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  1. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    ps: --> for ie 9, 10 and 11
  2. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    my look was better as you know i mean i know and i have :-) about the microsoft-update-channel but thanks for this info - to update for my w7 released at 13.2. and installed with: 2018-02 – Monatliches Sicherheitsqualitätsrollup für Windows 8.1 für x64-basierte Systeme (KB4074594)
  3. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    i took a view into it... windows 8.1 seems to be fine. no missing ie11-update this month (feb.)
  4. and the color of the choosed tabs. not white with lightgrey. the choosed tab should be the same dark color as the choosed tabs on the left side. better for all eyes. clearly framed fields... - cleaner -> tabs - tools -> startup tabs - tools -> browser plugins tabs - tools -> duplicate finder -> include and exclude tabs - + darker colored tick-boxes in all sections
  5. perhaps another thing will help: quick defrag: go to - settings - options - quick defrag - custom rules - take rule 2 and 4 rule 2 "have more than" -> if you want "2" fragments rule 4 "are smaller than" -> if you want "500" MB -> ok choose your drive/partition click on the right side of "defrag" button on the down-arrow and take "quick defrag"
  6. perhaps helps the "file list" defragmentation - file list -> analyze -> select all or only that files you want at first to defrag -> "defrag checked" ps: a 660 gb partition on a 3 tb hd? your freespace on this 660 gb partition is lower than 66 gb? and the biggest file is 30 gb? is this right? perhaps dont defrag this big files -> copy this kind of large files to another partition on your 3 tb hd. make the file-list-defragemtation and after this is complete -> copy this large files back to your 660 gb partition. (normaly it make your big files into unfragmendet files)
  7. Internet Explorer 11 update(s)

    perhaps microsoft has missed 2 or 3 days this month? thanks for this info, willy2
  8. hi fans, admins and all that have the posibilities to change this, since a few felt "ages" there is missing the "visit the builds page to download" link on the ccleaner download-page! -- defraggler -> has it -- recuva -> has it -- speccy -> has it -- ccleaner -> has ... it? nothing to see! (the build page of ccleaner is present but not the link to this special place) take a look https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download where is the it-employee to set this again as before ages? at avast? please set this link
  9. Phenom-II X2 555 not recognised

    have you tryed this? yours: ---> amd II x2 555 -> L2 cache -> 2x512 kb = 1 MB cache speccys found: ---> amd II x4 960 -> L2 cache -> 4x512 kb = 2 MB cache (2x 1024 kb)? mmmmh... as you mean there is something wrong on speccys analyze from your cpu and where is the L3-cache?
  10. this are the download-links from the ccleaner download-page: http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download below of the title (entry) at the second half of this page was a link before it was removed now but "try the builds page" was removed i dont know why exactly
  11. Multi use?

    ccleaner business is for multiple endpoints https://www.ccleaner.com/business/ccleaner-business-edition
  12. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds i can see the normal, portable and the slim-version https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/slim and this works too but why cant simply back the link on the download-page?
  13. ps: after download yesterday the latest version of speccy my avg dont tell me something
  14. Fragmentation increased after defrag

    i use the most time defragglers "file list" defragmentation
  15. ublock users

    ublock v1.15.10 gorhill released this 4 hours ago Firefox/webext I rolled back part of the fix for #3069: scriptlets are back to being injected using the delayed path. Using stream filtering to inject the scriptlets raised two distinct issues lately: Cause still unknown: #3526 Cause identified -- but no obvious fix possible: uBlockOrigin/uAssets#1492 HTML filtering is still available, i.e. filters using the ##^ syntax are unaffected.
  16. ublock users

    ublock v1.15.8 gorhill released this 8 hours ago Firefox/webext: Fixed a minor memory leak occurring as a result of injecting scriptlets (through ##script:inject(...) filters) using webRequest.filterResponseData. Commit: c5cbf5d.
  17. i can not confirm it with my avg... but i have the download from 11.07.2017
  18. Classic Shell to be officially discontinued

    its not basically the same as w7, more w8 with startmenu if it has one...
  19. perhaps a trick i think it goes to microsoft but ZING -> NasSA -- i have forgotten that this app was installed for free without permission --
  20. with today have microsoft changed kb2976978 from optional to important updates https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2976978/compatibility-update-for-keeping-windows-up-to-date-in-windows-8-1-and i dont remember me that i participate in the windows customer experience improvement program ... but now its very important to install this "feature"?! not with me
  21. ublock users

    nothing to thanks :-) my pleasure ublock v1.15.6 --> especially for my species gorhill released this 7 hours ago Emergency fix for Firefox: Wrong encoding results in garbled characters on German site
  22. Does this application support SSD drives?

    https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/defraggler/technical-information/defraggler-and-ssds i mean defragged ssd is no problem...leave the defragmentation. only optimizing (i mean defraggler identifies your ssd and give you only the optimizing-option) -> or let your w10 done this job
  23. hi fans, after the first start of my laptop with my w8.1 64 bit today and run ccleaner it says me: (i use ff 52.6.0 esr 32 bit) but ff was not open. ofcourse ccleaner cant close ff -> ff isnt open
  24. i dont remember me exactly, but normaly yes. it called "Wartungsdienst" -> maintenance service -> i dont install it, i denie the installation of this firefox-service every time i think with the last update of firefox esr that the installprocess wasnt go very well and with my shutdown instead restart it would not right way processed.