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  1. hi fans, i would download the actually slim of ccleaner but its the old one -> v5.44 http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/slim for the portable its the same http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/portable and the standard too http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/standard also there are no changes worked into the ccleaner-history http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history perhaps the employees are in holidays... :-)
  2. ublock users

  3. ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.4 gorhill released this 2 days ago Trivial fixes for Thunderbird compatibility. Commit history since
  4. ublock users

    ublock v1.16.14 gorhill released this 3 days ago Closed as fixed: Race condition at filter lists load time potentially breaking highly-generic cosmetic filters (dcd98f4) Cursor jumps to next matched item when adding char to search Inifinite update attempts with "AdGuard Experimental filter" Odd sorting in popup domains list when domains have same SLD but different TLD Cosmetic rules not logged for embedded YouTube videos
  5. ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.3 gorhill released this 3 days ago Closed as fixed: Race condition at filter lists load time potentially breaking highly-generic cosmetic filters (dcd98f4) Inifinite update attempts with "AdGuard Experimental filter" Commit history since
  6. ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.2 gorhill released this on 17 Jun uBO tooltips conflicts with browser tooltips (fixed by @janekptacijarabaci) Commit history since
  7. ublock users

    ublock v1.16.12 gorhill released this 5 days ago Closed as fixed: Chromium-based browsers Fixed incorrectly rendered overview pane of popup panel -- as seen in this screenshot from this Reddit post. Core CSS pseudo element: -webkit-scrollbar badfilter + matching duplicate user filter created from picker or logger may rarely cause a js exception
  8. Intrusive CCleaner pop-up.

    i dont have it and also the popup i dont have
  9. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v60.1.0 esr 26. june 2018 Fixed Various security fixes Various stability and regression fixes
  10. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v61.0 26. june 2018 New Enhanced performance: Faster page rendering with Quantum CSS improvements and the new retained display list feature Faster switching between tabs on Windows and Linux WebExtensions now run in their own process on MacOS Convenient access to more search engines: You can now add search engines to the address bar “Search with” tool from the page action menu when on a webpage that provides an OpenSearch plugin Share links from Firefox for MacOS more easily: You can now share the URL of an active tab from the page actions menu in the address bar Improved security: On-by-default support for the latest draft of the TLS 1.3 specification Access to FTP subresources inside http(s) pages has been blocked A more consistent user experience: Improvements for dark theme support across the entire Firefox user interface More customization for tab management: added support to allow WebExtensions to hide tabs Improved bookmark syncing Fixed Various security fixes Changed The settings for customizing your homepage and new tab page in Firefox have been added to a new Preferences section that can be accessed from Firefox at about:preferences#home. The settings can also be accessed via the gear icon on the New Tab page. unresolved Users with Avast or AVG security software using the HTTPS Scanning feature may get an error message (SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG) when trying to access secure sites. Workarounds are available from this support article until fixed versions of Avast and AVG are available
  11. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v52.9.0 esr 26. june 2018 Fixed Various security fixes
  12. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    oh yes, i (me?) too :-) i use only the 32 bit versions
  13. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    i mean until v52.9.x - the end of the ff legacy v52 line
  14. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/end-support-windows-xp-and-vista ps. not on my xp - you know my problem ;-) long time ago ff-version works (48 or so)
  15. 5.43 -- Still Broken

    perhaps a problem with virtual box thing...?
  16. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    there is another 52 on the way - at least ill stay on 52 until the end, too - and a few days longer
  17. Ccleaner... phone home?

    yes, a known matter - not only with ccleaner... the apps seems to smell an inet-connection is on or off
  18. whats the differences between and
  19. NOT working in SAFE MODE

    i have it tryed for a few minutes and yes -> in safe mode ccleaner v5.43.6522 closes itself without permission after analyze or run reached with 100% w8.1 64 bit
  20. musik videos

    thanks for that one, nergal :-)
  21. if the update-settings similar as in the pics implemented in the future... it seems as little bit to funny, i hope not.
  22. i mean yes, willy2 windows 8 server -> windows server 2012 windows 8.1 server -> windows server 2012 sp2
  23. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    there is ff esr v60.0.2 out now https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/
  24. ublock users

    ublock v1.16.10 gorhill released this a day ago Closed as fixed: Chromium Early injection of scriptlets (see c5d8588). Using tabs.executeScript() to inject scriptlets at document_start allows to inject scriptlets earlier and hence increase likelihood that the scriptlets will win the race against a page's scripts. Firefox HTML filters occasionally lost effectiveness Core Round hour up to nearest day
  25. ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.1 gorhill released this 5 days ago no entrys... for fixed