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  1. See here for the solution: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/
  2. They did that a while back because computer displays are getting bigger, and some programs that haven't changed their default resolution size look too small. The solution given back then was to just hit the maximize button and make CCleaner a full screen program.
  3. A slow down could be from a number of things: * If you've added an un-trimmed Winapp2.ini file, either the community one from here, or elsewhere, which has apps in it that aren't installed on your system it will likely cause CCleaner to have a significant delay. * In CCleaner's Applications (tab): Untick under the Firefox list: Compact Databases * Secure File deletion, which you've already ruled out. * Possibly some corruption in your Firefox profile.
  4. Make sure you haven't enabled any Secure Deletion method found in CCleaner at: Options > Settings
  5. Perhaps have a look at the community winapp2.ini cleaning file, it has allot of pre-made cleaners by other CCleaner users, and many if not most of the cleaners are tested and will be safer than just poking around and accidentally breaking Windows.
  6. Perhaps switch to using the Portable zipped version instead, there's no installer to hang, it's available at: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds Tip: You can even unzip the Portable zipped version over an already installed version to fully update it!
  7. Is it the same bunch that think an all white GUI with no design thought whatsoever is acceptable? Although I did think the MB gui looked OK, not as bad as some things I've seen in the last year on Win10. Edit: Ah, the robot. Looks like a Transformer using Captain America's shield.
  8. Could also move particular files such as; Documents, Music, Videos if they're of any significant size onto an external/portable hard disk or SSD to free up space on drive C:\, and also uninstall software that is non-system critical and is no longer being used. 1.2% amount of free space doesn't give Windows much breathing room at all and most defrag tools requires at the bare minimum 10% free space, while other defrag tools may require at least 20% free space - many won't work correctly with only 1.2% free space available.
  9. From the screenshots the new GUI looks good. However, hopefully they've fixed bugs from version 3 into version 4. The bugs in version 3 forced me to keep using the ancient version from 2016, version 3 always had issues no matter if it was on WinXP or Win10.
  10. Sounds like old outdated icon/thumbnail cache to me which can cause the wrong icon/thumbnail to display, and if that's the case the solution is easy: 1. Click Cortana/Search, and type in Disk Cleanup, and click it when found. 2. Select the C:\ drive, or the drive letter you have Windows 10 installed on. 3. Scroll down the list and select Thumbnails. 4. Click Ok, then when another dialog opens click Delete. You may have to Sign Out or restart your computer for the icon/thumbnail cache to refresh.
  11. If it's an older version of CCleaner that you're trying to update you can also get the newest version at: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download
  12. In my opinion the safe way to empty the Recycle Bin is by using the tools made by Microsoft which are built into Windows. Many 3rd party cleaning tools from what I've experienced over the years can cause Recycle Bin corruption from what I've seen - hence the reason I don't allow any 3rd party tool to clean it on my systems.
  13. Where is it finding that amount of data to clean? Just assuming however if it's by chance the Recycle Bin it could be corrupt and CCleaner won't be able to clean it, have a look here for a solution if it is the Recycle Bin: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/42673-corrupted-recycle-bin-fix/
  14. If it's a locked registry key you'd need to modify the Permissions to Full Control to allow you to delete it either via CCleaner or RegEdit. Maybe see this topic about Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v7.4 now having the ability to remove OEM bloatware, i.e.; files and registry keys: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/54508-adwcleaner-74/
  15. If you use an ISP modem, either DSL or Cable what I'd do is call their support number. And kindly ask them to go through your settings - I've did this before and they've been able to fix my connection. Also if you're renting a modem from your ISP. simply calling them and complaining about having connection issues is often enough for them to replace your modem at no additional cost to you.
  16. Perhaps contact your ISP. If you're a YouTuber and uploading allot, or even streaming allot make sure it isn't the ISP that's causing the issue either inadvertently, or on purpose.
  17. See the official documentation: Choosing which cookies to keep: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/choosing-which-cookies-to-keep
  18. The included readme file does suggest to restart the computer, unlike that topic. I haven't edited not knowing if a restart is needed or not in that topic due to all the full quoting done after my post in there since it would make a mess.
