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  1. The best way is definitely the .ini files so I will use that instead. A couple of other questions though: How can I get ccleaner to install silently by default into the all users programs (Start Menu) instead of the current users programs (Start Menu)? How can I get it so that it does not create the desktop shortcut during install?
  2. I have a customized registry file that I import into new systems. In the past, all settings were defined in ... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\CCleaner\Options. In the current version I see there that the path ... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Piriform\CCleaner is now there. What is the actual registry path to the options so that I can save them and have them imported properly for all installs?
  3. I have found a case where the CCleaner registry cleanup crashes the computer and I do not think it is CCleaner but I am looking for possible solutions - When you check of the INSTALLER option int he registry clean, the computer reboots, immediately. Now - If you open regedit and browse to the installer directory in HKLM you can open all subfolders EXCEPT the FOLDERS directory - As soon as you click on it, the system crashes. Run Ad-Aware or numerous other utilities - As soon as they access that particular registry folder - Boom crashes. Load the Hive into another computer or using BartsPE - Crashes. Run a virus scan, crashes the moment that registry entry is accessed. Run dial-a-fix to reset all permissions, no effect. Does anyone have any ideas on this besides reformatting?
  4. An option I would like to see is if you set up ccleaner under one user, you can save the settings for all other users on the same computer so that if any new user is created, it will automatically clean everything out as perviously specified. A major drawback of ccleaner is that it's registry is edsigned for HKCU instead of all users - Can this be changed? The main area for this is when several users log onto the same computer - in one case up to 200 students, I would like ccleaner to be automatically configured for everyone.
  5. I now have it disabled as well. With that entry in the registry, other product installs can and do fail. Not only that... I have two clients who have had their computers rendered useless because an automatic update somehow did go through and XP was corrupted due to the entry in the registry. That part - A serious bug indeed.
  6. You are correct - They do start again BUT ... If you read my concern you will see that I said that the entry remains in the registry which means that it has not run. After the files are deleted, the entry should be removed from the regisrty.
  7. I have seen several computers now where index.dat is not being deleted? The program is set to mark it and the relevant entry is in the "PendingFileRenameOperations" registry entry as in: \??\C:\DOCUME~1\user\LOCALS~1\TEMPOR~1\Content.IE5\index.dat \??\C:\DOCUME~1\user\Cookies\index.dat \??\C:\DOCUME~1\user\LOCALS~1\History\History.IE5\index.dat HOWEVER, after many reboots, the entry still stays there. OS is WinXP Home SP2 and Pro SP2.
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