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  1. services.msc and gpedit.msc not working.

    got it. thanks!
  2. services.msc and gpedit.msc not working.

    here's two screenshots http://img31.imageshack.us/i/clipboard01of.jpg/ http://img804.imageshack.us/i/clipboard01f.jpg/ i was infected with malware once(though luckily i removed it before it could do any damage thanks to Process Explorer and Autoruns) and this is the only thing i couldn't undo. any thoughts on how i can fix it?
  3. What music are you listening to right now?

    Orkidea - [Metaverse #06] Stretching Time
  4. websites that use AJAX have broken back buttons.
  5. Opera 10 Beta 3

    desktop team has a link
  6. desktop icons won't show up

    problem solved. Had to right click View>Show Desktop Icons...
  7. desktop icons won't show up

    the other day, i went to pantheraproject.net to download shareaza. i did, and i saw a version 6. i felt it was fake so i didn't finish the installation. but after i restarted my computer, my desktop icons were gone. The folder is still there with everything but the desktop just doesn't want to show up. I can't even use my mouse to make selection boxes. I've checked autorun programs, open processes, explorer extensions, HijackThis, Spybot, and it seems that everything's clean. My guess is that there's some kind of registry tweak going on here. Any ideas?
  8. any good imaging software?

    that's unfortunately gone(the utility that is) any freeware alternatives?
  9. any good imaging software?

    i'm looking to make an image of my ~8.5GB partition(has windows vista DVD on it i guess) since i'm planning to reformat and would like to know if there any any good programs to achieve this
  10. New Presidential Candidate

    Bob Barr for President!!!
  11. September Desktops

  12. Spybot S&D 1.6

    i did the latter. much better that way anyways
  13. May Desktops

    Anthony A: are you running on a higher dpi setting? CeeCee: what skin is that?
  14. IE vs. FF vs. Opera vs. Safari vs. Netscape

    i use Opera because it pretty much has evetyhing i need built-in. firefox would be in the second position. nothing wrong with it though. IE7 is garbage. Netscape is dead. Safari is good in terms of standards support and it's extremely fast but no real reason to use it on windows. btw, here's the standards this i was talking about: http://www.anomalousanomaly.com/2008/03/06/acid-3/
  15. Anyone else ever heard of Blackle?

    all human contribution to global warming results in a 1/3 of a degree increase end of story