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  1. My CCleaner is not responding after installing the latest version. Panel appears but just lifeless. Windows 10 - 64 bit I have never in 13 years had any trouble with CCleaner until now.
  2. The trials of a PC - CCleaner is now working. Problem not solved but has disappeared.
  3. For years I have - 1. Analyze Drive 2. Defrag Drive under Action and all went OK to defrag.. But now, it does not defrag.. The Analyze works OK but not defrag. It gallops off doing a Calculating Disk Performance and stops there with a nice green GOOD. Clicking Defrag on the bottom button or Defrag Drive under Action makes it gallop off yet again to Calculating Disk Performance and no Defrag. If I View Files and check them, then hit Defrag Checked, it defrags them. But it did that before. Please advise. Version v2.19.982
  4. Defraggler does not defrag

    I jumped the gun and uninstalled Defraggler using Revo-Uninstaller which scooped up all the leftover Registry items. I re-installed Defraggler version v2.19.982 and run it. Analyze first, then Defrag. It went fine with no problems. See :- All OK now without needing any diplomas. Thank you all for your comments. Just one of those hiccups I guess, these things happen. What went wrong ? Only God knows and he `ain't telling.
  5. Defraggler does not defrag

    Thank you for your comments. YES I do have that item enabled. Do you reckon if I uninstall Defraggler and re-install, it may cure the problem ? See :-
  6. Defraggler does not defrag

    Analyze : Defrag : Says Defrag Compete - wrong, it has done nothing, just another Health check. Conclusion - Defraggler does not work. Solution - Used [Moderated] for a perfect defrag with no problems.
  7. Basic question

    I have used CC for many years. A great number of items come up on the Registry selections list. Are all these listed items really redundant and can be deleted without causing any trouble with my operating systems ? I normally delete only those which I know are rubbish, following the general advice of advanced users to never mess about with the Registry.
  8. The startup programs are not showing for my Google Chrome, All the other startup details show, but not Chrome. I have done a clean uninstall and re-install but it makes no difference. Chrome works OK, I can see nothing affecting the browser. I cannot accept this loss of information since it is confusing and hope you can offer a solution. This has never happened before over many years. Please tell me what is wrong. Thank you. My latest CC version just installed is V4.19.4867.
  9. BRAVO PIRIFORM ! Dated 19 December 2014. After all that fuss, agitation, moaning and groaning, the Google Chrome start-up data is finally listed. I updated CC with version V5.01.5075 from Filehippo today and there it was, all my nice Chrome start-up data listed in all its glory. What is more, I find the new look of CC really superb, the development team have done a magnificent job for entry into 2015. THANK YOU Piriform for finally solving this problem after so long. PSSST ! Keep your eye on Google, they are far worse than any malware. I sincerely wish the Pirform team a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, which also applies to all members of the Forum. Kas
  10. Thank you for those comments. Like I have said a few times, we cannot blame Google, they have a top market product to look after. It is up to all auxiliary programs like CCleaner to be quick off the mark and keep up with the browser changes. It seems as if Piriform have either lost their way or lost interest. If Piriform are still fumbling around in the dark from version 37, then I have bad news for them - Google has now got to late variations of 38 stable, 39 has been released and 40 is being worked upon. If you do not get your finger out quickly, you will be forever running in Google`s wake and CC will slowly sink to the bottom like the Titanic..
  11. I can offer one clue as to why the Chrome startup data is not showing on CCleaner, but need expert comment to consolidate this. My Chrome version was 38, but on update Chrome automatically replaced it by version 40.9.2202.3 dev-m, a version not yet officially released until 7 November 2014 I had nothing to do with this at all, it just happened on update. Now, it seems fairly obvious that CCleaner may not be compatible with a Chrome version which is not yet released, hence the startup data is blank. But logically all the other Chrome data must be missing. If CCleaner picks up any data for version 40, it must be old data. If there is n incompatibility with version 40, then it must be total. You cannot have some and some. I will wait until 7 November 2014 and then see if CCleaner shows the startup data. If it does, then all is well, if it does not, then Piriform have a problem. If any user is getting a blank for Chrome startup data and has version 38, then my reasoning above is not valid. If all these users are using Chrome version 40 like me, then it could be problem solved.
  12. With so many users not seeing the Chrome startup data, it has got to be a bug in CCleaner and Piriform should be investigating the matter. It cannot be a user problem when suddenly lots of users experience the same issue. I suggest Piriform look carefully at their current programs for compatibility with the latest Chrome version. Dvdbane did everything possible to help and still no data. Who knows, if CCleaner defaults on the Chrome startup data, it may well default on the other data, making CCleaner useless for Chrome users. Troubleshooting is nothing to do with users, it is a Piriform exercise. It is the responsibility of all program vendors - in this case Piriform - to ensure their programs are compatible with the browser suppliers - in this case Google. It is nonsense to infer that Google are to blame. Program vendors like Piriform are followers and must keep up with browser developers. That is the name of the game. Important Google are due to release their Chrome version 40 presently tabbed as a development version on 7 November 2014. I believe the existing stable version is 38. So when checking this problem, make sure which Chrome version you are using. Until Piriform sort this out I have great faith in Bleachbit, which works a treat.
  13. Thanks, have read the thread, it looks like Piriform has got to get their program sorted out, whether it is due to Google or not. Compatibility with Chrome is a vendors responsibility. As Chrome is now the market leading browser, I think Piriform.should get moving on solving the problem mighty quick. As somebody asked what bit set the poster was using on the link thread given, mine is a 32 bit Windows XP Home, with SP3 and has been for as long as I can remember. I would point out that if CCleaner defaults on Chrome startup content, then the same fault could well result in all the other data CCleaner picks up where such data excludes Chrome files etc. If this problem persists more than one more week, I will delete CCleaner as useless and rely on Bleachbit until Piriform gets their house in order.
  14. Thanks ! It is so comforting to know that somebody else has this missing Chrome startup data problem with CC. At least It is not something I have done. Pleased to know it has already been reported and I hope somebody does something to cure it. I can check my startup programs by other means, but the CC list gives more detailed data like extensions etc.whereas the other lists do not. We can only wait and hope eh ?
  15. See how it goes. Most active people have quite a few to tell. Mine ? I have had a number and got the scars and a few aches to prove it. But I guess my second parachute training jump with the Army is the time I remember most for needing a quick change of underwear. Mind you, camouflaged khaki is a good color to wear on such occasions. Why the second ? Well lemme tell ya - `cos ya know what`s coming on the second and 800 - 1,000 feet is a long way down when you exit a monstrous C-130`s side door at about 210 mph and get .thrown around in the slipstream and prop-wash like a leaf in a gale. Sometimes Mummy`s little darling and heir to the family fortune was twisting, turning and not always in the text book head-up body position which that lovable, kindly and soft spoken Sergeant Instructor told us was best for our health. On later jumps with a 100 lb. kit-bag attached to our midriff and leg, body position was no problem. With that weight on our lower torso, it was always head-up, feet down. Believe it or not. Before I went in the Army for my spell of grunting, all my trousers were the perfect length. After my jumping career, they were all 2 inches too long. Well, waddya know !
  16. Bookmark Management

