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  1. hi fans, after the first start of my laptop with my w8.1 64 bit today and run ccleaner it says me: (i use ff 52.6.0 esr 32 bit) but ff was not open. ofcourse ccleaner cant close ff -> ff isnt open
  2. to late -> the wrong firefox-process is done from background a few days ago and i cant try it again. but i believe you :-)
  3. yes, there was some wrong. 3 min to login-screen... i have unsinstalled classic shell and now from 3:30 min startup down to 1:40 min to the login-screen... at least the half of boottime with boot is avg and realtek audio on ill try a new installation of classic shell and look at the boottime
  4. is this bad?

    i mean, slave with sata is not available. but if its pata -> yes but you can take it as a second sata -> yes too you can also connecting your hd with an external hd-reader-port on usb-port
  5. @hazelnut eicaramba -> phenomenal slow start :-) from 10 - 20 sek with fast startup up to 3 minutes now...
  6. @hazelnuti have found the option "fast startup" and deactivate it... lets see what happens next time. :-) ps: the process "firefox" found with process explorer a few days before couldnt shut down (access denied or so). only the restart makes my day :-) perhaps a problem together with "classic shellmenu" and its shut down button, perhaps a problem with the last update from firefox esr... i dont know @Andavari i think, ill download the portable ff esr :-)
  7. is this bad?

    you need a complete defragmentation :-) with what kind of files is your harddrive d filled? movies, musik, etc...? if yes, you can move these files to an usb-stick or external harddisk and than make an defragmentation -> after defragmentation can you take your files again on your harddisk d.
  8. yes, there was an entry with process explorer... 1x firefox with size of 220 mb. not showing in the taskmanager. perhaps this is a thing with classic shell and installed firefox v52.6.0 a few days ago... i only shutdown my laptop, not restart. (this option in classic shell startmenu) (perhaps works w8.1 combined with classic shell on another way as i know with windows 95, 98, me, 2000, vista, xp and 7...) after restart instead shutdown -> all its fine, no more firefox in the background :-) and ccleaner runs through i found no bios-option like this in my laptop... but i think yes ccleaner monitoring is disabled. thanks all for your fast help
  9. yes, there was no firefox-process to see in the task-manager... ccleaner was the first app i started. ps: i have all selections of firefox ticked in ccleaner -> except "internet cache" and "cookies"
  10. is this bad?

    350 kb? very bad...
  11. ublock users

    ublock v1.15.4 gorhill released this 3 hours ago Closed as fixed: Firefox/webext Android Firefox corrupted downloads with uBlock on
  12. ublock users

    now 2 updates :-) ublock v1.15.2 gorhill released this 8 hours ago No change to the code, I just updated the filter lists packaged with the extension -- due to a bad EasyList filter being shipped with the previous package.
  13. ublock users

