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  1. Some charge which seems like a very high amount if they can for instance write new file headers into files. Not defending the one the OP tried, but I've seen at least an two occasions over the years where the price was claimed to cover the licensing the developer has to pay for the ability to write particular file headers.
  2. You can probably change that mail client to be the default. Type in Default into the Cortana/Search bar, then click upon Default App Settings.
  3. I don't know, however going by the Defraggler screenshot in the background it states all your disks are SSDs. If they are SSDs hopefully you are not defragmenting them.
  4. We don't have to use that about:config "tweak" in old versions! Disabled Add-On Fix For Firefox 47 - 56: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/disabled-add-on-fix-52-56/ It installs an add-on, with the description in it stating: Inject intermediate certificate to fix bug 1548973. Works back to 47.
  5. That's just some random info you've found unfortunately, and not necessarily something I'd follow or do.
  6. Acer has the built-in Acer Care Center, albeit it very rarely updates on my 2018 Acer laptop.
  7. Built in PC manufacturer software does that (if left installed), and sometimes Automatic Updates. But then again some of it has to be manually downloaded because it seems an update is never offered.
  8. It's really annoying that it automatically starts like that with the system, although there could be some logic behind it such as the UI loading significantly faster since after all if you click upon any Help sections of Windows it will often open a Microsoft Help page on their website. Since I'm on an older build of Win10 what I do as soon as my laptop starts is to open Edge, and then immediately close it, and that gets rid of it, and CCleaner can clean it without issue.
  9. You don't necessarily have to destroy the hard disks, and since they will likely both be using legacy hard disk interfaces it could be very difficult to find replacements. You could try DBAN (open source / free) and run it on those computers, it will nuke the hard disks of all data. Read the DBAN documentation, because it will nuke any attached/installed hard disk! If it doesn't work you could even boot those old systems via a Linux Distro (probably will require being burned onto a CD for the old Win98 system) and wipe the disks using what's built into the Linux Distro.
  10. Perhaps time for major software corporations to stop having source code, etc., living on a web connected server or whatever. Pull the plug comes to mind, and any theft would require someone physically having to enter buildings.
  11. Most software nowadays is like that, a 1 year subscription.
  12. Instead try the Slim build installer which contains no 3rd party software, it's available at: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  13. To me this sounds as if you "may have an old version" installed, and Windows 10 if you use that OS won't allow you to use some old versions of CCleaner.
  14. CCleaner registry backups will have a naming format that starts with CC followed by a bunch of numbers which include date/time and end with the .reg extension. I would by default save into the Documents folder unless you've previously told it to backup elsewhere in the past, then it would use that non-default location.
  15. I'm surprised nobody ever complains about Trend Micro being embedded inside Sony PlayStation for basic "security", has been since PS3.
  16. Long overdue answer. HostsXpert cannot do the downloading, however it can do all the merging, but only after you've already manually downloaded the separate HOSTS files. 1. In HostsXpert tick the Make Writable button to make your installed HOSTS file writable, otherwise what's detailed below won't work. 2. Click Import Options, and then choose Merge. Now browse to a single HOSTS file you wish to merge. You need to repeat this step for each separate HOSTS file. 3. Click Editing, and then click Sort. Scroll to the top of the HOSTS file in HostsXpert as many have those loopback headers, and you can end up with a myriad of them that need to be manually pruned/removed. 4. Click File Handling, and then click Make ReadOnly. Done. If you use Windows Defender as the default antivirus look in the Winapp2.ini file for the cleaner [Windows Defender *] since it will allow CCleaner to remove backup copies to the HOSTS file that Defender makes every time you change/modify the HOSTS file. Or, for a more targeted cleaner for it without unnecessarily touching the rest of Defender, this is what I use just to clean the backup copies of HOSTS that Defender makes on Windows 10: [Windows Defender (HOSTS Backups) *] DetectOS=10.0| LangSecRef=3024 Default=False Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender FileKey1=%CommonAppData%\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\BackupStore|*.*
  17. Look at the date of the original post, the topic is 6 years old. Topic closed!
  18. Good to know! I'll still be able to use an old last WinXP version of Firefox ESR on my old XP system with that tweak.
  19. I wonder for older systems like XP that have to use an old version of Firefox does the work around eluded to by Winapp2.ini a few posts up work for those systems? Or are those older systems just out of luck?
  20. The uninstaller has some issues on WinXP, another issue which is known is the incorrect install dates for some software.
  21. Trium, perhaps it's because of that older version you are using. If it's available go to this URL/Website address to load the correct Privacy page: about:preferences#privacy Then it's this setting (screenshot):
  22. I read about that issue somewhere last week (don't remember where though), and supposedly AV vendors are working on some fix too. I wonder if you looked on the AV vendor website or even asked on their forum to see if they have a new hotfix updater or whole AV installer that fixes the issue - I'd think they'd be more likely to post it on their forum for people to grab it instead of waiting for an automatic update to fix it.
  23. Yesterday I did what winapp2 eluded to a few posts up and set to false: xpinstall.signatures.required I then re-installed uBlock Origin (also yesterday) which immediately re-enabled it, and allowed it to remain enabled with me doing nothing else, so I left it at that. Then today when I looked in the Firefox 'Add-ons Manager' Firefox ESR Portable 60.6.1 has automatically on its own installed: hotfix-update-xpi-intermediate One thing I don't like at all about this mess is that "hotfix-update-xpi-intermediate" got installed with absolutely no notification whatsoever, and I wonder if some people might think it's malware. --------- This ordeal is making me think of going back to using SRWare Iron Portable as my main browser!
  24. Funny how it had no issue earlier today, and now it's messed up in Firefox ESR 60.6.1
  25. I personally couldn't find anything additional worth adding in that's stored within the Windows registry.
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