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  1. You can "opt-out" on many advertisers main sites, but that also means you have to accept and keep their cookies which in turn means you cannot allow tools like CCleaner to delete those cookies - which to me sounds like a big effort and to be blunt a complete pain in the ass, and I'd wonder can they actually be trusted. It's easier in my opinion to use a HOSTS file like the MVPS.org HOSTS File, etc., which can also block some malware. Couple a blocker HOSTS file with using an adblocking add-on in each browser such as uBlock Origin, etc., to cover what the HOSTS file can't block.
  2. It's not in there by default, you have to manually create it. And you'll need to input it in order for CCleaner to detect and clean a "clone" of Chrome/Chromium if it doesn't already clean the browser - the same would go if for instance using a portable version of any browser. What CCleaner cleans will be under the "Google Chrome" heading in CCleaner.
  3. Make sure Chrome isn't running in the background as a process, it has to be configured to not do that if I'm remembering correctly. See here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/40285-ccleaner-not-deleting-google-chrome-history-fix/
  4. Added: * FileKey2 - removes the backup copy of the installer which they've moved into a different folder with the newest version, so I've made it so it will recursively remove it. * FileKey3 - removes a new log [Samsung Magician *] LangSecRef=3021 Detect=HKLM\Software\Samsung Magician Default=False FileKey1=%CommonAppData%\Samsung\Backup|*.exe FileKey2=%CommonAppData%\Samsung\Samsung Magician|*.exe|RECURSE FileKey3=%CommonAppData%\Samsung\Samsung Magician\PB|*.txt FileKey4=%ProgramFiles%\Samsung Magician\Logs|*.* FileKey5=%ProgramFiles%\Samsung\Samsung Magician\Log*|*.* RegKey1=HKCU\Software\Local AppWizard-Generated Applications\SamsungMagician
  5. Some software still relies upon IE's engine to display things in the software and to download updates.
  6. Doesn't matter to me either way, I was just reporting that CCleaner cleaned it.
  7. You also can't trust many online reviews giving praise or whatnot since some are fake or paid, even on big retailer sites.
  8. You can obtain the newest version at (worth bookmarking): https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds I don't know off hand just a guess that it may be that now old version of CCleaner you're using that's opening the download page in Firefox.
  9. CCleaner's already built-in Site Preferences already cleans that exact file, at least in Firefox ESR Portable v60.6.1esr.
  10. It wouldn't matter in this situation if you had the paid Pro version or free version.
  11. They're always chasing (one step behind) changes in web browsers, for years it's usually been Google Chrome that has the most posts about it not being cleaned. But nowadays that also includes Edge, Firefox, etc. Like nukecad suggested you can configure any browser to cleanse itself during exit.
  12. Perhaps try the newest version 5.56.7144: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds Note that the newest version is still getting some bug reports about it not cleaning cookies, etc., and the version you're using also has the same issue.
  13. I've told you this before, here's the post: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52857-version-540/?tab=comments#comment-300971
  14. Make sure you have an SSE2 compatible processor which is required for newer versions. Also see this quick write up I did on it not too long ago: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/?do=findComment&comment=303883 Edit: And if that's not the issue scroll to the very top of that page I linked to for other possible solutions.
  15. I've seen those on eBay in the past many, many years ago and even told Piriform back in the day, and back then they stated they couldn't do anything about it. I even tried to report one of them to eBay as fraud with zero luck when I noticed someone had "re-skinned" CCleaner since they obviously don't lock down the program to prevent tampering. I guess it's just a lesson well learned, buy directly from the publisher when it comes to buying a software license key.
  16. ...and that would be because a registry key is created detailing not to ask for a particular amount of time that is at least when it pertains to any 3rd party Google offers, I don't know about the Avast offers.
  17. Since v5.40 this has been removed in regards to it having the possibility of damaging Windows 10: * Fonts cache cleaning removed. * Windows.old cleaning removed. New bug discovery it damages Google Chrome extensions using the Session cleaner, as seen here. -------- To find out if any additional cleaning abilities have been added the change logs are always posted in the announcement topic of each new version, they are available on the forums at: https://forum.piriform.com/forum/5-announcements/ To also help you determine if it's "worth updating" it's always wise to have a good look in the Bug Reports section of the forum. As of the past several versions it's getting bigger with more features and simultaneously getting buggier, which is the reason I finally downgraded to 5.40 like others have done - keeping in mind you need to disable Fonts Cache cleaning and disable Windows.old cleaning and never use them. It must be noted that if using an old version of CCleaner, and having Windows 10 as the OS it will likely eventually get blacklisted as being too old by Windows 10, and Windows won't allow you to use it anymore, which is precisely what happened not too long ago with v5.28 that I had intended to downgrade to. Some older versions of Windows could care less which version you're using.
  18. That has been what people have reported for years with the Google installs slipping by, and now also with Avast. Although they were "supposed to have fixed that". It's one of the reasons I avoid installers (don't trust them from anyone) if possible, and go the portable route.
  19. ccsetup556.exe downloaded from CCleaner.com has a valid SHA-1 and SHA-256 digital certificate on Windows 10. What version of Windows are you using? I know when for instance on Windows XP it can't read the new digital certificates that are in software installers to help validate them.
  20. That's why I have exclusions in CCleaner as it pertains to SRWare Iron's extensions, extension settings, etc., i.e.; can't be broken inadvertently. Chrome/Chromium based browsers extensions easily break if cleaning the wrong thing, hence it's worthwhile having them excluded.
  21. Perhaps switch to using the portable version which has no ability to install Avast or any 3rd party Google software.
  22. I would imagine the rendering engine would be left intact, likely parts of the OS require it like in previous Windows versions.
  23. Maybe it's from the text that's shown during setup in the title bar which is: CCleaner v#.## Setup
  24. Does that program's .EXE file have the correct version info in it when right clicking it and selecting properties? This is all assuming that's where CCleaner is getting the version info from but I don't know off hand. I only wondered because I noticed I use a freeware app where it appears the publisher forgot to change the version info in one area of the .EXE file when right clicking it, whereas in the app itself it displays the correct info in the title.
  25. Look at the dates on the posts, you're replying in a 7 years old topic!
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