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  1. full hard drive recovery (E:)

    bubble keeps popping up on task bar. low memory in Recovery (E:) hard drive. went to start ,then computer,opened it up. status showed.........OS(C:)235 GB free of288GB. Recovery(E:)384 KB free of 9.76 GB. All places have been emptied-----recycle bin, disk clean-up. is there a way to free up more recovery space
  2. need help real bad

    thought i knew what i was doing. followed the prompts.trying to retrieve my music collection.afterusing the recuva i went looking for my music. and could not find it anywhere. then a bubble showed up on the task bar saying my recovery E: hard drive is now full. it directed me to use disk clean up. i went to it.there was nothing to clean up. im an idiot. i dont know what to do. is there a way to fix this? can some one help me please.