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  1. yes, i started ccleaner in paritcular window... change into full window-100 % are displayed. and back in particular window also 100 %... when i go back to particular window and restart analyse, then also stop at 98 %...
  2. what for an ini? i have only two exe files and a language flle
  3. for smartphones?

    hi ccleaner-fans, How about Ccleaner for smartphones?
  4. MSI Afterburner

    perhaps i have an msi board in the future, but not just yet ;-)
  5. Firefox no longer works with some versions of XP

    how about with service pack 4 at the end of xp-support, mh? ;-) with this many updates since sp3 its time to say yes, i mean
  6. i have one time replaced the cpu against a faster model for ... 18 years (pentium-time) :-) the other times, I changed the board completely
  7. hallo leute und deutschsprachige fangemeinde, ich wende mich jetzt mal über das forum hier an alle deutschsprachigen nutzer und stelle die frage: wer möchte gern die übersetzungen übernehmen für ccleaner, defraggler, speccy und recuva? gibt es da interessenten? es wäre ohne bezahlung, dafür würde der name des/der übersetzer(in) in der anwendung erscheinen... für den fall, das mehrere das machen würden, bitte einigt euch auf eine person. wie ihr vielleicht bemerkt habt, tauchen immer mehr englische bezeichnungen auf, besonders neuerungen ;-) das mag daran liegen, das der ehemalige übersetzer nicht mehr da ist... ich weiß nicht, ob meine übersetzungen unbedingt der allgemeinheit entsprechen, ich bin kein experte im übersetzen, lege mir aber immer passende übersetzungen zurecht.... falls hier also jemand sein sollte, der das übernehmen möchte, bitte melden! sonst gibt es leider so schnell keine deutschen übersetzungen mehr für diese programme... hello people, and German-speaking fan base, I'd like all German-speaking users on the forum here to think about the question: who would like to take over the german translations for ccleaner, defraggler, speccy and Recuva? Are there any Interested parties? it would be without pay, but the name of / the translators does appear (in) in the application ... please I ask you to agree on one person. as you may have noticed more and more English designations appear in the softwares, especially new features this may be because the former translator is no longer there ... I do not know if my translations necessarily correspond to the general public, I'm no expert in the translation, but for me they are right but always manage translations .... So if this should be someone who wants to take over, please contact me! otherwise there is unfortunately no German translations more quickly for these programs ...
  8. see my last post... the german translator is probably lost. so i have a call started in german language to find a new translator... I'm rarely here and im no expert in translating...
  9. ofcourse, but its about a new german translator, in these context is no need to write in english, as search for these someone... i mean except one of you english native speaker would take this work for us :-)) (außer einer von euch englischen muttersprachlern möchte diese arbeit für uns machen) its a direct call to german users.
  10. * v2.10.424 (24 May 2012) - Defragmentation speed improved by up to 30%. - Optimized free space algorithms. - Re-architected scheduling manager. - Improved the fragmentation calculation during Defragmentation. - Fixed keyboard support for scheduler. - Minor UI tweaks. * v2.10.413 (24 May 2012) - Defragmentation speed improved by up to 30%. - Optimized free space algorithms. - Re-architected scheduling manager. - Improved the fragmentation calculation during Defragmentation. - Fixed keyboard support for scheduler. - Minor UI tweaks. nothing news in the west? ;-))
  11. It is true that there twice "Ctrl + F" stand for? and in the "find" mask - the last point "Match whole string only" in german: Nur ganze Zeichenfolge zeigen or Zeige nur ganze Zeichenfolge also i want to say, that in german computer-menu "suchen" rather than "find" or "finden" so it must the menupoint called "suchen" and not "find"...
  12. The sentence directly below the "Autostart or Startup" in german: Diese Programme laufen, wenn dein Computer oder Browser startet. The point "Scheduled Tasks" in german: geplante Aufgaben
  13. german translation (autostart)

    but the space may be limited...to display...
  14. With "Zeige nur ganze Zeichenfolge" i have guided by microsoft "RegEdit" in the menubar...warum das rad neu erfinden-why reinvent the wheel again? :-)
  15. it missing a lot of German translation ... where do you start Works your "german-chef-translator" on it? :-)) the menupoint "apply additional conditions:" in "shedule" in german: ändere zusätzliche Bedingungen or ändere weitere Bedingungen is complete in english inclusive "Timeout"; "Idle" and "'Power" also the menupoint "Options-Advanced" the second line "Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter" in german: Ersetze die Windows-Defragmentierung and the point "Use custom fragmentation settings..." is also complete in english and last point in these menu "stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume" also in menu "general" under the Language settings "Temperature: metric" in german Temperatur: metrisch
  16. Firefox 3.6 support for XP and Win 2000 to end

    how is it with windows 15 minimum system requirement: 65 core cpu, 200 gb ram, 3 tb harddisk etc.
  17. Defraggler suggestions

    one little easy way to prevent lose data or minimize this is to deaktivate the writecache of harddisc, but its reduced harddisk-performance but for ram... help nothing by a power off
  18. Defraggler suggestions

    these option i dont know until now, because this normaly not means to defrag the pagefile.sys. in other programs or even in Windows but good to know now, thank you for this tip @kroozer :-)
  19. Defraggler suggestions

    how is it with the possibility to defrag the pagefile from windows? i have any trys to create one continuous pagefile, but xp (the pig, the black ) was not my opinion. can something like this integrated in defraggler?
  20. Can someone give me a tip what I need to switch to Windows xp so that my Sound Blaster card is displayed as the first and not my modem?
  21. display my soundcard at first, how?

    I've posted this before, but since no one has care of it ... i mean, xp has been installed the driver for soundcard and modem, i not have installed external driver...
  22. Problems uploading attachments

    @mikew still such one bird in our forum in german is this an joke mostly. (Noch so ein Vogel hier) very funny, i mean @hazelnut good know and good to try
  23. Unexpected Error on Win XP(SP3)

    hallo clay bin ja keen experte, vielleicht hast du kein c++ bei dir oder ne andere version, ich weiß allerdings ooch ne, warum man für ccleaner c++ brauchen sollte. ich habs durch antivir mit of meim rechner...aber kannste ooch von microsoft holen. http://www.microsoft...51-e81dc2905b0d
  24. Firefox 3.6 support for XP and Win 2000 to end

    also i dont like the menu bar or guide from ff 4 and above but luckily i have still the k-meleon