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  1. Installed Defraggler right after OS re-install (Windows 10 32 Home) - can't see my NEC dvd drive at My Computer! ...I can't use it! I need my drive to install games. It is seen by my BIOS at the start-up, not working from OS field.
  2. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    I am afraid to touch the registry.
  3. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    Didn't. I'm afraid to do this. Thank you!
  4. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    Listen... I've just thought - if I'll install ImgBurn or Ashampoo burner or anything else - will it help? Will the drive show up in My Computer folder just because it's a recheck for it?
  5. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    That means that the missing DVD drive is a problem from Windows 98 era?! So please learn that Windows 10 is COMPLETELY different OS!! I get confused with it all around!! ...and (imp.!!) do the HDD defrags once a week!!
  6. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    Wow... what is "a repair install of the OS may be needed"?! And where is Microsoft hotfix under Windows 10 for this?!
  7. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    I hate SFC / scannow command. Two, there are NO official Microsoft hotfix for that issue under Windows 10. Three, I'll do mentioned operations and I'll call back here ...
  8. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    So it's you guys saying it isn't about Defraggler? - it's the OS update to 1803? This problem is common to Windows 7 as well... they have a hotfix official file from Microsoft to Windows 7, but not to Windows 10 yet (or I didn't find).
  9. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    I've accessed the Device Manager through Run... I cannot see my NEC DVD drive there - it is simply wiped out from it by your software! Will the Defraggler uninstall work? ...I can't install what is needed now! I need the drive!
  10. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    My last Windows 10 update hided out the Device Manager somewhere. When I hit Start > Search > typing Device... won't show the Device Manager. Yes... I've used the Defraggler right after it install and it wiped out my NEC DVD drive from My Computer and the Device Manager both!
  11. Windows 10 - installed Defraggler - can't use the drive

    No, I can't see it there. It is wiped out from there somewhere (I did the check before the update). The last OS update did the hide of the Device Manager. Should look for it, by the way.
  12. CCleaner - registry backup

    Hello. I wonder if CCleaner can perform a full backup of my registry. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello. My computer starts slowly. I need help with deactivating startup software. I have brought CCleaner startup logs, please review (in attachment). startups.zip
  14. Problem with saving cookies

    Right click ticked boxes ==> Keep / Add to Exclude. This should work. :-)
  15. Persistent Cookie

    Firstly, remove it from "Keep" folder. Step two: you should exit all macromedia products and internet browsers. Try Ctrl+Alt+Delete to see if something is running that should be off. Now, use CCleaner to clean-up cookies. It should work now. Otherwise, use Auslogics Browser Care, it's freeware: http://www.auslogics...e/browser-care/ P.S. You can try cleaning in Safe Mode of your OS.
  16. Computer starts slow | Startup log

    SORRY! I WON'T! I didn't knew it's so restricted. :/
  17. Tip

    How to make Defraggler's Quick Defrag defragment completely: Open settings ==> Quick Defrag ==> set Custom mode ==> uncheck all boxes ==> check box "only Defragment files, that have fragments more than... set to 1. All fragmented files are more than 1 (min. is 2), so you're just fooling the system without fault.
  18. Computer starts slow | Startup log

    No, no... I'm ready to Google my startups and help myself. It's just I don't know which program/feature to use. Since AVG TU 2014 has a service deactivator - I don't know if it affects on startup items as well. ...if it does - I have a decision to make - use fansy TU 2014 to see how deactivation affects live bars, or use a context menu type, standard, specific deactivation from CCleaner. ..... TuneUp would cancel items that are program related, so that it's pretty much the same. I'd guess that if TU 2014 would cancel some program related service(s) and its startups - it would only auto-uncheck for CCleaner as well (some specific entries). So it's pretty similar; I don't know. P.S. AVG TuneUp Utilities 2014 users any?
  19. Computer starts slow | Startup log

    Okay. What about my TuneUp Utilities 2014 deactivations? Anyone knows something about it, is experienced to suggest? ...I still don't understand why someone from here can't offer a "what to keep checked only" suggestion, just for fun.
  20. Computer starts slow | Startup log

    hazelnut, Could you review my startup logs and offer me an "uncheck all, mention what is checked" form suggestion? Please mention the System startups, these should be enabled. P.S. I have TuneUp Utilities 2014 from AVG; they have a program deactivator feature, it's exclusive. Could it be that program deactivator deactivates program services that are slowing down PC, including startup items?
  21. Hi. This post is made due to CCleaner's fault of deleting some of the registry entries. In my case - it is simply one. Some of helpers before told me it is associated with an Avira Free edition anti-virus. Here it is... __________ Unused File Extension {80b8c23c-16e0-4cd8-bbc3-cecec9a78b79} HKCR\{80b8c23c-16e0-4cd8-bbc3-cecec9a78b79} __________ It is exactly what CCleaner alerts. Thanks in advance! -Peter P.S. From my experience, I know that one registry keys are related to others. Might be I need a deep registry scan by some other software to identify what other registry entries are related to this specific key to batch remove it, or keep.
  22. Computer starts slow | Startup log

    ...I liked this. No, I'm just keeping Skype for my online status for my friends, that's all. Whenever I turn on - there's Skype running, so that my friends can see me and I don't have to remember to launch it everytime for news income.