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  1. u3p-version

    hello i need the version for u3-stick. or a tool to download, how i can self-create such u3p-version from the portable one... :-)
  2. u3p-version

    You can create a U3 version of a portable application with this freeware utility ... http://www.makeuseof...packagefactory/ yes! :-) thank you, there are 2 different fine tools for my u3 sticks, with these i have also ccleaner un co. for u3. :-)
  3. u3p-version

    with u3 being a dead format, was killed off late 2009 I did not know yet... i have u3 sticks from sandisk with 8 gb, i find these good. especially the start menu of the u3 sticks like xp menu :-) I think its the better variant than the normal portable stick
  4. Mistake in German translation

    what do these funktion: compact databases? 1.)compress the databases of firefox etc. or 2.)delete the content of these *.sqlite? at first it should be in german: "Datenbanken komprimieren" or "Datenbanken packen": Unfortunately, there is no direct equivalent for "to compact" in the German language. i mean this is wrong from my landsman. sorry :-) translate "to compact" is in german "komprimieren" or "packen" like to create a zip-archiv in fakt: compact databases - Datenbanken packen or - Datenbanken komprimieren at second: compact databases - Datenbanken l?schen
  5. Windows 8

    I heard that windows 8 like to be as cloud...sounds modest :-(
  6. was this only on us-servers happens or also on german "home"servers? i have many ashampoo-tools, as winoptimizer ;-) a question in these context: why find winoptimizer and ccleaner different things in registry and crap-files (i dont know, how in english correct is) both are meaning, they are "safe"...?
  7. Windows 98 Version of CCleaner?

    i try to use 1.16 on w95, but wasnt run
  8. nice possible feature for defraggler... i can save to install another tool on my pc...
  9. hello :-) i need a version for my u3-stick...for defraggler 2.02 i have one...also a slim-version
  10. speccy for u3?

    is Speccy sometimes provided for U3 or only as portable solution available?
  11. 1.09.231 & Athlon XP system

    in "summary" CPU AMD Athlon XP AMD Athlon XP Thoroughbred 0.13um Technologie 2 cores? i mean no :-) ____________________________________ Audio Sound Cards Unimodem Halbduplex Audioger?t Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM) Playback Devices Creative Sound Blaster-PCI Modem Nr. 0 Line-In Recording Devices Creative Sound Blaster-PCI Modem Nr. 0 Line-Out why is "unimodem" at first and my soundcard second? ____ in "summary" Audio Unimodem Halbduplex Audioger?t where is my soundblaster card? :-)
  12. hallo leute, ich habe eine Geforce 4200 Ti in meinem Rechner und speccy v 1.08 meint, sie h?tte DirectX Shader Model 1.4 OpenGL Support 1.4 GPU Takt 250 MHz Speicher Takt 500 MHz Das ist falsch! Diese Karte hat nur directx shader model 1.1 und opengl support 1.3.
  13. ich schreibe auf deutsch/german... speccy erkennt die optischen Laufwerke nicht. Motherboard K7VT2 (Socket-A) Grafik S/M 750p (1024x768@60Hz) 128 MBNVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 (Albatron) Festplatten 78GB Western Digital WDC WD800JB-00JJC0 (ATA) 27 °C Optische Laufwerke Unknown system error: 0x80041004 es sind 2 dvd-laufwerke eingebaut: - ein LG DVDRAM GSA-4163B - ein LG DVD-ROM GDR-H30N im herunter getakteten Modus (Athlon XP +1600; Frontsidebus 102 Mhz) werden alle 2 Laufwerke korrekt erkannt, jedoch nicht im "normalen" Betrieb (Athlon XP +2000; Frontsidebus 133 MhZ) weiß jemand, woran das liegen könnte?
  14. VLC (videolan) release

    gibt die portable Version auch auf deutsch?
  15. Where is the "slim" version?

    i need also ccleaner f?r u3-stick...
  16. W98

    in the startupmanager dont work the enable or disable funktion of programs. only delete is existing.
  17. Windows Me Support (Possibly Win9x?)

    speccy dont work on my wxp prof. error of a missing WINHTTP.DLL file can i write in german or only in english in this forum?