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  1. wmp11 being limited

    starting today, wmp11 has honestly started pissing me off. i don't know what i did but this screenshot should hopefully explain some of it http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/8995/sshot1uf0.jpg as you can see, i can't select a visualization even though there should be several that already came with wmp11(there were a couple before...). the bottom part of it that's supposed to contain extra stuff(SRS effects, volume stuff, etc...) is completely blank?and video doesn't show up at all when i play any video file. anyone have any idea on what happened or if i can fix all of this. it's quite annoying...
  2. wmp11 being limited

    there's actually a setup_wm.exe file in WMP's program files folder. but when i run it, it refuses to run since it tries to install an older version . i wish i could use windows update through IE since that has administrator mode. but oh well.
  3. wmp11 being limited

    i'm using vista. i though i mentioned that... oh well anyways, i have absolutely no idea how to reinstall it since there's no installer for vista. only for xp. as for re-registering WMP dlls, i'll try that but i wonder if it will actually do anything...
  4. Can you find it...

    found it
  5. Bert and Ernie gone BRUTAL!

    might give some of you a laugh
  6. February Desktops

    nice. my computer has a 5.3 rating though
  7. February Desktops

    hehe. even though it has some pretty horrible reviews, i do like Vista. User Account Control is probably the only thing that i find horrid with it.
  8. February Desktops

    recently got Vista
  9. January Desktops

  10. Media Player Classic

    can you provide a screenshot?
  11. Media Player Classic

    http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=205650 get that version and see if it happens again
  12. Anyone use OpenDNS?

    i use it. haven't noticed a performance drop or increase but i still use it. i like its autocorrection feature
  13. Internet Explorer 8 Passes the Acid 2 test

    on Windows, yes. i believe Konqueror passed it first followed by Safari.
  14. Freeware IRC client

    i use mIRC. you don't have to pay for it. it's free even though it's kinda annoying to get the program started since it begs you to pay for it. i also use NoNameScript for it. as for Miranda, i use it for everything but IRC. i like the ability to have a tabbed IRC interface with the ability to minimize to tray.
  15. A change from Panda ?

    go with Nod32. i've heard great things about it. if you need something free and powerful, AVG is very good. it's really light on resources too. as for firewall, you don't really need one if you have a router. but it you must have one, i've heard great things about Outpost.
  16. Polar bears in Finland?

  17. Download Vs. 2.03.532

    false positive...
  18. More DivX news

    what does sse4 have to do with how good it is? sure it might be a little faster but DivX is certainly not the best in terms of encoding and decoding. Xvid is what you want.
  19. Online conventers & calculators

    i use it too. even NASA uses it. use it or die!
  20. Internet Explorer 8 Passes the Acid 2 test

    i bet that picture's fake
  21. Outlook Express

    Windows Live Mail requires the .NET Framework 2.0. EVIL!!!
  22. Which one of Santa's reindeer are you?

    Donder Like Donder you are sensible and a good leader. You know the right things to do at the right time and have people's respect
  23. Firewall Questions

    1: i did. i got rid of it because having it around was useless. it also didn't work right when i tried adding a blocklist. It also blocked slashdot for some weird reason. 2: Outpost had a 100% blockage rating on some firewall leak test website; and yes, it is very good.
  24. December Desktops

    yes. i can't remember the name though...
  25. December Desktops

    i like this wallpaper