it or not [01:48.84]As long as there's no regrets [01:51.34]I'll be here when the ride stops [01:55.19]These comforts to me [01:58.47]And these crosses to bear [02:02.42]With which we live [02:07.71]Just around the corner [02:11.61]Half a mile to heaven [02:16.00]Strong enough to hold you [02:20.25]Starved for some affection [02:24.50]Baby, I can't drag you into this mess [02:36.53]mmh Yeah [02:43.81]I'm the thorn in your side [02:47.69]And the child to protect [02:51.99]Yes I'm just around the corner [02:57.11]Half a mile to heaven, oh [03:01.76]Oh, strong enough to hold you [03:05.29]Starved for some affection [03:09.62]Darling, come quickly [03:13.21]Come ease my worried mind [03:18.26]For my prayers have not been answered [03:21.77]In a long time [03:29.68]Yeah [03:32.76]Some just around the corner [03:37.84]Yeah, yeah, yeah [03:41.08]Some strong enough to hold you [03:51.02]Half a mile to heaven, yeah [03:56.47]Just around the corner [04:04.36]Yeah, yeah, yeah but there are 2 or 3 things that sounds not as in the lyrics written, can you hear the right words/sentencense (i have it marked...) and write the correct things on what you mean to hear, please? For my prayers have not been answered -> sounds like "for my prayers have not been a answer"? And these crosses to bear -> or "and these crosses to bare"?
  2. musik videos

    i have found a wonderful classic music video billy ocean - when the going gets tough, the tough get going knows somebody the 3 funny background singers on the left in white stoffs? michael douglas, danny devito and kathleen turner (out from "The Jewel of the Nile" 1985) also together in "the rose war"
  3. vlc media player

    Changes between 3.0.2 and 3.0.3: -------------------------------- Core: * Update subtitles display while paused Access: * Enable srt support on binary builds Decoders: * Allow videotoolbox hardware decoding to be disabled * Disable VideoToolbox for 10bits H.264 * Fix VideoToolbox with some invalid HEVC streams * Fix subsdec wide character support * Fix 1st order Ambisonics in AAC Demux: * Miscellaneous ogg improvements & bugfixes, including oggds * Fix forced tracks selection * Fix Topfield files * Probe AAC/ADTS inside TS * Fix tracks detection issues with DolbyVision and Bluray streams macOS: * Fix "Open Network Stream" URL box focus * Add option to disable hardware acceleration for video decoding * Remove option to force dolby mode from simple preferences Video Output: * Fix crashes on Direct3D11 Qt: * Fix tooltip display on some desktop environments * Fix spurious movement of the main Window * Fix playlist being displayed in fullscreen Misc: * Fix amem output * Fix numerous issues on fonts fallback and font shaping * Fix subtitles toggle through hotkeys * Fix audioscrobbling * Fix buffer over-read in avcodec audio encoding with non-default layouts * Numerous 3rd party libraries updated, fixing security issues Translations: * Update of most languages vlc-player changelogs
  4. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v60.0.2 6. june 2018 Fixed Fix missing nodes in the developer tools Inspector panel (bug 1460223) Various security fixes Fix font rendering when using third-party font managers on OS X 10.11 and earlier (bug 1460917) Changed Updated to NSS 3.36.4 from 3.36.1: Connecting to a server that was recently upgraded to TLS 1.3 would result in a SSL_RX_MALFORMED_SERVER_HELLO error (bug 1462303) Fix crash on macOS related to authentication tokens, e.g. PK11 or WebAuthn (bug 1461731) See release notes for NSS 3.36.2 and 3.36.4
  5. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff esr v52.8.1 6. june 2018 Fixed Various security fixes Reference link to 52.8.0esr release notes
  6. sorry, i cant tested it on my xp machine.... perhaps secure your ccleaner.ini file with your settings before you try a reinstall ps: sorry again - i see, probably you dont have a ccleaner.ini file - because you dont have checked the box
  7. Norton Anti-virus Software

    i go with hazelnuts older post similar like "each individually from another ... for my safety" -> and for mine firewall antivirus ...
  8. Our old friend Tasgandy

    i dont know if there is something on the other side... I hope you have a nice place in the next beeing without the borders of our world / universe - free for many adventures and experiences I wish you good luck good bye tasgandy
  9. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    sorry, not on my xp machine -> no sse2 on my cpu onboard if i remember me darkly there run ff v48.x.x - the last which works without sse2 instructions
  10. ublock users

