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  1. CCleaner v2.22

    love Piriforms Software! Go on and stay beeing humans hehe
  2. Stay out of the MFT zone!

    please keep also my bug post in mind... lost partition table! check the new version 1.12 for this..
  3. Corrupted System Files

    Hey!! Ive never had any issues using Deffragler but this time, i used it 2 weeks ago, wehen the 1.12 version was out... i deffraged and when i restarted the computer some hours later all my partitions have gone! Except windows... LUCKY i used Partition Wizard (btw great program, 7mb - free software!) to recover lost partitions... the tool wrote them back into MBR. However im PRETTY sure it was defraggler! No Virus neither hardware failure or software. I didnt change much these days, i scanned the hardware... nothing.. anyone else has this problem!? I stopped using until a new version!