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  1. if i may... whats with this download-link? https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/professional
  2. additional to the pic from nukecad you should use the option "cookies to keep" and take the ones from facebook from the right to the left side. or: you should untick the cleaning-option "cookies" for the used browser you want
  3. ... in this moment i see another translation-improvement the last 2 pics: in english software updater -> second line -> installer size in german software updater -> second line -> Größe des Installationsprogramms perhaps i mean it goes shorter software updater -> second line -> Installationsgröße (simply) or Größe des Updates or Größe Installer
  4. if i may... i found an interesting topic with similar problem and antivirus-software...perhaps it is helpfull. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55918-ccleaner-installer-crashes/
  5. perhaps easyclean cleans the browser history. i dont know... because it shows me not exactly enough -> i dont use it and for beginners... how should they have to know about it, from where?
  6. ... easyclean has a big weak point - there is no list what easyclean will cleaning perhaps there should be a list for showing the cleaningpoints (without checkable points) only to show the user what ccleaner cleans after start it...
  7. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.24.0 gorhill released this Nov 18, 2019 Changes: The badge for the cosmetic filtering switch in the popup panel has been revisited so that it will from now on be evaluated on-demand only, which occurs when hovering the mouse cursor over the cosmetic filtering switch: Closed as fixed: report-uri / report-to rejector RegExp is broken global onMouseDown handler doesn’t handle SVG links Regression: tabs created by user are closed by popup filter Switch filter inputs to type="search" Performance of the per-site switches counters Expand bidi-trie code to hold more types of filters Block element preview window overlays object to be blocked Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: Save magic compiled/selfie format values in cache storage Support keyboard shortcut to open popup panel Use request as its own context when none available
  8. Software updater --> on the right side -> the two buttons "update" and "refresh" <--- two different words and meaning/senses in german there -> "aktualisieren" and "aktualisieren" perhaps other translations: refresh = wiederholen/auffrischen/erneuern
  9. for the mods! i was wrong with this category --> please move my topic to Ccleaner Discussion. thanks a lot :-)
  10. display area to small... in english: ccleaner -> options -> privacy -> "privacy policy" in german: ccleaner -> optionen -> privatsphäre -> "...ichtlinie" <--- because the display area was to small (it seems not automatically customizable) there are some letters and/or words missing :-)
  11. the preview junk -window itself (window title) in english -> preview junk in german -> Auf Junk überprüfen <--- Junk? no! perhaps -> Müll anzeigen or better Vorschau Müll or Vorschau Datenmüll
  12. review junk-window: point 3 in english -> temporary internet files -> files left behind when you visit websites in german -> Temporäre Internet Dateien -> Beim Besuch von Websites von Ihnen zurückgelassene Dateien perhaps a little bit better translation - proper sense: Temporäre Internet Dateien -> Zurückgelassene Dateien von besuchten Webseiten (maybe Websites)
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