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  1. I'll print this and give it a try thanks.
  2. I can't quite follow this one, maybe I'm thick. I have printed the instruction, but cannot see any files, and cannot see Favourites shortcut/Properties/Change icon.
  3. I could not find amdeadlink, and a search could not find it.
  4. BUT they never stay. You can see what I mean on my screenshot above.
  5. I have been meaning to post this question for ages. I have asked it on two other sites and no-one knows the answer. Before using Crap Cleaner every website in 'My Favourites' had a individual icon. All these have disappeared and been replaced with a larg blue letter E. How can I get back all the individual icons? It used to be easy to glance down the list and select the URL that I wanted, now they all look the same, and I have to read them. I always keep up to date with the latest version of CC.
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