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  1. edb file extensions

    please look at your pc windows-explorer -> drive c:\ -> users -> charlotte -> cloud ... and look the way along... ps. i see now your pic :-)
  2. edb file extensions

    charjeanne means all files with filesname ".edb" at the end with each 700 mb or more with probably 700 gb of space... and this are not from indexservice i mean, because from the cloud - service that is used.
  3. edb file extensions

    is your used cloud a windows 10 build-in-cloud? or from another manufacturer? ps: i dont believe that windows index-service stored such amount of files in such an great size... i have windows index service deactivated on my w8.1 because i dont need it
  4. edb file extensions

    15 h for indexing? do you used windows index? i think you dont need it actually. do you know what cloud you use? perhaps knows anyone (or dr. google) what kind of problem it is, if you can tell what cloud... it is. ps. look at your pic -> disk analyze --> try ccleaner disk analyzer again - the lower half on your pic, second column (path) - pull the column wider to see the full path
  5. hi fans, there is missing a german translation. -> tools -> disk analyzer -> press "analyze" there is no translation for "loading file system"
  6. edb file extensions

    what kind of cloud-app you use, is there an option to clean this "*.edb"? perhaps this are copies of what ever to copy in your cloud...thing
  7. edb file extensions

    users\your nick\cloud...? what is this? i have looked on my w8.1 and i found only a few files with .edb -> nothing with more than 2-8 mb in average size. there are 3 files bigger -one have a size of 24 mb, one have a size of 72 mb and one have a size of 160 mb. nothing has such a filename as this on your pc.... i mean all of this files are windows own stuff -> yours seems not so
  8. after this it will show us that intel cpus with xx Ghz are as similar as amd cpus with the same xx Ghz is this not insider trade and prohibited?
  9. only intels cpus.... mmmmh, intels cpus are faster/better as amds? up to 30 percent slower...
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone

    happy new year for all
  11. as longer i think about this "feature" to prevent sudden shutdowns... i mean, this was a good choice from apple for all owner of older iphones that this feature protected this older hardware for damage and perhaps longer usability vs. buy a new iphone instead -> dont you mean too? yes i think so
  12. How to play "undf" files

    undf = undefined file format as far as i read ... for copyright stuff or simply unknown for vlc-player these files are unrecoverable... http://www.piriform.com/docs/recuva/using-recuva/advanced-mode/understanding-the-advanced-results-window
  13. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    how funny, its not downloadable from link below the release-notes for firefox esr -> Download Firefox no! of course behind the little words -> Firefox Extended Support Release under the Download Firefox-link
  14. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v 57.0.3 28. Dezember, 2017 the same as above in ff 52.5.3 esr
  15. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff 52.5.3 esr 28. Dezember, 2017 Fixed Fix a crash reporting issue that inadvertently sends background tab crash reports to Mozilla without user opt-in (bug 1427111)
  16. Merry Christmas to everyone

    hello kroozer nice to see you back im with the other users comment. very nice for christmas wishes in german thank you
  17. do you mean ccleaner update? you can rename additional the "CCUpdate.exe" -> "CCUpdate.exe_old" or so
  18. where's the portable version?

    nothing... has santa claus it taken away?
  19. Merry Christmas to everyone

    hi people, all out there over the world happy christmas, nice holidays with their familys and friends, less war more peace i wish
  20. New Waterfox release

    has waterfox the same "improvements" as firefox-quantum? or looks like as ff 52 esr/ff 53 and its features?
  21. i mean this is from firefox itself - i have it to by mine
  22. Firefox Quantum

    i mean, quantum is a little bit faster - not really and not better some things are gone or changed - are there employees from google by mozilla? ;-)
  23. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    hi fans, im back to the good old "before quantum" style now i use 52.5.2 esr :-)
  24. How to remove a program of a foreign language

    perhaps before you remove your "russian" c++ 2012 --> download the c++ 2012 version in your language... https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679 ONLY THE ONE YOU NEED VSU_4\vcredist_x64.exe VSU_4\vcredist_x86.exe VSU4\vcredist_arm.exe