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  1. trium

    ublock users

    thanks for this good news hazelnut :-)
  2. hello smutje, as hazelnut say, there is an ccleaner-instance running -> perhaps the "smart cleaning" thing simply deactivate this two temporary -> ccleaner -> options -> smart cleaning -> untick the 2 options in the free-version 1.) tell me when there are junk files to clean 2.) enable smart cleaning after your installation - you can activate this 2 options again -> if you want
  3. trium

    ublock users

    ... yes, not good. perhaps one little step from rejected developer-version to "normal"version in the near future? i dont see the pre-realese-notes to the developer-versions since pre-release v1.22.5rc2 but i personally dont use the developer-version - its marked as "pre-release" and i used only the "latest-release"
  4. ff v69.0.3 10. oct. 2019 Fixed Fixed download errors for Windows 10 users with Parental Controls enabled (bug 1586228) Fixed Yahoo mail users being prompted to download files when clicking on emails (bug 1582848)
  5. ff v69.0.2 03. oct. 2019 Fixed Fixed a crash when editing files on Office 365 websites (bug 1579858) Fixed detection of the Windows 10 Parental Controls feature being enabled (bug 1584613) Fixed a Linux-only crash when changing the playback speed while watching YouTube videos (bug 1582222)
  6. ff v69.0.1 18. sept. 2019 Fixed Fixed external programs launching in the background when clicking a link from inside Firefox to launch them (bug 1570845) Usability improvements to the Add-ons Manager for users with screen readers (bug 1567600) Fixed the Captive Portal notification bar not being dismissable in some situations after login is complete (bug 1578633) Fixed the maximum size of fonts in Reader Mode when zoomed (bug 1578454) Fixed missing stacks in the Developer Tools Performance section (bug 1578354) Security and stability fixes Developer Developer Information
  7. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.22.4 gorhill released this Sep 26, 2019 This is an emergency fix. The issue was fixed in dev build days ago, and it was originally deemed to not be a serious regression. However as reported by a user on Reddit, the issue was affecting more than just the logging of cosmetic filters, it was completely breaking cosmetic filtering when the two following conditions were met: uBO's own logger was opened; AND Procedural cosmetic filters were injected on the page.
  8. ...mmmh, i think i dont download this and have the hope ms give it with the next monthly cumulative security rollup :-) i dont use ie11 and defender and 54 mb download? let me a short thinking about... no :-)
  9. ccleaner installer -> doubleclick -> if google chrome offers and you dont want it -> untick -> customize -> choose your options you want -> more -> there you can input the install-path 🙂
  10. trium

    vlc media player

    Changes between and 3.0.8: ---------------------------------- Core: * Fix stuttering for low framerate videos Demux: * Fix channel ordering in some MP4 files * Fix glitches in TS over HLS * Add real probing of HLS streams * Fix HLS MIME type fallback Decoder: * Fix WebVTT subtitles rendering Stream filter: * Improve network buffering Misc: * Update Youtube script Audio Output: * macOS/iOS: Fix stuttering or blank audio when starting or seeking when using external audio devices (bluetooth for example) * macOS: Fix AV synchronization when using external audio devices Video Output: * Direct3D11: Fix hardware acceleration for some AMD drivers Stream output: * Fix transcoding when the decoder does not set the chroma Security: * Fix a buffer overflow in the MKV demuxer (CVE-2019-14970) * Fix a read buffer overflow in the avcodec decoder (CVE-2019-13962) * Fix a read buffer overflow in the FAAD decoder * Fix a read buffer overflow in the OGG demuxer (CVE-2019-14437, CVE-2019-14438) * Fix a read buffer overflow in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14776) * Fix a use after free in the MKV demuxer (CVE-2019-14777, CVE-2019-14778) * Fix a use after free in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14533) * Fix a couple of integer underflows in the MP4 demuxer (CVE-2019-13602) * Fix a null dereference in the dvdnav demuxer * Fix a null dereference in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14534) * Fix a null dereference in the AVI demuxer * Fix a division by zero in the CAF demuxer (CVE-2019-14498) * Fix a division by zero in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14535) Contribs: * Update to a newer libmodplug version (
  11. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.22.2 gorhill released this Sep 7, 2019 Emergency fix in ac7825c: redirection rules could be ignored under some circumstances. Regression from 3e5c9e0.
  12. Operating Systems (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Recommended Hardware Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2 512MB of RAM / 2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version <--- 200MB of hard drive space
  13. and ff v68.1.0 esr 03. sept. 2019 Fixed Various security fixes Various stability and functionality fixes Developer Developer Information
  14. ff v60.9.0 esr 03. sept 2019 Fixed Various security fixes Developer Developer Information
  15. ff v69.0 03. sept 2019 New Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) rolls out stronger privacy protections: The default standard setting for this feature now blocks third-party tracking cookies and cryptominers. The optional strict setting blocks fingerprinters as well as the items blocked in the standard setting. The Block Autoplay feature is enhanced to give users the option to block any video that automatically starts playing, not just those that automatically play with sound. For our users in the US or using the en-US browser, we are shipping a new “New Tab” page experience that connects you to the best of Pocket’s content. Support for the Web Authentication HmacSecret extension via Windows Hello now comes with this release, for versions of Windows 10 May 2019 or newer, enabling more passwordless experiences on the web. Support for receiving multiple video codecs with this release makes it easier for WebRTC conferencing services to mix video from different clients. For our users on Windows 10, you’ll see performance and UI improvements: Firefox will give Windows hints to appropriately set content process priority levels, meaning more processor time spent on the tasks you're actively working on, and less processor time spent on things in the background (with the exception of video and audio playback). For our existing Windows 10 users, you can easily find and launch Firefox from a shortcut on the Win10 taskbar. For our users on macOS, battery life and download UI are both improved: macOS users on dual-graphics-card machines (like MacBook Pro) will switch back to the low-power GPU more aggressively, saving battery life. Finder on macOS now displays download progress for files being downloaded. JIT support comes to ARM64 for improved performance of our JavaScript Optimizing JIT compiler. Fixed Various security fixes Changed As previously announced in the Plugin Roadmap for Firefox, the "Always Activate" option for Flash plugin content has been removed. Firefox will now always ask for user permission before activating Flash content on a website. With the deprecation of Adobe Flash Player, there is no longer a need to identify users on 32-bit version of the Firefox browser on 64-bit version operating systems reducing user agent fingerprinting factors providing greater level of privacy to our users as well as improving the experience of downloading other apps. Firefox no longer loads userChrome.css or userContent.css by default improving start-up performance. Users who wish to customize Firefox by using these files can set the toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets preference to true to restore this ability. Enterprise For Enterprise system administrators that manage macOS computers, we begin shipping a Mozilla signed PKG installer to simplify your deployments. Developer Developer Information
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