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    Restore points

    Sorry as I am obviously not doing something right - How do I find it (easy steps please)?
  2. Bercilak

    Restore points

    I set a single restore point and ran CCleaner again - with The Windows Log Files checked. The restore point was then missing both from CCleaner Tools and from the calendar in System Restore. I set another restore point and then ran CCleaner again but without the Windows Log Files checked. The system restore point was still there. I'm a bit reluctant to try again as I have today installed new anti virus and spyware software so would like to keep the resore points I have set. Incidentally there are several System restore points set since my original post. These are all viewable on the Sytem Resore calendar and from within CCleaner. I have done a search for the System Volume Information folder - and cannot find it. Incidentally I did find it on my other computer in C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\c_ Bercilak
  3. Bercilak

    Restore points

    I have rechecked everything and it is definitely the Windows Log Files check box that is causing the restore points to be deleted. Is anyone able to offer further advice? Thank you.
  4. Bercilak

    Restore points

    Hi. I'm really new to all this as usually I just drive the computer rather than trying to understand what is going on under the bonnet but CCleaner was recomended as we thought there was a Registry problem with my laptop. So please forgive me if I use some wrong terminology or make other errors. So I've installed CCleaner and first did the Registry fix. All continued to work ok. I also created restore points both before and after intalling CCleaner. I was able to see these all listed in the Tools section. So feeling confident(ish) I moved on to doing a Clean. I left the default boxes ticked and took a deep breath and clicked. All seemed fine. Computer still seems to be working ok. I also got rid of some old programmes that I know I dont use. But then I noticed all my Restore points had gone missing. By adding another and running Clean again I think I have discovered that the Windows Log Files check box in Cleaner includes this information. This doesn't seem right as surely it isn't the intention to be able to remove all restore points so easily by doing a clean. Thanks in advance for any easy to understand help anyone can give.
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