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  1. Free Ashampoo Burning Studio 6.5

    i think it's doing a complete erase(writing the whole DVD with 0s) instead of a quick erase when i used Nero, it took 20 minutes to erase a CD
  2. AMD or Intel

    i want one of those new ones. they contain SSE4 which is nice due to the new instructions. as for AMD, forget about it.
  3. May Desktops

  4. May Desktops

  5. Getting rid of Linux

    here's the story. I have 2 hard drives. I have a 120GB Hard Drive with Windows installed on it and a 7GB Hard drive with Ubuntu Linux installed on it. the thing is, I want to get rid of the 7GB hard drive, but I've heard that i can't since Ubuntu installed GRUB and if i get rid of the 7GB Hard drive, then i won't be able to start up my computer. I really don't want to resort to reinstalling Windows because i don't have an installation CD and because i have some pretty important files installed. So, any ways to make the Windows Boot Manager work again?
  6. Getting rid of Linux

    i don't have the XP install CD either.
  7. Getting rid of Linux

    i see. about the second link, i don't have the Recovery Console
  8. The Three Major Browsers Compared

    http://news.softpedia.com/news/IE7-vs-Fire...-20-54537.shtml i love Opera even more now
  9. Looking for an MPEG joiner...

    i believe that VirtualDub can do this.
  10. The Three Major Browsers Compared

    i agree. Opera is supposed to be the safest browser in the world. Nevertheless, that part about memory usage was cool
  11. The Three Major Browsers Compared

    eh? speed isn't the only advantage. It has a nice interface, it doesn't take a lot of memory(unlike every other browser), and it has everything i need built-in(unlike every other browser).
  12. Frustrating problem!

    personally, i use 7-Zip to extract RARs and so far, 7-Zip hasn't failed me. as for WinRAR, which version are you using?
  13. linux cube thing for windows

    NVIDIA drivers also offer similar functionality
  14. Winamp getting better?

    i have that album as for winamp, i think that it's getting a little better. it now has a plugin that has FLAC support(had it for a while actually) and Nullsoft will add a Musepack plugin which will also be installed by default.
  15. Spybot S+D still a "must have " app?

    right now, i only use Spybot due to its Imunization feature. i am not sure what exactly it does, but as long as it does something...
  16. April Desktops

    http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/4016/sshot7cp2.jpg It's a little boring, but nevertheless, i like it.
  17. Play on your...

    http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/282/clipboard02bi2.jpg anyone know how to get rid of that annoying thing? whenever i right click wmv, avi, and mpeg files, the screen goes black for one second and that annoying thing appears.
  18. Play on your...

    ah my bad. i thought you were refering to foobar2000. But yeah, that it a good track
  19. Play on your...

    eh? do you know which song i'm even playing? All it says is Deicide
  20. Play on your...

    that worked, thanks
  21. tugzip vs. zipgenius

    7-Zip's ZIP Compression engine does an incredible job of compressing files. it beats everything like WinZip, WinRAR, and etc... however, i think that the best compression engine is in KZIP. The problem with KZIP is that it's only a command line program.
  22. gaim now = pidgin

    doing a virus check on every filetransfer is useful
  23. gaim now = pidgin

  24. gaim now = pidgin

    i used to use gaim. i absolutely loved that program because of its spellchecking and because of the gaim-encryption plugin which allowed encrypted IMs. but, i've since moved on to Miranda IM since it's much much lighter and because i don't like having the disgusting GTK+ Runtime on my computer.
  25. just 1 album

    Firewind - Forged by Fire