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  1. Look in the community winapp2.ini file (look for the URL link at the bottom of the first post on the very first page). Then in winapp2.ini either loaded in your web browser or the file you've downloaded look for the cleaner in it named exactly this (use search function): [Session Manager *] It doesn't clear it out completely only selected parts are cleaned, and also some physical files on the hard disk.
  2. I think if I'm remember correctly it's supposed to honor the settings the user has selected. Otherwise it would be considered dangerous cleaning things a user didn't have selected.
  3. See if the instructions in this topic (near the top of it) help: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/
  4. To my knowledge your post is the first bug report about it.
  5. If this is what you're referring to there's instructions for creating your own .REG file in post 2 of this topic: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53177-how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge/
  6. I've seen at least two YouTube videos that explain how long it would take to wear out a modern SSD for a home end-user (not talking about professional videographers, etc., that can hit them hard with 4K and 8K video production). In plain talk an end-user would have to be trying on purpose to wear one out in order to hit the DWPD/TBW limit.
  7. With an SSD that can be said about any traditional defrag tool, they've become redundant as it pertains to SSD's. I wonder if doing a traditional defrag on an SSD when told in manufacturer documentation not to do it could void the warranty.
  8. A useful one is however "Custom Files and Folders", that gets ticked/enabled if you have it clean files or folders you've configured in: Options > Include
  9. Moved to the Bug Reporting forum area. You're the third person to report it in about a one month period. I've left the admin's a link to this topic of yours so they'll know about this report too.
  10. It's now called Smart Cleaning, they renamed it some time ago.
  11. Didn't know that, I only used it to create a USB Flash Drive installer. I've deleted my post after reading your link to protect anyone who might blindly use it without knowing.
  12. It's just one year, look around the forums for complaints people have posted who thought it was a one-time fee, this one in particular: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52694-ccleaner-pro-lifetime-licence-why-has-it-expired/
  13. Samsung Magician no longer optimizes their SSDs, they've removed that functionality since it's now built into Windows itself. Same goes for Crucial/Micron Storage Executive it doesn't optimize either, although I don't know if it ever had that feature before. Edit: Unless you mean something like the jargon all those SSD manufacturers state like RAPID Mode (Samsung), Momentum Cache (Crucial/Micron). I have SSDs from both Samsung and Crucial and their method of DRAM caching from my experience doesn't increase speed that I've been able to notice when compared to Windows own caching mechanism. Sure if you run CrystalDiskMark it will seem as if a slower SATA III SSD is operating at blazing fast NVME SSD speeds but I doubt it. If looking about the web there's many forum posts that claim the same. Although the benefit may just come down to their DRAM caching service(s) allowing the SSD to last longer if what they state is true in the documentation and user guides.
  14. There's a number of programs that utilize the right-click, but not many mention it being a feature.
  15. There's many of us including myself that are on that version - for obvious reasons!
  16. Other disk defrag tools one in particular has an SSD optimize mode, doesn't move much but gets rid of most fragments. Then there's another that's now no longer developed that could do it for SSD's and Flash Drives. With an SSD I don't bother using any third party defrag tools, however with HDD's I do use a third party defrag tool because Windows doesn't do very good on HDD's in my opinion. Edit: Just a thought; Maybe it's taking so long because you shouldn't be doing it!
  17. Technically it just turns IE off, it's so interwoven into the operating system that uninstalling is ill-advised.
  18. They're actually good here in the U.S.A. to deal with shady business practices, but really it's got nothing to do with a forum. To cut this short it's just a threat being spat upon in our faces. We tried to help but he just wouldn't listen, so adios and good riddance since an Admin dealt with him and that makes it final since it came from a higher up authority.
  19. Too small in size to bother with (although it's much bigger than before) in my opinion. Plus you'll lose the convenience of having it right there on your internal drive.
  20. Assuming it "will let you downgrade" when a newer version is already installed you wouldn't lose any settings. But that's all assuming and uninstalling the newer version may be required.
  21. One of the members on an audio forum I used to visit regularly had a website, and I remember his privacy policy page had a bulldozer image with the text Under Construction, and he never changed that page.
  22. Andavari

    ublock users

    I haven't had any issues that I've noticed with SRWare Iron Portable v72.0.3750.0 the lastest version, which is probably best it doesn't try to keep up to Chrome/Chromium by the nanosecond.
  23. One thing WinRAR has is a fantastic SFX maker (versus a bog standard one), it can even utilize basic HTML.
  24. Old thread, but what I got out of it was the SSD was too small and getting too filled up. That's why when looking at computers that come with a 120GB or 128GB SSD for the boot drive in my opinion in this day and age for an SSD compatible version of Windows that's way too small of a size and 256GB should be the smallest used boot drive. Couple that with having a secondary larger capacity 500 GB or 1TB or bigger drive either HDD, Hybrid HDD, or SSD rather that be internal or external USB storage that will store things such as downloads, games, music, movies, etc.
  25. That's all assuming the .REG backup file would actually fix the problem, although it's worth a try. If you have a relatively recent Restore Point that will allow Windows to fully restore the registry to a point before using CCleaner's registry cleaner.
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