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  1. ublock users

    hello fans, i must correct myself: as i read -> opera is a chromium clone so the extension should normaly work...
  2. perhaps the monitoring ... if you dont want this feature: options -> monitoring -> uncheck "enable system monitoring uncheck "enable acitve monitoring" and "yes" to the showing message
  3. ublock users

    i have ff, iron and qupzilla and for trying things opera my favs are ff and iron
  4. ublock users

    i have bad news for you... origin ublock supports only the current versions of firefox, chrome, safari, internet explorer 11 and microsoft edge. the current ff esr is supported only as far as it possible. older versions maybe deactivate some features ie is only supported in "standard mode" - perhaps disable "compatibility view" ie on xp is not supported because xp is not supported. perhaps opera is no longer supported...
  5. New .NET version available

    yes, of course willy :-) but only with 3.5 at the start. perhaps later a installed software installed a newer net. i have found many of visual c++ or something, visual studio...
  6. New forum look.

    i take an unlike for this new design the blue design is not really better as the piriform green only the head-thing is a little better in blue but not really ps: they have stolen me some of my posts ;-) i mean i had somewhat over 1400 of this... was there a black hole during the up(down)grade?
  7. hi fans, here a link from fb to the download kaspersky antiransom tool for free kaspersky: this tool cooperate with allmost all av together only you need is a registration ;-) ps. this tool seems not able to install on w8.1 -> file is not downloadable... i have malwarebytes anti-ransomeware for now
  8. ublock users

    ublock v1.14.18 gorhill released this a day ago New A new setting has been added in the Privacy section of the Settings pane in the dashboard: "Block CSP reports". Default is un-checked. Rationale for this new setting: issue #3150. Documentation for this new setting: Block CSP reports. Changes Small improvements to the element picker on touchscreen devices: The picker dialog box is now rendered with a minimal width. After you pick an element, if the picker dialog box is... Visible... Swiping right will hide it. Not visible... Swiping left or touching it will un-hide it. Swiping right will quit element picker mode. Closed as fixed: Firefox Static-filtering: $object_subrequest blocking method uBlock doesn't work properly with "Medium Security" in Tor browser 7.0.7 Core Open in new tab produces 6+ 'popup' lines in logger uBO is blocking legitimate CSP reports Move pseudo-user stylesheets out of contentscript.js
  9. old issues still remain

    do you use ccenhancer or something?
  10. perhaps shows the using of portable version if this runs well, something is wrong with the installed version or perhaps w10 make changes on ccleaner
  11. change language for mac ?

    hello saignee, i dont know if this is the same as in windows versions... if you cant read this language --> 4th icon on left side (options) --> the next column --> first above (settings) --> in the ccleaner internal-window --> first option (language) chose your language an other simply way, reinstall from your downloadet ccleaner-file and with the install-process there comes the install-language-question
  12. @fwcetus you have a good german nice to read that your problem is gone
  13. in ccleaner free german too...
  14. oh, sorry for my wrong answer. i have misunderstanding your question with your problem... - have you tryed the free portable version of ccleaner to see if this problem is there too?