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  1. Upon opening a file that RECUVA recovered, I receive a message stating that it was corrupt and could not be opened. Can you recommend any software that may be able to open a corrupt 'mp3', 'pdf', 'txt'... file? Thanks, Dan
  2. I needed to restore data on my 500 GB HDD after a (Vista) system problem occurred which forced me to reinstall my OS. After 66+ hours of processing, RECUVA (my recovery software) requested that I attach an HDD with a capacity of 2.6 TB (!?!) that it needed to recover my data. Why would RECUVA request 5 times the amount of space to recover my data (when I never even used all of the original 500 GB) ?!? Thanks, Dan
  3. My Vista PC issued a message one day that it could not find the OS. My recovery attempts were futile so I was forced to reinstall the OS from the vendor-provided partition on the same HDD. The PC boots just fine now but naturally I lost all of my personal data. As you can see from my attachment, after running for ≈6 hours, RECUVA eventually did complete, however all I was offered was to click on the CANCEL button and was unable to proceed any further. What should I do to continue the recovery the next time I run RECUVA? Considering that I have reinstalled the OS and have not used the PC since the failure (other than attempting to recover my data), how likely is it that Recuva can access my lost data? Thanks in advance to all who reply. Dan
  4. How do you cancel after Stage 1 and request a recovery? When I canceled after Stage 1 RECUVA closed and the results produced by the hours spent scanning appeared to be lost.
  5. I ran Recuva using the 'deep scan' option and it completed 6+ hours later! It stopped after STAGE 1 [of 3] and I never got to see STAGES 2 & 3 - nor did I see a list of the 5,121,143 recovered files it claimed to have found. I waited for a half hour or so and got frustrated so I canceled it. Perhaps I should have waited longer? Has anyone else experienced a long delay before seeing STAGE 2 or 3? Or put another way, what must I do to request STAGEs 2 and 3 to excute (after Stage 1 completes) ? Thanks, Dan
  6. After running RECUVA for 8 hours or so, I got the message shown in the jpg attachment, but then RECUVA stopped: How do I request RECUVA Stages 2 and 3 ?!? And what does the "5288739 files found" message mean? Are they recoverable files? If so, how do I get to them? This resulted by executing the free RECUVA download. How is it different from the paid version? Dan
  7. Is there any differences between the free and paid versions of Recuva - if so, what are they? i.e., is the paid version any ore successful in recoverying files? Also, has anyone had any luck actually recovering files after the HDD was reformatted with the same OS installed? Thanks, Dan
  8. Hi, I'm having the same problem [running Vista /sp1 64bit and even downloaded and installed their new release that came out today] but after 24 hours I decided to kill the defrag since it sat at 40% for about 18 hours. I'm going to try the defrag that came with Vista - not that it has the best reputation but can it possibly be any worse? Sure wish the Piriform team who wrote CrapCleaner would have written and tested Defraggler, but then again, you get what you pay for. Good luck, Danny
  9. Hi, I just downloaded the latest Defraggler version (1.10.143) but the defrag does not appear to end. It seems to get hung up at 40% completion and just sits on the one square although it appears to be reading other files as my directory listings keep changing. I'm running Vista/sp1 64 bit. Also, the FAQ said I could click on any square and get some info, but nothing happens when I click. Any thoughts before I try another vendor? Thanks, Dan
  10. bromberg


    Why would I ever want to defrag only part of my drive - just to save a half hour? Doesn't the drive and not a file(s) need to be defragged? I think the Defraggler home page needs to provide more motivation for me to add this to my tool-bag. On the other hand, CCleaner is an obvious powerhouse.
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