    ublock v1.15.0 gorhill released this a day ago New HTML filtering Ability to remove DOM elements from a source document before it is parsed by the browser. The platform must support an extension API to modify the response body on the fly. Currently only Firefox 57+ allows this. The filter syntax is similar to cosmetic filtering, except that the character ^ is used before a valid selector to denote that the filter is to be applied to the source data. Contrary to cosmetic filtering, with HTML filtering the elements matching a selector are removed from the source. Example: twitter.com##^meta[http-equiv="refresh"] www.google.ca##^#hplogo boards.4chan.org##^script:has-text(7c9e3a5d51cdacfc) Note that procedural operators are supported. Procedural operators which are senseless to use on source data will be ignored. For example, it makes no sense to use procedural operator such :matches-css(...) for HTML filtering. Note that HTML filtering essentially brings back support for inline script tag filtering. I plan on deprecating the syntax ##script:contains(...) in favor of ##^script:has-text(...). For the time being, uBO will conveniently convert the old syntax to the new HTML filtering syntax. Given that HTML filters are to be applied to the source data of a document, the best way to create such filters is to view-source: the document and from there analyze what should be removed. Thus the element picker won't be extended as a tool to create HTML filters. In case it's still not clear at point: this is a big deal feature. Sub-filter lists Ability for filter list maintainers to force uBO to load extra filter lists from within a filter list, using an !#include directive. Example: !#include adblock_ublock.txt When uBO encounters the above directive inside a filter list, it tells uBO to load the extra filter list and append it to the current one. The main purpose of such directive is to allow filter list maintainers to be able to make use of uBO's extended filter syntax, without forfeiting the ABP-compatibility of their main filter list: ABP will ignore such directive since it will be seen as a mere comment. All the details of the new directives syntax is being fleshed out at AdguardTeam/AdguardBrowserExtension#917. At this point only !#include is implemented by uBO, because it solves immediately a current issue by simplifying the work of filter list maintainers who want to make use of uBO's extended filter syntax. Important: uBO forbids sublists which are outside the directory of the main list. Typically, filter list maintainers will just use a single file name, as seen in the example above, in which case same-origin and same directory is implicit. Changes Logger The logger can now be opened in a sidebar on Firefox. Just open the side bar and "uBlock₀ -- Logger" will be available as a choice. Given this new ability, I added the following enhancements: A new entry in the tab selector: "Current tab": This will cause the logger to automatically filter out rows which do not belong to the currently active tab. The rows related to behind-the-scene scope are now always shown. If you close a tab while "Current tab" is selected, the resulting void rows will be automatically deleted. You can expand/collapse a single row by clicking on the time stamp cell. Given that uBO's logger is unified, being able to open the logger in a sidebar means you could end up having multiple views opened for the logger: only one view will work at any given time. Mind that there are minor visual issues which I have no control over: The maximum horizontal space is limited by the browser. Firefox: the font size is smaller than dictated in the DOM inspector view: I have no clue why, uBO's chosen font size is overridden by Firefox for some reasons. -Firefox: it's not possible to select text in the logger when it is embedded in a sidebar. If you have the logger already opened in a tab or separate window, you will have to close these for the logger-in-a-sidebar to start working. However some internal message events are lost in Firefox and as a result the logger-in-a-sidebar may take over 30 seconds to start working after you close the logger-in-a-tab or window. Closed as fixed: Firefox Not all images blocked 'Block media elements larger than' set to 0kb script:contains() does not work in WebExtensions Evaluate using the new webRequest API to filter a response body on the fly Ability to open the logger into the browser's sidebar Core uBO's own reload button does not do a cache-invalidating reload Press Ctrl while clicking to force a bypass of the browser cache. manualUpdateAssetFetchPeriod=0 is ignored Blocking meta refresh redirects (works only on Firefox 57+) script:inject with only negated domains cause cosmetic filtering engine to crash Regular expression flags in procedural cosmetic filters Some procedural filter chaining not work? Scriplet injections are Not Logged Scriptlet injection filters counted as cosmetic filters
  14. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Speculative execution side-channel attack ("Spectre") fixed in 52.6 :-) nice for your xp, login123 i cant take it for my xp, my processor have no sse2 instrucions
  15. musik videos

    @andavari perhaps brothers from the neightborhood (schwarzwald -> munich) from "münchener freiheit"
  16. musik videos

    @corona, https://www.thelocal.de/20180129/electronic-legends-kraftwerk-win-grammy-for-best-dance-album
  17. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    ff v52.6.0 esr 23. january 2018 Various stability and regression fixes Various security fixes
  18. hi fans, here is missing a german translation during the installation-choice
  19. ublock users

    ublock v1.14.24 gorhill released this 2 days ago Emergency fix for "Cannot full support Domain restrictive Inverse type options". I didn't look in all filter lists, but I searched in large high profile lists and I found: Two filters in EasyList One filter in EasyList China Commits since 1.14.22: 384f742 bc782be
  20. musik videos

    münchener freiheit - ohne dich (from the 80s)
  21. musik videos

    here a funny older hit from the last century :-) i mean in the early 90´s edelweiß - starship edelweiß my favorite is ofcourse "jim b. scotch" ;-)) i found some other funny versions like "yodel selector"; "space beer shuttle" or "ski instructor" if someone remember it sounds like "music instructor" from super sonic
  22. musik videos

    for corona :-) kraftwerk - das model
  23. https://blog.emsisoft.com/2018/01/04/chip-vulnerabilities-and-emsisoft-what-you-need-to-know/
  24. where is the update of the update - next month?
  25. Can't use printer or email

    hello bookemdano, perhaps the easy way: deactivate "system monitoring and active monitoring" and try if this problem is still there i dont know really but -> options -> monitoring: if you have the pro-version -> perhaps try untick "enable browser monitoring"