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  1. Ahh, thanks Glenn. I didn't realise this programme could do what it did without actually deleting stuff. If it's making extra space.... where does it go? No, don't answer that, it will only confuse me. I don't really understand what the point is of cleaning like it does but not deleting it..? Other than to recover which may happen occasionally but most of us don't clean stuff we want to keep, what benefit is there of it not being deleted??
  2. Thought the whole point of CC is that they can't be restored once deleted..? Is that not true?
  3. Hi, After running CC, wondered why when I log on to messenger I still see my IDs on the drop down bar. I thought CC was supposed to clean them and all auto completes in general etc. If not, can you tell me why it doesn't and if it isn't cleaning them how do I know that it's cleaning all the other stuff that I wouldn't be able to see like I do on messenger? Thanks in advance for help
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