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  1. In order to test this theory, can I download an earlier version of CCleaner from FileHippo, get the update message, and try updating with CCleaner closed to see if it freezes? If I download an earlier version, will it create a conflict? Must I uninstall CCleaner first to do this? If it's problematic, I'll just wait for the next version update to test your install suggestion. Thanks again...
  2. Thanks Keithuk. I suppose the answer is yes. When I open CCleaner to do a "cleaning", that is when I get the message that "there is an updated version available", asking me if I want to download it. I say yes, and go ahead with the download. As I recall, I don't think I close CCleaner when I do the download. The odd thing is, I've been doing the updates the same way all along, and it's only recently that this freezing has been happening. But it makes sense. I'll have to wait for the next available update, and try closing CCleaner before I download it. There is no need to uninstall the old version first, is there? Thanks again...
  3. Thanks. Can you tell me how to get the settings out of ini file and back into a newly installed CCleaner? Also, if you uninstall CCleaner, wouldn't it delete the folder that the ini file in it?
  4. I've been using CCleaner for about a year now, and it's my favorite application. I've noticed a minor problem on all 3 of my computers (running XP SP3, IE7), when I get the message to update to a newer version. As I am going thru the Update process, and I get to the "Install" phase, every time, and on all 3 of my systems, when I hit "Next" to Install, it installs about 10% of the update (takes about 1 second), and I get an error and the install freezes. The error message is this (with 3 buttons at bottom): Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe Click ABORT to stop installation, RETRY to try again, or IGNORE to skip this file. When I click RETRY, the program always continues installing successfully, with no other stalls. This happens every time, without exception. It has been doing this for the past few months, but since I can always finish the install by clicking RETRY, I haven't yet dealt with it (until now). Has anyone else encountered this? Do you know what the problem is and how to correct it? I hope I don't need to uninstall and reinstall, as I have all these cookies saved, and everything configured just so. Thanks...
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