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  1. wrong cpu-cores

    I thought too... :-)
  2. How old are you

    old enough to write here. is this correct? :-)
  3. Bin Laden is dead!

    obhama is worse than bush. i use google translate, but i dont know, its correctly... In a democracy will be lost as a nothing and have gone from the window, so be fired and held accountable. watch live how someone is executed, is the last and not a democracy acceptable. in such a president you can not be proud of. in german: in einer demokratie hat so einer nichts verloren und muss weg vom fenster, also gefeuert und zur rechenschaft gezogen werden. live zuzusehen, wie jemand hingerichtet wird, ist das letzte und f?r eine demokratie nicht akzeptabel. auf so einen pr?sidenten k?nnt ihr nicht stolz sein.
  4. Freeware!

    Wise Registry Cleaner v5.94 lookilooki :-) Latest version:5.94 Update:Mar 21, 2011 File Size:4.55 MB Platforms: Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 2008 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT/ME/98 Wise Disk Cleaner v5.93 look there :-) Latest version:5.93 Update:Mar 21, 2011 File Size:4.32 MB Platforms: Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 2008 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT/ME/98 ps: this is no ashampoo! ;-) and in one post. why you have all posts deleted? one post could have stayed her... have nothing to do with spam. (what a quark)
  5. Firefox Extensions

    i take also "noscript" and "adblock plus", nice particles. but i deactivate microsoft drm and windows media player plugin.
  6. Freeware!

    @Darkon112 you can deactivate any microsoft-services, but be carefull... and also any installed programs in our autostart. a big problem by any software is that many programs take themselves too seriously and write themselve in the autostart menu. completely unnecessary often, i mean. http://www.windows-tweaks.info/html/dienste.html this is in german, i dont know, if its available in english. on my xp prof only runs 15 services at offline.
  7. Freeware!

    Now I have Vista Home is vista longer supported as xp by microsoft?
  8. Piriform Total Media Converter!

    how about a tool to scan for the latest drivers for the user pc? the existing I do not think is so sparkling...
  9. VLC 1.1.9 is out

    i wait for the 2.0
  10. Windows 8

    the "cloud-stuff" are overvalued. its no alternative to private data-security and certainly not for business or establishment. i think its useless.
  11. What type of Firewall do you use?

    zonealarm, but not a new version.
  12. How old are you

    old enough to written her :-)
  13. avast free version 6.0.1000 update!

    a friend has this version used, but any games dont installable, and no update for signatures, .... deleted :-) an other vius scanner now...
  14. Classic Commodore 64 lives again

    c64 lives again? cool :-)
  15. Mouse problem

    i have an ps2 mouse "primax fujitsu siemens" S/N 040231591 with mouse wheel, but the wheel dont work. i cant also find driver for xp...
  16. Disk partitions

    i have "partition commander 10" from avanquest, from w98 up but is perhaps supportet by paragon, i mean :-)i take this, because its in german, i dont use "easeus free partition" it is only english. I would like to know exactly what I do :-)
  17. Disk partitions

    i have any partitions on my disk. also fast to defrag... :-)) c: windows 6 gb d: programs 10 GB e: games 30 GB f: mp3 and other stuff 20 GB g: system (with download files and updates) 10 GB
  18. Mistake in German translation

    i have perhaps another translation under "firefox" instead "session" - in german "Sitzung"
  19. Avast forcing purchases?

    avast not only forced to purchas, also any games are not installable like need for speed carbon, most wanted and test drive and any other, we have tried
  20. Windows 8

    i also not fan of cloud...
  21. v2.0 NOT for windows 2000 ?

    Yes, Piriform developers monitor all threads, but there is not much more to be said than W2k is not supported. You can download old versions from the official download spot (right hand column, all versions prior to 2.x run on W2K I believe) i have downloaded this last 1.version of defraggler, there is a filefolume of 4,04 mb, but really does only 1,9 mb! is this defekt? how can over 2 mb lost? is this the correct file of this version 1.21?
  22. v2.0 NOT for windows 2000 ?

    I would like for windows 98 but it did not.
  23. Foreign languages DLL's

    sorry, i mean germany, not german
  24. Foreign languages DLL's

    if rudolf also from german, keep the "1031" in the lang-ordner, the rest can you delete. :-)
  25. Foreign languages DLL's

    i also delete unnecessary language-files after install. :-) also on portable and u3