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  1. Windows 8.1

    nice from microsoft and mister gates to give us this little thing as update :-) I hope that the "Glazed Tile" go away - is it right in english? "glazed tile" - Kacheloptik in german
  2. Windows 8.1

    I havent tried it yet I do not know, maybe I'll wait until the final version releases...
  3. Speccy crashes right after launch

    hi my problem has gone :-) Version History * v1.22.536 (18 Jun 2013) - i took this and got deleted the other version-ZING-it runs . * v1.22.535 (18 Jun 2013)
  4. Speccy crashes right after launch

    the same by me, but with total system crash. only hardware reset is possible wxp sp3, 32 bit, amd xp 2000+, k7vt2 asrock
  5. Musik Videos

    post your favorite musik videos metallica - turn the page http://www.dailymoti...n-the-page_news
  6. Musik Videos

    shakespears sister - hello (turn your radio on) very nice, especially in the morning www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJcqDdjl5MM
  7. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    I'll try once the version 20 of firefox
  8. is it safe to clean? I like to delete if there is somewhere to delete anything.
  9. hi fans also in the new 4-version is the same "bug" as in the 3-version when i switch to fullwindow-it jumps to 100 % than back to window it still at 100 when i start a new search, again 98 % and when i start a new search in window-mode (ofcourse again with 98 %), and jump to browser-window (firefox) and than switch back to ccleaner-the progress bar jumps again to 100 % is this only on xp pro sp3 or also at other systems?
  10. i believe, i skipped the ccleaner search in the debugmodus because firefox was still running ...as normal ccleaner needs a few seconds to clean the databases of ff...but sometimes there is only litte time to clean ff-databases-probably already cleaned
  11. CCleaner for Android

    we are also there in the same rubric stev51
  12. hi fans i have a little translation für recuva during installation... add ´Scan this folder for deleted files´option to context menu - Füge Option "Scanne diesen Ordner nach gelöschten Dateien" dem Kontextmenü hinzu or similar look a like one point above - Die Option "Scanne diesen Ordner nach gelöschten Dateien" dem Kontextmenü hinzufügen. or short version - "Scanne diesen Ordner nach gelöschten Dateien" dem Kontextmenü hinzufügen 3rd point seems to be a bit too long ...? i have an suggestion: how is it with short version - "Gelöschte Dateien wiederherstellen " zum Kontextmenü hinzufügen fileupload don´t work.... again! i take another onlinepicuploader for this...
  13. I have corrected some writeerrors and added some short translation-versions.
  14. Problems uploading attachments

    I do it for 2 weeks since the forum uploader no longer works
  15. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    is there an addon for firefox, to make the old menu from v3.6..?
  16. Musik Videos

    robert palmer - irresistible
  17. Problems uploading attachments

    I've been wondering why I can´t upload images more ... both disbanded? only personal using other pic-uploader and not longer picupload forumintern?
  18. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    i mean, its not good, that ff is following chrome-version-steps where will it go again - version 20349?
  19. hi fans there is another one... in OPTIONS-ADVANCED... 1) Add "Gelöschte Dateien wiederherstellen" option to context menu - "Gelöschte Dateien wiederherstellen" ins Kontextmenü hinzufügen 2) Add "Scan this folder for deleted files" option to context menu - "Scanne diesen Ordner nach gelöschten Dateien" ins Kontextmenü hinzufügen
  20. the next translation for scan aborted Scan - Scanne Phase 2 von 3: Analyzing damage - Phase 2 von 3: Analyse abgebrochen next translation after search abort down below Found xxxx file(s) (xxxx ignored) in xxx sec. - xxx Datei(en) gefunden (xxxx ignoriert) in x.xx sek.
  21. Musik Videos

    hello hazelnut, i´ll try it the next time ... by the way - very cute eyes hazelnut
  22. download speed

    hi fans you have one speed-reduction for download? at my slow connection makes it isnt really fun 2,5 kb can you fix this limitation, if available?
  23. download speed

    ... seems to have been just a lucky strike. i just now downloaded recuva.zip and back to 2,6 kb...
  24. download speed

    hi andavari what you've always done it, it works! thank you and others for your help
  25. Musik Videos

    can anyone tell me how to make only the pure link to see without a Preview? how at my first post...?