  19. When it comes to USB drives (not referring to flash drives/sticks) - although with some "clever/unclever" formatting you can fool Windows 10 into thinking even a USB flash drive/stick is an HDD: Say for instance you make a DIY external/portable SSD by buying an internal SSD and installing it into a USB enclosure, well Windows 10 may in some instances identify it incorrectly as an HDD. Edit: Back around that time in 2017 is about when Avast acquired Piriform. Since then their main focus has been CCleaner. But supposedly the other neglected programs will get some attention, hopefully sooner than later.
  20. Faster USB speeds, faster Wi-Fi, and more powerful integrated graphics, makes me sort of wish I had held out until at least 2020 before buying my laptop.
  21. Update: * Removed: Detect1 because if Acer Care Center is uninstalled it causes it to incorrectly still display in CCleaner. Live Updater is for something else that runs from the C:\OEM folder as a task. * Added: Section=OEM (if that's alright for it to display in there). Also included the one with LangSecRef. Whatever the preference may be. Old/Obsolete: [Acer Care Center *] LangSecRef=3024 Detect1=HKCU\Software\Acer\Live Updater Detect2=HKLM\Software\OEM\AcerCareCenter Detect3=HKLM\Software\OEM\CareCenter Default=False FileKey1=%CommonAppData%\Acer\CareCenter\DebugLog\SurfaceCheck|log*.txt FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\Acer\Care Center\DebugLog|*.log Updated (if you prefer OEM): [Acer Care Center *] Section=OEM Detect1=HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\AcerCareCenter Detect2=HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\CareCenter Default=False FileKey1=%CommonAppData%\Acer\CareCenter\DebugLog\SurfaceCheck|log*.txt FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\Acer\Care Center\DebugLog|*.log Updated (If you prefer LangSecRef): [Acer Care Center *] LangSecRef=3024 Detect1=HKLM\Software\OEM\AcerCareCenter Detect2=HKLM\Software\OEM\CareCenter Default=False FileKey1=%CommonAppData%\Acer\CareCenter\DebugLog\SurfaceCheck|log*.txt FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\Acer\Care Center\DebugLog|*.log
  22. Definition of a portable program: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_application The portable version of CCleaner is all I've used for years once it became available. And as you've noted when using it on your computer you have to manually set it up to make it function more-or-less like an installed program but that's usually a one-time occurrence. Probably the main difference between CCleaner Portable vs Installed are: * Smart Cleaning ("Monitoring") is unavailable in a portable scenario. * Saving settings into the Windows Registry is unavailable in a portable scenario, all settings are stored in ccleaner.ini. * You can use and run CCleaner Portable from any writable medium; internal hard disk/SSD, portable/external hard disk/SSD, USB Flash Drive, SD Card, etc. For updating it's actually easy if you wish to continue using the portable version: 1. Download the zip archive. 2. Unzip it into the folder where you currently have CCleaner Portable residing, click yes to overwrite the old files, and that's it, it's updated to the new version and ready to use. As to why there's a few different types of installation failures: * Many people have reported the install failure with an error dialog: Error opening file for writing. My take on it is that it's possibly related to Smart Cleaning, if it's running resident in the background the setup can't overwrite an in-use file ("CCleaner.exe, CCleaner64.exe", etc.,), and since they haven't implemented a way to my knowledge to kill the process during updating. * As for it failing with no error dialog or anything to inform the user the install has failed I don't know, something else for them to figure out.
  23. There's allot of old utilities while still useful to a point that need updated for modern hardware. Some are in fact so old at this point parts of them don't work, and I've seen some which can't even read the S.M.A.R.T. data from modern SSDs.
  24. Defrag programs with a drive map show such as Defraggler in this instance will show a layout of how files are residing on a hard disk drive. However when it comes to SSDs it means absolutely nothing so defragmenting them is not recommended or required. Sort of outdated but this page is a good read: https://computer.howstuffworks.com/solid-state-drive2.htm
  25. I think with how Windows is constantly doing something in the background and writing data for anything work related it's possibly best to have a second disk drive to store such important works onto, or a separate disk partition. And then always have current backups (even multiple backups sets) in place stored off the computer onto "reliable" external/portable drives such as external hard disk drive or external SSD -- not USB Flash Drives however as they can be unreliable.
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