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  1. ccleaner version 5.43.6522 64-Bit crashes on windows server 2008 whenever Run Cleaner is pressed. However, it will fix registry issues.
  2. Same problem with version 1.13
  3. Same problem with version 1.11
  4. Same problem with new version 1.10.
  5. On 2 of my computers running Windows XP, I get the following errors when I try to Analyze or Defrag: Analysis Failed/Building File List Failed. It runs fine on all my other computers. I ran "C:\Program Files\Defraggler\df.exe" C:\ /debug3 and attached is the resulting .txt file. df.exe._1_9_138__2009_05_02_11_07_.txt df.exe._1_9_138__2009_05_02_11_07_.txt