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  1. For the last three days I've been getting pop up ads wanting me to update to the paid version of CC-I'm not interested. I had this problem a few months ago and after complaints from many users the ads stopped. Now they're back again. How can we get them turned off again? Very annoying
  2. Lately when I use CC it always says that the Edge browser is open and do I want to close it. I rarely use Edge much preferring Chrome and FF. It seems to have started within the last week so I don't know if it had something to do with a recent CC update and/or and Edge update. So the question now is this a CC issue or an Edge issue or some combination of both?
  3. I got a pop up that a new version of CCleaner 5.56.7144 is available. When I went to download it downloaded 5.55.7108 which is the existing version. Please review and advise
  4. How do I disable the new program updater feature so I don't see the pop up reminder?
  5. disable new program updater feature

    I didn't get the pop up for approx 5 days after I posted my message. I thought they fixed it-wrong. It stared up again yesterday-very annoying. I agree if they don't fix it pretty soon I will do away with CCleaner.
  6. Edge Browser always seems open

    Turning off the tiles does not fix the problem. I'm sure its a Edge browser issue, although, the folks at the Microsoft forum say it's not therir problem and that the third party software people should fix their software. There is one way to get around this issue. In the Edge browser if you enable the "clean on closing" function it will effectively stop this problem, but, it requires that you open and close Edge. Bothersome, yes, but it's the only sort of solution at the moment until someone fixes the issue.
  7. Edge Browser always seems open

    I was chatting with someone on the Microsoft forum about this issue and he said that there was some change in version 1803 and that CCleaner and others will need to adjust their software to accommodate the change that seems to be causing this problem-that's what he said. Side note-my sister has a Dell Inspiron 3847 with W10 and she doesn't have this problem. Last-would it do any good to uninstall and reinstall CCleaner? If so, would there be a way to retain my settings, saved cookies etc? Thanks
  8. uninstall and reinstall

    Is there a way I can uninstall and reinstall CC and save my settings and saved cookies entries in the process?
  9. Edge Browser always seems open

    I tried it, per your instructions and it didn't work.
  10. Edge Browser always seems open

    Thank you for your comments. What happens when I disable the Edge app? What works, or doesn't work, or doesn't work as well? FYI I submitted a complaint to MS about this and they said they would look into it. Thanks
  11. Edge Browser always seems open

    Just an update. I read an article that suggested that Edge extensions might be causing the problem. I only have two Adblock and U block. I disabled one at a time and then both with no affect-so it's not that. I would also tell you that I have System Mechanic installed on my PC and sometimes when I run the system scan function I'll get a message that the Edge browser internet cache is open. So, it's pretty obvious, that this is an Edge problem as you said right at the beginning of this odyssey.
  12. Edge Browser always seems open

    Come to think of it this problem started when I updated to 1803 along with a myriad of other problems, most notably, a printer connectivity problem that I have managed to come up with a work around until, such time, as MS issues a patch- I hope. What a disaster with the 1803 update. MS should be ashamed of themselves sending out this update.,
  13. Edge Browser always seems open

    I tired your suggestion-no joy. It has something to do with cookies. For right now I'm just going to disable all Edge cleaning functions in CC and either do it manually or use Edge's" cleaning at close" function. It just not worth anymore time for something I hardly use. Are you sure it's not a CC cleaner issue?
  14. Edge Browser always seems open

    Right I was looking in the wrong place-thanks
  15. Edge Browser always seems open

    Thank you for your comments. I tried what you suggested but I didn't see that function in Edge settings.
  16. Edge Browser always seems open

    It just did it again. Now I'm stumped.
  17. Edge Browser always seems open

    Thank you for your comments. My security software is as follows: 1. McAfee Live Safe: Runs full time with real time protecttion 2. Super Anti Spyware: Free version which I run daily. It usually finds somewhere between 1-5 tracking cookies 3. Malwarebytes: Free version which I run about once a week. Usually find nothing So far, since I enabled the Edge cleaning function, I have had no repeat of the CC finding the "Edge browser open" issue. So it seems that that issue has to do with cookies in the Edge browser. When I run CC analysis the Edge cookie results are not listed. The only way to deal with this problem, at this time, is to enable the Edge "clean on closing" function-it works. You might want to pass along this remedy to other Edge users who are experiencing this same problem. As I said before I rarely use Edge, for a variety of reasons, much preferring FF or Chrome which have never had this problem. Thanks for you continued help.
  18. Edge Browser always seems open

    In doing my puzzle solving I discovered that Edge has a feature that cleans the browser, e.g. cookies, cache etc automatically on closing the browser. I enable that feature. So far I've had no CC issues-so far. I'll keep you posted. Have a nice weekend.
  19. Edge Browser always seems open

    Well I unchecked everything and it still came up. If I uncheck clear cookies it appears to stop. When unchecking cookies in edge it also unchecks it in IE. I'm thinking is has something to do with the cookies. As for going back to a previous version, I tried that, and the same thing happened. Perhaps I'll just use the Edge cleaning function-what a pain. I'll keep you posted as I investigate this further.
  20. Edge Browser always seems open

    Happened again. So much for that idea. As for the comments regarding the Registry-I'm not playing with the registry. Maybe I'll just uncheck Edge since I rarely use it anyone.
  21. Edge Browser always seems open

    So far, since I disabled the live weather tile, I have had no repeat of the Edge browser being open. I'll update this post with any further developments. Thanks for everyone's comments. FYI W10
  22. Edge Browser always seems open

    I'll turn off the weather tile and see what happens. I'll keep you posted. Thanks
  23. Edge Browser always seems open

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I followed you suggestions and here's what I found out: 1.The only live tile I have active is the weather tile. I can turn that off if you think that's the cause of the problem. 2. I checked start up programs and Edge was not listed in either the task bar or CC Tools start up. If you would like to see a screen shot of my start up programs please advise and I will send it along.
  24. Edge Browser always seems open

    Is there anything that can be done to CC to have it ignore this issue short of unchecking everything Edge?