    ublock v1.16.8 gorhill released this a day ago No change to uBO itself. The only change is in uBO's assets and publishing a new version of uBO package is to ensure all users get a new version of the neutered script from googletagservices.com/gpt.js -- see uBlockOrigin/uAssets@2bc9754.
  11. Version 5.43

    mmmh, no problems by me w8.1 64bit ie11 - all boxes are ticked it takes a few seconds - less than 5 sek.
  12. options -> privacy (Datenschutz or Privatsphäre) -> Control which data we collect and which offers we show (Kontrolliere, welche Daten wir sammeln und welche Angebote wir zeigen) -> Allow usage data to be shared with 3rd parties for analytics purposes (Erlaube Teilung der Datennutzung mit Anderen zur Analyse) Show offers for our other products (Zeige Angebote für unsere anderen Produkte) For a description of the data Ccleaner collects and how Ccleaner uses it, please review the (Für eine Beschreibung der Daten, die Ccleaner sammelt und wie Ccleaner diese nutzt, bitte lesen Sie die)
  13. options -> advanced -> Cleaning results level of detail: (Details der Ergebnis-Liste der Säuberung - or shorter - Details der Säuberungsliste) Summary (Zusammenfassung) Advanced Report (Erweiterter Bericht) File list (Datei-Liste)
  14. thanks for the good old cleaning results back to us
  15. perhaps in the next ... perhaps in the very next who knows it i mean its not on the primary change list
  16. Avast ye landlubbers!!

    im with login123 - thanks for this infos, nukecad :-) normally i blocked avast/avg overseer in the past ...
  17. ublock users

    ublock v1.16.6 gorhill released this a day ago Closed as fixed: Firefox: Release versions of uBO will no longer support logger-in-the-sidebar: by design Firefox opens the sidebar with new installation of uBO and this is not a desireable behavior for uBO Dev builds will still support the logger-in-the-sidebar feature. I may bring it back depending on the resolution of bug 1460910 uBO webext doesn't fill entire panel space Core: uBO element picker & Stylus
  18. oh yes, scan for issue --> nach Fehler suchen scan for issues --> nach Fehlern suchen
  19. slim

    it seems not yet at the moment...
  20. Wipe Free space not working?

    very small your files... are all your files with 712 bytes?
  21. Avast ye landlubbers!!

    mmmmh, since a few month i have a "overseer" too with avg what will avast/avg overseeing over what?
  22. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff esr v52.8.0 9. may 2018 Various security fixes Various stability and regression fixes Performance improvements to the Safe Browsing service to avoid slowdowns while updating site classification data
  23. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v60.0 9. may 2018 New Added a policy engine that allows customized Firefox deployments in enterprise environments, using Windows Group Policy or a cross-platform JSON file Enhancements to New Tab / Firefox Home Responsive layout that shows more content for users with wide-screen displays Highlights section includes web sites saved to Pocket More options to reorder sections and content on the page Pocket Sponsored Stories will appear for a percentage of users in the US. Read about our privacy-conscious approach to sponsored content Redesigned Cookies and Site Storage section in Preferences for greater clarity and control of first- and third-party cookies Applied Quantum CSS to render browser UI Added support for Web Authentication API, which allows USB tokens for website authentication Enhanced camera privacy indicators: Firefox now turns off your camera and the camera's light when you disable video recording, and turns the camera and light on when you resume recording Added an option for Linux users to show or hide page titles in a bar at the top of the browser. You’ll find the Title Bar option in the Customize panel available from the main browser menu. Improved WebRTC audio performance and playback for Linux users On-by-default support for draft-23 of the TLS 1.3 specification Locale added: Occitan (oc) Fixed Various security fixes Changed Changed the Windows shortcut for entering Reader View to F9, for better compatibility with keyboard layouts that use AltGr Bookmarks no longer support multiple keywords for the same URL unless the request has different POST data TLS certificates issued by Symantec before June 1st, 2016 are no longer trusted by Firefox Updated the Skia graphics library to milestone 66 Developer Changes affecting developers Developer Information unresolved After disabling Sponsored Stories from the New Tab page settings, the next opened tab may still show a sponsored tile (bug 1458906) WebVR does not work on macOS with Vive headsets (bug 1454204)
  24. ublock users

    ublock firefox legacy v1.16.4 gorhill released this 7 days ago No changes from 1.16.2, it's just to test that all work fine for releasing new Firefox-legacy packages of uBO.