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  1. CCleaner 2.22.968, and several previous versions, "hangs" for a couple of minutes when cleaning Internet Explorer history. Eventually, it will complete the process and clean all checked items. I can uncheck IE History and it is blazing fast. Not sure, but this seemed to begin when I installed Windows Search and hangs regardless of whether or not Windows Search is running or closed. Ideas? Thanks!
  2. CCleaner hangs when cleaning IE history

    DennisD, Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Yes, it was from a recent Microsoft update, and uninstalling it solved the problem. CCleaner cleans IE History quickly without Windows Search installed. The "hang" reoccurs after reinstalling Windows Search. I hate to give it up because it is so quick, thorough, and a huge improvement over the standard search engine in XP. I wonder if it is just something peculiar with my machine since I cannot find any other references to the issue in the forum. I normally use Firefox, so I may just uncheck the IE History box in CCleaner so I can keep Windows Search installed. Thanks again!