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  1. problem after cleaning

    I am currently using the latest build of CCleaner (V I installed IE 8. When I installed IE 8 I had the previous version of CCleaner installed. I utilize Firefox as my primary browser, rarely do I use IE. My question is that when I go to use the clean button it tells me that I have 5.00MB to be removed. This amount is listed as IE Temporary Internet Files (1 files)5.00MB. When I go I click on the run cleaner button it tells me that the 5.00MB was removed. However it is not being removed. I have not used IE 8 since upgrading from IE 7. I continue to use Firefox. CCleaner does clean all of my Firefox files but every time I go to run the program after I am done browsing It says that I have 5.00MB of IE Temporary Internet Files to be removed. For some reason CCleaner is not removing the IE Temp Internet Files. I would appreciate your help in resolving this. As I am a big fan of your program and am very frustrated that I cannot figure out why it is doing this.