    I post this to inspire comment on controlling Bookmarks. My chosen default browser is Chrome. I used Firefox for many years, but for the past 2-3 years have favored Chrome, which I find perfect for all my requirements. I still have Firefox as my second choice and IE8 which I never use, as a Windows necessity. When I started with Chrome, I imported all my Bookmarks from Firefox and IE. This resulted in around 10,000 Bookmarks, most of them being duplicates. Even normal Bookmark usage can get out of hand and result in a massive list of them. To cure this initial influx, I found a brilliant little program called AM Deadlink from -http://aignes.com/deadlink.htm. It worked superbly and with some caution I deleted all the duplicate Bookmarks and reduced my Chrome content to around 1,700. I use AMD now on a regular basis to control my Bookmarks. AMD contains a number of features which are extremely useful, including highlighting "errors". I now have only 1,300 Bookmarks in Chrome. AMD also enables you to select Firefox and IE.
  17. Ghosts or Imagination ?

    The modern human brain is Schizophrenic, being capable of astonishing and miraculous abilities in creating man-made marvels whilst on the other hand believing passionately in what can only be described as Fairy Stories. It is incredible to see such split intelligence taking place in abundance all around us regardless of extreme educational and scientific standards. Consequently, the tendency of humans to immediately conclude on specific occasions that something supernatural must be present, is entirely due to our hereditary and genetically inbred inclination to believe in "ghosts". So the fictional mind-conceived concept of Ghosts, the Supernatural and the Paranormal is borne. Subjects in which a vast army of humans solidly believe and some even devote their entire working lives to, with total commitment. Everything that happens in a terrestrial or extra-terrestrial sense has a perfectly logical scientific explanation. Many of these events are currently not understood, in which case they are simply "unexplained" and must NOT put down to some Alien or Supernatural activity as was the practice of our pre-historic ancestors. I have given my views and now await your views. Hopefully we will each respect each others. Supernatural or Super-Fictional ? Ghosts, Goblins or too much Whiskey ? What is your opinion ? Footnote :- I am a 100% scientifically educated and thus indoctrinated believer with no exceptions, but when the lady next door once told me that a Knight in shining armor and riding a White Horse had galloped down her garden the previous night and went straight through her bottom garden fence, I nearly fell over laughing. Gotta be too much Whiskey I thought. But when I looked down her garden and saw a horse shaped hole in her fence, my scientific doctrine crumbled a bit.
  18. Ghosts or Imagination ?

