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  1. ps: after download yesterday the latest version of speccy my avg dont tell me something
  2. Fragmentation increased after defrag

    i use the most time defragglers "file list" defragmentation
  3. ublock users

    ublock v1.15.10 gorhill released this 4 hours ago Firefox/webext I rolled back part of the fix for #3069: scriptlets are back to being injected using the delayed path. Using stream filtering to inject the scriptlets raised two distinct issues lately: Cause still unknown: #3526 Cause identified -- but no obvious fix possible: uBlockOrigin/uAssets#1492 HTML filtering is still available, i.e. filters using the ##^ syntax are unaffected.
  4. ublock users

    ublock v1.15.8 gorhill released this 8 hours ago Firefox/webext: Fixed a minor memory leak occurring as a result of injecting scriptlets (through ##script:inject(...) filters) using webRequest.filterResponseData. Commit: c5cbf5d.
  5. i can not confirm it with my avg... but i have the download from 11.07.2017
  6. Classic Shell to be officially discontinued

    its not basically the same as w7, more w8 with startmenu if it has one...
  7. perhaps a trick i think it goes to microsoft but ZING -> NAssA -- i have forgotten that this app was installed for free without permission --
  8. hi fans, admins and all that have the posibilities to change this, since a few felt "ages" there is missing the "visit the builds page to download" link on the ccleaner download-page! -- defraggler -> has it -- recuva -> has it -- speccy -> has it -- ccleaner -> has ... it? nothing to see! (the build page of ccleaner is present but not the link to this special place) take a look https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download where is the it-employee to set this again as before ages? at avast? please set this link
  9. with today have microsoft changed kb2976978 from optional to important updates https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2976978/compatibility-update-for-keeping-windows-up-to-date-in-windows-8-1-and i dont remember me that i participate in the windows customer experience improvement program ... but now its very important to install this "feature"?! not with me
  10. ublock users

    nothing to thanks :-) my pleasure ublock v1.15.6 --> especially for my species gorhill released this 7 hours ago Emergency fix for Firefox: Wrong encoding results in garbled characters on German site
  11. Does this application support SSD drives?

    https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/defraggler/technical-information/defraggler-and-ssds i mean defragged ssd is no problem...leave the defragmentation. only optimizing (i mean defraggler identifies your ssd and give you only the optimizing-option) -> or let your w10 done this job
  12. i dont remember me exactly, but normaly yes. it called "Wartungsdienst" -> maintenance service -> i dont install it, i denie the installation of this firefox-service every time i think with the last update of firefox esr that the installprocess wasnt go very well and with my shutdown instead restart it would not right way processed.
  13. to late -> the wrong firefox-process is done from background a few days ago and i cant try it again. but i believe you :-)
  14. yes, there was some wrong. 3 min to login-screen... i have unsinstalled classic shell and now from 3:30 min startup down to 1:40 min to the login-screen... at least the half of boottime with boot is avg and realtek audio on ill try a new installation of classic shell and look at the boottime
  15. is this bad?

    i mean, slave with sata is not available. but if its pata -> yes but you can take it as a second sata -> yes too you can also connecting your hd with an external hd-reader-port on usb-port