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  1. I need help in recovering about 10 jpeg or jpg pictures from about 3 years ago. The file is in C and the file is in pictures> Can Crusher file. I made the mistake of running the deep scan , and ended up with 662 MB in 5700 files. This included about 3000 Jpg files . I only need that folder with the pictures. Apparently a downloader I was trying out, like Real Player or Gom changed the form of the pictures. The file I can readily see, shows icons that appear to be little pages with the right corner folded. Clicking on each one, only gives the number of pixels used to form the icon- nothing more. I don't know what, if anything to change these places where the pictures were, or if anything I have now, will open them. I'm trying to stay within the maximum recovery the free version allows. I need to know , I guess how to type the search correctly that uses C\ and Can Crusher pictures in jpg or jpeg. This would cut the total to less than 30 MB I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree, or I wouldn't have made the mistake to start with. Thanks very much for your help