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  1. ok, i see this popup at the login... perhaps the update will be later :-)
  2. i dont know it the smart cleaning works in the free version but the scheduling worksfine as the custom clean at every single startup :-)
  3. take the smart cleaning the settings from the custom clean?
  4. hi fans, i tryed the update from my old installed v1.11 (free home-version) to v1.17 and it do not work. it is just a temporäry failure?
  5. interesting question... with unchecked "tell me when there are junk files to clean" and only checked "smart cleaning" -> it seems to do nothing i dont use this function usually. i mean the only thing you can use with activated "smart cleaning" is the access via taskbar icon -> like "options"; "open Ccleaner"; "start ccleaner"; "show recent messages"; "close"... nothing more. the ballon notification dont show up. i have smart cleaning disabled again. i have tryed the scheduling for ccleaner free and this works fine without the pro-version
  6. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.14 gorhill released this Jan 14, 2020 Change Convert new shorthands back to legacy syntax when fetching filter lists using firefox-legacy (pull request by JustOff)
  7. hello fuzzyboy, the only official answer/documentation of your question i can found: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/changing-monitoring-settings-ccleaner-free
  8. ccleaner -> options -> smart cleaning -> here are two checkboxes for the free-version to uncheck if you want
  9. ccleaner -> options -> smart cleaning -> "Tell me if there are junk files to clean" = "Benachrichtigen, wenn eine Bereinigung von Junk Dateien notwendig ist" (in german we dont say Junk Dateien) = "Benachrichtigen, wenn Datenmüll bereinigt werden kann" (its better and shorter) = or "Benachrichtigung über Datenbereinigung" or "Benachrichtigung zur Datensäuberung" (more shorter) or "Mitteilung über Datenmüll" or similar
  10. another improvements in v5.63... ccleaner -> tools -> duplicate finder in the mainwindow -> "Size" = "Größe" -> "Zero byte files" = "Null Byte Dateien" -> "Duplicate finder" = "Duplikate Finder" = "Duplikate finden" (better) ccleaner -> tools -> disk analyzer -> "Disk analyzer" = "Disk analysieren" = perhaps "Festplatte analysieren" (but its a bit longer)
  11. hello joe lemire, either: (the simple way) reinstall ccleaner and after this please take a look: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ or: i dont know how the windows-options named exactly in english - i can only derive it from german windows... windows -> control panel -> administrative tools -> task scheduler or perhaps windows -> control panel -> system and security -> administration -> subitem (plan tasks) go to the entry you mean (ccleaner...) -> look on the right side of windows scheduler -> delete it (do not confuse with ccleaner)
  12. just a little thing... ccleaner -> options -> advanced... in german a space between two words is missing old: NachBereinigung herunterfahren -> correct: Nach Bereinigung herunterfahren
  13. yes, nukecad have right -> sorry for my mistake...
  14. very nice i have 4 good running xp pro desktops, one xp media center... i use it if its work
  15. it sounds like ... 1.) you have the free version with manually sheduled task <- but with deleted entry it should not work anymore (done) 2.) have you the pro-version? (are you an user with admin-privilegs on your pc?) perhaps another way/suggestion to solve the problem: (as nukecad say) -> uninstall ccleaner -> restart your pc - look in your harddisk/ssd and delete all leftovers - as the install-folder of ccleaner if its still on your harddisk. - reinstall your ccleaner (if you have the pro-version- enter your registration) - after reinstall -> look in ccleaner if unchecked all kind of boxes as: -> options -> settings -> "run ccleaner when the computer starts" -> options -> sheduling -> disabled (only in the pro-version) -> options -> smart cleaning -> the 2 options (in the free) - the 3 options (in the pro-version)
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