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  1. hi i have found this folder on os-drive C:\Windows\WinSxS\Temp with subfolders 1.) inflight --> 43 folders from 08.15 to 11.15/ all empty except 4 folders with many subfolders mostly empty with possibly 3-5 files... 2.) pendingdeletes --> one file "$$deleteme.dwmcore.dll. ..." from 10.04.15 size 2,15mb 3.) pendingrenames --> is empty is this deleteable in w8.1?
  2. v5.10.5373 slow to launch

    i have with no uacskip and it need 4-5 sec to start... good on my w8.1 :-)
  3. CCleaner got hung up on nvvflt.sys

    + Emsisoft Emergency Kit free its portable, you dont need an installation... + you can also trying the Microsoft Security Essentials (free antivirus from Microsoft) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security-essentials-all-versions
  4. Bugs in Speccy

    willy2, perhaps its a thing (issue) between defender and mse?
  5. Bugs in Speccy

    i have w8.1 in w7 it is defender as standard too, but if you want, you can install security essential optional... https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Security_Essentials google trans: i have a w7 pro too but i havent try on it yet... --> i have only defender on my w7
  6. Bugs in Speccy

    is defender-service set on automatic? i have set it on manual i have defender deaktivated and on my speccy it shows me, that defender is deaktivated in 3 different ways pic 1: pic 2:
  7. Win 10 Threshold2 suspended till next week

    @sbwell yes. if you dont like w10, go back to w7... updates up to 2020. perhaps longer. i will stay on w8.1 on my laptop...
  8. musik videos

    here a very nice song performed by helena zumsande - sadly passed away from cancer 1 month after this record... Helena Zumsande feat. Sarah Conner - Wie schön du bist
  9. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=45160 perhaps help this too --> deinstall, restart, reinstall defraggler...
  10. what is with your -pagefile? -hiberfil? (-perhaps restore points)
  11. CCleaner shows mass cookies

    have you this? use you "intelligent cookie scan"? http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/choosing-which-cookies-to-keep i dont know if cookies have a rule of 24 hours before deleting...
  12. CCleaner Anomaly.

    the other systemfiles/folders are hidden. if you want to see this things you must activate it in windows explorer... explorer-->folder options similar as on my pics under view --> untick "hide protected operating system files (recommended)" further down --> under "hidden files and folders" --> tick "Show hidden files, folders and drives" OK
  13. CCleaner Anomaly.

    hello gpspirit34, perhaps i can give you an answer... i had similar problem. with entrys of office 97, 2007. and actually i have 2010 installed. in my case there were remnants left from installed older versions. i went to the regedit.exe searched for "office 12" = 2007 hkey_current_user-->software-->microsoft-->office... 14.0 = office 2010 12.0 = office 2007 --> i deleted this one entry (if i remember me correctly) and after restart i dont have this point in ccleaner anymore
  14. i think your account details (personal/private data) can you delete by yourself but not the account himself as mta posted... perhaps can this do a mod for you.
  15. Unbootable computer

    yo, as second drive... and access from the other os as last hope: perhaps starting with cd/dvd ... format and new install your bs
  16. Wiping SSD Drives

    hello billiam904, the only that i could tell you --> if you dont want to sell your SSD, then omit this action. if yet, use the 1x
  17. Can't change forum's avatar

    ok, i try it... ps: very nice thank you very much for your advice, nukecad
  18. Can't change forum's avatar

    fast answer from ipboard: --> hello admins, please report this error to ipboard. (the upload of a pic from own harddisk as avatar is not possible...please correct this before chistmas is over)
  19. Can't change forum's avatar

    ... i have send a email to ipboard about this "problem" but i think it must be a admin or owners... http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=43525&hl=%2Berror+%2Bforum i think this would be the answer from ipboard:
  20. hello km_1 currently there are only english. i dont know if support for other languages is planned...
  21. December 2015 Desktop

    how is this...
  22. CCleaner Portable: Use Earlier Version

    hello archangle, [[Link removed by moderator]]
  23. December 2015 Desktop

    my christmas wallpaper
  24. December 2015 Desktop

    i had this fun with kirk, spock and pille during their holidays on the rocks :-))) tasgandy was also there? oah, tasgandy :-) seems to be pille, mh?