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  1. OK have checked and don't actually HAVE any temp variables. Have entered %temp% - C:\WINDOWS\Temp and %tmp% - C:\WINDOWS\Temp in system variables. Guess this would be my fault then..... BTW I have recovered the majority of my photos from an old but trusty 4GB maxtor. :-) One happier girlfriend.. Ta anyhow Andavari...
  2. I have restored the reg backup. I am guessing that the documents have not been actually deleted as it would take a while to delete over 2GB of data?
  3. I pushed issues tab - scan then fixthen cleaner tab - analyze but not run, after seeing 2GB's worth of my doc data, do you think it may have been the issues clean that has caused this issue?
  4. ok thanks for the advice but I fear it may be a bit late...The complete scan highlighted over 2GB of data it had identified. I did not ask CCleaner to delete any of the files it found only to perform an 'issues' scan, this deleted few reg entries and the like. Now I find that all of my documents (aside from around 6?) have been deleted, file size of all subfolders confirms this. I am currently running get data back to attempt to recover these...
  5. hello all, bit of a newbie to CCleaner but thought I'd give it a bash anyhow. i have run the 'issues' side of this with no probs but have noticed that CCleaner flags up my pictures and most of my videos in my documents for deletion. I have verified that these are not just temp links or shortcuts but are actually my things. It even shows the file size is, correct to the last byte. I am reluctant to continue as both the path and file size point to the documents themselves, do not want to lose all my holiday pictures and videos etc etc...someone tell me I won't
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