    I sincerely thank you for that Andavari. You see after all that getting your name wrong, I finally got it right, thanks to your explanation. No it`s nothing about being naive and a bit of a sherbet, I have rubbed shoulders with the best and worst of them in my long career, from top brass to trench diggers, from Professors to students, from hard nuts to soft nuts and have roughed it in the Army. I have had a superb education and a professional career in engineering and management statistical work involving company marketing strategy etc., mostly computer orientated. So it hurts a bit when somebody makes fun of any serious subjects I chose to write about. I expect an intelligent response to an intelligent subject. Added to that, I am not focused into a specific educational channel, my progressive accumulation of knowledge has intentionally been concentrated on subject versatility. As I have already said to my Aussie friend, with such adverse comments being made about my efforts to generate some interest and variety into The Lounge, entirely for the pleasure of readers and posters alike, I feel as welcome here as a turd in a swimming pool. Whatever you may feel about my prolific generation of subjects, if you care to check the viewing figures, they all seem highly popular, even those you have prematurely locked at birth. No hard feelings Andavari and I depart hopefully as a friend. Kas
  19. Ghosts or Imagination ?

    Thanks again my favorite Aussie, or should I say - Mr.3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 - that`s enough. But I reckon I`ll take a breather. My bum has always mostly pointed to the ground and I have bruised it many times, but I don`t like it used as a football. Bye for now friend Kas I feel about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool at present.
  20. Ghosts or Imagination ?

    My dear MTA, The only reason I have read your extremely kind, understanding and I must say touching post is that for some unknown paranormal presence I appear to get logged on automatically. Nergal has at least something in common with me, I also call a spade a spade. You remember that rule from elementary Physics? Like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Seems to conform. It was my sole intention to provide The Lounge with a variety of interesting subjects with which to play with. I do have a versatile mind and can discuss almost anything from Astronomy to the demise of the Dinosaurs. However, I do not appreciate such comments when all I am doing is enhancing the scope of discussion. I repeat - many thanks for your kind words. Kas PS - As my account cannot be cancelled, I will at least for a while give the Forum a prolonged rest. If you do see me logged in, then it is that ghostly presence which has done it, not me.
  21. Ghosts or Imagination ?

    @ also Nergal In answer to your question - I have no problem whatsoever in being a versatile thinker. I did hope that my contributions would inspire discussion and interest in THE LOUNGE, but obviously I am wasting my time if the staff say things like you have just done. I resent both of your distasteful comments for trying to create interesting discussion topics and request that you cancel my account with the Forum immediately. If I do ever decide to pop in now and again, then I will do it as a Guest where I will not be subject to somewhat juvenile ridicule by senior staff members. Best wishes and Good - bye Kas
  22. Hello World

    An old chestnut I know, but it is a very personal and serious subject for those who are sufficiently concerned about divulging their individual details to the whole world. For the rest of us, then what we are not aware of, we don`t worry about. Your IP gives a recipient a mass of details about you. It is incredible the amount of accurate detail which your IP can generate about you. Simply search "What is my IP" and see from the many choices what they can read about you in any number of flea pits around the world. Hostname, country, town location, actual area of your town location by postcode, time zone, browser, server and how many pieces of toilet paper you use each morning, plus what you are planning for dinner. A LOT of intimate personal details at a single mouse click. Well you can become paranoid or neurotic about all this jazz and life will become an obsession, dedicated to preventing all your personal details from being sent to the entire world. Solution ? Dump your PC and find another activity to occupy your time. I once came across an extremely intelligent and professional geek, who spent all his time cobbling up his account in such a way that nobody in the entire Universe would ever trace his personal IP. It was so elaborate that he never even knew it himself. Whatever is the point in that ? It destroys all the pleasure and purpose of using the Internet. YES, we can use a variety of proxies, either freebies or paid for. We can use VPN and a whole cobbled-up combination of geeky technical trickery to prevent our intimate details from being seen by WORLD INC. But whatever is the point ? Ninety nine out of a hundred site clicks are just electronic connections, nobody is generally out there to pilfer your intimate details and abuse them. But a malicious source can do just that from your IP and will. I always use a proxy to visit untrustworthy sites, but generally it is a matter of "to hell with it" and who cares if they want to know all these irrelevant details. Either you use the Internet as part of normal life in an atmosphere of trust, just like the telephone or you forget it as an intrusion on your personal privacy. and dump your PC in the wheelie bin for the next collection. After over 12 years of Internet activity, visiting every kind of site imaginable and walking through the Valley of Death and rubbing shoulders with the Devil many times, I am still here and nothing bad has ever happened to me, whatever my IP has revealed or whoever may have read it. What are your thoughts on this IP open-to-the-world revelation of your personal details ?
  23. Bing or Google ?

    Which search engine do you prefer, Bing or Google. I have both of course. Google is my chosen Home Page on Chrome, but I use Bing almost all the time. Bing is superbly colorful with the daily background pictures of most interesting subjects, which are a delight to see. Also I find Bing perfectly satisfactory for all kinds of searching and general browsing. It has not let me down yet. As my screen is set to return to the page last selected, then I always select Bing before going into Standby or shutting down. On return, Bing comes up. Why don`t I use Bing as my Home Page ? I guess no reason at all, except I just have Google selected. No big deal really. My preference ? It has to be Bing. What is yours ?